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Splatoon And Fire Emblem Fates Music Star In Japanese Music Game

Japanese owners of the video game Band Brothers P will soon have access to music from Splatoon and Fire Emblem Fates. Band Brothers P is a music based title for the Nintendo 3DS and is currently only available in Japan. A song from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is currently available for download and a song from Splatoon titled “Splattack!” will be readily available between July 22 to August 4. From July 24th to August 6th, owners of the game will be able to download a track from the recently released Fire Emblem: Fates. They will also be able to get a track from the forthcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer which is scheduled to be available for download from July 28th to August 10th. All these Nintendo related music tracks featured will be free downloadable content.


  1. Lucky Europeans and their ability to play this franchise (Jam With the Band) in English. If only Nintendo didn’t follow by this cursed Region Lock shtick.

      1. True, but they do have the first Jam with the Band already while the US never got it.

        1. Its actually the second game in the series that came to europe, i still wish it came to the us and i wouldnt be forced to play my japanese version,

  2. Shit I didn’t even know a new one of these was out. I have the original one for the DS (the first Japanese one) and never got around to getting Jam With the Band (as of yet).

    What we really need is a new entry in the far superior rhythm series for DS: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

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