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Sakurai Remembers Satoru Iwata In his Weekly Famitsu Column

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakura has written about former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in his weekly column in Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Sakura was extremely close to Mr Iwata and says that when he first heard the news of Iwata’s passing he said, “My mind went white and even now the reality hasn’t sunk in.” In his most recent column, Sakurai tried to describe Satoru Iwata in five ways.

He was a man of virtue. Where a normal person would get annoyed or angry, he would never show such emotions and would instead analyze, organize, and offer ideas. He was someone who could bow his head and apologize for things that weren’t his fault. I often worried about his stress levels, but he always talked with a smile.

He had a brilliant mind. Even when people would talk at length or without focus he was able to quickly say, “so, what you’re trying to say is…” and quickly summarize their point. He was able to see to the heart of people and things and was a master of simplifying them so that anyone could understand their point. He could immediately make a call on changes to improve. I have no doubt that many people were saved by this quality.

He was a man of effort. Even though he didn’t start out in the managing field, he read numerous management books, he would ask for advice from the necessary people that he would take to heart, and managed to become the president of Nintendo. What he gained from his years as a programmer allowed him to take many long-term projects to successful fruition.

He was open and generous.Things like his Iwata Asks, and Nintendo Direct weren’t things that necessarily required the president of Nintendo to stand at the front and do. There was always the risk of frivolous criticism. And yet, by being the spokesperson, I believe he showed the importance of properly conveying a message to his audience.

He was empathetic. After he became the president of Nintendo, he would write emails to all employees to communicate and as hard as it was, took a stance to try to treat everyone as equals. He would often ask third parties to see how people were doing. As an individual, he had no self-righteous qualities.

67 thoughts on “Sakurai Remembers Satoru Iwata In his Weekly Famitsu Column”

  1. I wonder if Sakurai is going to do him a favor my releasing an Iwata trophy through a patch. I feel that it’s going to be the best way to honor his legacy instead of bandwagoning off of Balloon Fighter like the many other fans.

    1. Then again, he could take it a step further & release trophies of Gunpei Yokoi & the former Nintendo President to go with the Iwata trophy. … Am I missing any other major Nintendo employees that were involved with video games that are sadly no longer with us..?

    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Lord Iwata guide us. Lord Iwata teach us. Lord Iwata entice us. In the holy N we thrive. In your games we enjoy. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours>>>

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Species thinking they are sane are delusional and needs to be destroyed at once>>>

      1. Great words by a man who could be succeeding the late great Iwata-san as the new president and CEO of Nintendo. I think he’s intelligent enough

        1. Considering Iwata San started as a Game Developer at HAL, it truely wouldn’t surprise me. Nintendo’s new President needs to be a gamer first, then a Corporate Figure, not the other way round.

            1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

              He shares many credentials and history with Mr. Iwata himself.
              He also is an incredible and gifted programmer and game designer, practically the father of Kirby and Super Smash Bros.
              He is also a prime aged candidate, not inexperienced due to being too young, but not old enough that it impedes his expectancy as president of Nintendo.
              Mr. Takeda and Mr. Miyamoto are both in their 60s, assuming they work until 70, they won’t be in charge for long.
              Mr. Sakurai however can work out in the long term

                1. And why do you think that? What because he got worn out and injured his arm developing Smash Bros? He’s physically up to the task because he’s young at 44 years old and mentally he’s up to it too because he knows gaming

                  1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                    You guys saw how bad he was doing under pressure, and that was him just developing one game. Imagine how stressed he would be if he was the president of a multi-billion dollar company? Plus he always complains constantly. Long story short.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>He still executed his job despite injuries and mental exhaustion and Smash Brothers has a lot to it compared to most games>>>

                      1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                        Yeah, that was just one game; and I fully aware the amount of work that has to be put in developing a game especially a game like smash, I doubt him being President is going to make things more easier for him. Sakarai is an extremely talented individual, I just don’t want to be missing out on his games.

                      2. The order of Paimon

                        leave them think what they want. for me it is only blind fanboyism, some people think because he is the creator of the “best series in the history of Nintendo” he can be president of the company. I have nothing against super smash bros and sakurai, but in my opinion, they need a person more than capable and can look to all perspectives: gamers, gaming (hardware and software) and corporate.

                        1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                          And I don’t think he should be President AND be a game developer at the same time. He should just stick to making games.

                          1. Had to agree with you on this. In my opinion, he lacked some of leadership qualities. I believed there are other candidates which are more capable than him to lead Nintendo. It’s better for both Miyamoto and Sakurai to focus more on making quality games for us.

                          2. The order of Paimon

                            yes, he is an incredible and gifted programmer. Those qualities do not make him a good leader. Unfortunately, as you say, Mr. Takeda is on his 60’s.
                            As i said before, keep sakurai designing the games (and Miyamoto too)

                            1. The order of Paimon

                              Mr. Hiroshi Yamaushi was not a programmer, took some questionable decisions, but he was a badass boss, the man!

