Splatoon Commercial Contains New Music, Ink Bucket, Gattling Gun, Rainmaker

Nintendo Japan has released a brand new commercial for Splatoon and with it comes a number of new additions including new music, maps, Ink Bucket, Gattling Gun and also a Rainmaker. We know that a new content update will be coming to Splatoon next month which should include additional weaponry and maps. You can check out the funky new trailer which is embedded below.

Thanks, Adelle



  1. Dern sure I’m early, anyways is K.K slider singing this new song it sure sounds like him singing

  2. Finally!!!! I get my hands on the famed gattling gun & that bucket!! With new songs to boot?!!

    Christmas is coming early this year! Lol

  3. That Inkling also appears to be a new shade of blue.

    Good things are coming our way.

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