                              1. The order of Paimon

                                what about someone who knows the hardware, the software and corporate sides?.
                                shareolders would pick someone who they think will bring them $$$$, they must want money shot ;)

                                  1. The order of Paimon

                                    Titans?. come on, in my humble opinion, they pushed Iwata to bring their ip’s to mobile, so they are not titans, more like ogres.
                                    Nintendo needs someone who is conected with the current generation, who understand and listens to the consumer. Nintendo needs that leader who can take them to the spotlight again.
                                    If i am not wrong, sakurai praised the ps vita tv and we know it is selling like hot pussy

                                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                      >>>Sir Aunoma also has the potential as he just like Sir Sakurai has new ideas as well and is well aware of the current situation our world is in>>>

                                      1. The order of Paimon

                                        Miyamoto is the only one who has been adressing Nintendo’s mistakes. The launch of the NX will be the key for a total rebirth. they need games for all, not only the casual crap like just dance. they must show there’s a space for adult gamers who want hardcore experience, that could work with a new Metroid if they do it right, for the rest, well, they have the ip’s, now they need a leader who can put it all together, leaving in the past all the mistakes of the past few years.

                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                          >>>He is one of the few allowed to speak on the empire’s behalf about issues>>>

                                        2. I’m pretty much on the same page with your comments this post, I’m concerned though, Nintemdo won’t be able to turn on a dime, and no games for adults are currently in development except maybe ZeldaU…which I’ll probably wait for the potential NX launch version. Metroid, Nintendo has all but confirmed there isn’t even a metroid on the drawing board yet. :/

                                          Still, the type of leader you have been describing is exactly what they need.

                                      2. its funny how Good things weren’t being said about Iwata when he was alive,now that he is dead like the Wii U,all the praise is being showered for a dead mam

                                        how disgusting the world is


                                        1. Was the ‘Like the Wii U’ and the and the ‘RIPWiiU2015#’ part really necessary. We are here to talk about Mr Iwata and Mr Sakurai, not about anything else. That stuff can be saved until a later time.

                                      3. eat a dick bitch and shut the hell up…. oh and while you at it you Fake Eminem,go swallow some pig shit you swine

                                          1. I know right? The edge is real with this individual. He would give Aelous and Icezemania a run for their money if he keeps this up.

                                            1. Nobody was talking to you ya retarded bastard of a child with down syndrome go compete in the special olympics and drink horse shit straight from the source ya stupid ass bitch with yo bitch ass

                                          2. Haha Sakurai dont be overcome with Despair think of it as a something that will increase your hope hahhahaha

                                            1. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

                                          3. to be honest I don’t know Iwata-san at all but what he says looks what Iwata-san come across in public. He has a point about the all Iwata ask, no president would risk such a thing I always thought it was a pure genius idea. Iwata-san managed to be the face of Nintendo and at the same time shield the rest of the company from all the criticisms which were focus on him and reggie.

                                            I would just had that he did not take on board the criticisms from the fan and the point we wanted to make but I guess that when you receive millions of complain/backslash/rants, there is a difficulty to filter them.

                                            who ever succeed should listen to the outside world (not financial analysts please) and doing what Nintendo does with a touch of modernity (NO DLC, region lock, or region deal please)

                                          4. ….. I think that what matters the most regarding his successor is that he is willing to priorize creating awosome games, and let money be secondary, a gratification for a work well done.

                                            Some of You guys dont get that nintendo is a gift to the world, and if one day people can’t appreciate nintendo games, then the world will not deserve nintendo games. Mario is better off dead than kept alive for money.

                                            And you know how the industry is, be realistic, really. Even if nintendo released a mario galaxy 3 and a new first person metroid for wii u, and even if they were awesome, the wii u would still be the last in console sales. The majirity of the market (sales) is driven by call of duties, fifas, maddens, assasins creeds, generic shit, and by shitless detaild graphics. Gameplay is far down in the list of the priorities that meanstream gamers have. And there are so many mainstream gamers that they have become majority.

                                            Be realistic, nintendo does not fit in this fucked up market anymore. That is why they need games for kids, because if kids grow up without nintendo, say goodbye to our beloved company.

                                            And i really think that nintendo will make the world a much more better place if it focuses on games for kids insted of on games for bloody adults. If they do that, they will still be able to realease an ocasional zelda or metroid that are appealing for those called hardcore gamers.
                                            Stop asking for hardcore appereace games and ask for challenging creative games. And nintendo is boss at that.

                                          5. Why do some people want Sakurai as the Nintendo CEO? He’s one of the big no-noes for president.

                                            1. He trolls way too much.
                                            2. He complains a lot even though he only has himself to blame because he overworks himself.
                                            3. He would continue the trend of catering to the casuals like he did with Kid Icarus Uprising & Super smash Bros 4 Wii U/3DS by not allowing different control schemes or customized characters online because it “wouldn’t be fair” to people using the more complicated control scheme.
                                            4. Since he overworks himself, I’m afraid he’ll put himself in an early grave since he’ll be in charge of more than just one game at one time as he’ll also have to help with financials, fight against any board members that have stupid ideas, & other very stressful things. :/
                                            5. I can’t think of anymore right now but these are the 4 big ones. lol

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