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Has King K. Rool Won Smash Bros Ballot? Nintendo Trademarks His Name in VC Release

Reports are coming in via Twitter that Nintendo has suddenly decided to trademark King K. Rool’s name. This has prompted many to speculate that he will be the chosen fighter from the Super Smash Bros ballot. There was a lot of initial support for the villain in the Donkey Kong Country SNES series. Looks we shall have to wait for the official announcement.

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159 thoughts on “Has King K. Rool Won Smash Bros Ballot? Nintendo Trademarks His Name in VC Release”

  1. Smashfaqs already debunked this, but it’s still cool news. It’s still a good sign that K Rool will be in the game. BTW Nintendo fans, there’s a leak that suggests Wolf, Toon Link, and K Rool will be the new trio of fighters and that we are getting 6 more stages. It’s likely fake, but still fun to think about.

      1. Yes, Young Link. My bad, I was so sure I had written Young Link. I must just be tired…weekends really drain you at times! (In a good way though)

            1. Well, I don’t know I those are real. Ive heard that 4chan leaks are mostly fake. So, we’ll have to wait,and see if there is a direct on August 3rd.

              1. Yeah, I’m assuming that it’s fake as it sounds way too good to be true. Rool and Wolf are practically shoo ins at some point anyway so these can just be safe bets to make it sound legit. I would love the 6 stages part though since that’s one area where I’m always happy to see more. If Smash Bros could import all of the 3DS stages, that would also be awesome.

                1. Dude wii u NEEDS those 3ds stages!! Some are so good but I never play the 3ds since the U version came out so it’s wasted and many others feel the same way. Magicant for one thing is so awesome, love the flying birds lol. And the pac man board is great too. Pac Land is a fun stage but a lot of people don’t like playing on it.

                  1. I know, I love a lot of those stages! The one with the gold coins was a lot of fun and even the old classics like Corneria would be fun to get back. This is the only Super Smash game not to have that stage and it’s because the 3DS snagged it first. It shouldn’t be hard to do since the games run on the same engine so I’m still hoping that they’ll do it someday. I’d be willing to pay just about any price to grab those!

      2. Nah, he meant Toon Link. Now we’re just gonna have Toon Link from Wind Waker and Toon Link from Spirit Tracks.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            So does medusa. Just image her turning bitches into stone. Forcing them to drop like rock kirby.

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                They better. That what makes medusa fucking medusa. I don’t think medusa’s hair would be hard to animate but who knows. Sakurai is probably to fucking lazy to fully do that though.

                1. “You want Medusa? Here you go! Here’s Medusa with Zelda’s moveset. I tweaked Zelda’s moves to fit Medusa’s personality. How do you like her? As much as you like Ganondorf being a Captain Falcon clone, I hope!” -Sakurai the Troll strikes again! lol

        1. Nope. Not happening. You’re talking about a series older than you and let me tell you she ain’t coming, old school fans don’t want her and it ain’t gonna happen.

        1. I know right? Still amazes me that people still think she would be a Palutena clone. Remember when Mega Man would have been a Samus clone?

          Good times.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I dont understand how medusa could be a palutena clone? Palutena’s moveset focuses on her shield and her light staff thing. While medusa has an staff as well but her moveset can be entirely different. Palutena deals with light. Medusa isn’t a character pure of heart. She has claws, that famous uppercut, shadow balls, and medusa’s gaze aka turning people to stone. She has more than enough potential to become a unique smash character. Those are just people talking out of their ass and know next to nothing about the kid icarus series. Medusa should have been there from the start. She the Main antagonist in the first kid icarus game. Took up 9 chapters just to defeat the bitch in kid icarus uprising. Medusa has always been there since the NES days. It’s just that people don’t know her and will just Damn her to hell because they want stupid indie characters like shovel knight and shantae.

            Ugh long fucking story!

            1. Shantae isn’t a indie character and you’re right Medusa would make a great Smash character but the Medusa character has been used in far too many video games and movies which is why Nintendo most likely won’t use her for Smash and besides there are far more deserving 1st party characters that deserve to get in like Captain Toad, Young Link (Majora’s Mask version), King K. Rool, Wonder Red, Dixie Kong and the Inklings just to name a few

              1. Nintendo doesn’t care about how many appearances characters make across pop culture media/ entertainment, That’s like saying Mario can’t be in because he’s been on video games, tv shows, merchandise, etc. If the character is good (and people are willing to buy it), They’ll add them to the game.
                On a sidenote: People complain about clones, yet are asking for Dixie Kong and (STILL)Young Link!?

                1. Dixie wouldn’t be a clone necessarily, her hair would be used as attacks so her moveset would be different and she would be able to float, which diddy can’t and other things. Young link would for sure be a clone though. Not sure what other kind of boomerang they could give him lol.

              2. inklings are far too new, and young link as much as I wouldn’t mind him, don’t be ridiculous. You say there are people more deserving of a spot and you want a third Link? NO. If they added him just because like Roy & Lucas fine, just to try and complete all the previous smash characters into one game, but is he actually deserving of a spot besides that fact? Not at all.

            2. Indie characters shouldn’t be there for sure, nor inklings, they don’t have the classic status AT ALL. But kid icarus don’t deserve more than the 3 fighters it already has. There’s FAR better classics from other nintendo series that need love.

        1. Ganondorf is the King of Evil, and has the Trifirce of Power, so he can easily resurrect.

          Medusa was resurrected by Hades, but Hades also dies, no one else can resurrect her.

          1. Smash bros. has NOTHING to do with the franchises current storyline. That’s like saying you beat Bowser in the last game, so he’s currently unavaliable for smash bros because he’s resting up.

        2. Zelda is known to have multiple timelines though, and ganon gets resurrected (meaning after death), but the counterargument would be that theyre just using the character, not adding to the cannon.

  2. Don’t read into things so much your giving people to much hope it’s nothing to show for it we still have two months before we know anything about who won the ballot

  3. Medusa has a lot of potential but she looks like the kind of character they would create as a palutena clone, like ganondorf and captain falcon instead of giving her, her own unique moveset :/. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was included that way, dark palutena joins the battle!

    1. K Rool as a DK clone? Well you just made the stupid comment on this whole article congrats. I won’t even bother to explain how stupid that is.

  4. Didn’t they also do that for Diddy Kong? Maybe it could be leading to a new DK game with him returning at last. But still it isn’t much of a surprise if he is one of the winners

    1. shovel knight ain’t happening, he don’t deserve it AT ALL and screw all you people who thinks he does. You people clearly don’t have enough respect for the classics. And plus, WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK??? You HATE GAYS!!! Bitch I’m BACK!

  5. People need to calm down. I recall Sakurai mentioning on previous occasions that more than one fighter will be coming out of the Smash ballot, so K Rool isn’t going to be the lone champion in all of this, have no fear.

    1. Oh, and anyone who says Shovel Knight deserves a smack in the head. Indie characters have no place here.

      1. You deserve a smack in the head, with Shovel Knights shovel.

        He would make a good different character.

        1. A shovel. Dumbest weapon choice ever. A game celebrating Nintendo’s history has no room for indie trash.

          1. So in a game that has a character fighting in yoga poses,villager pulling various objects out,wario farting on people and more you find a shovel a dumb weapon choice rrreeaaalllyyyyy.

        2. You deserve a smack to your face with all the dicks in the world since you hate gays and have no respect for the Nintendo and gaming in general CLASSICS. Indie has no place, not for at least 10 years of being around.

      2. Hey, I voted for Quote from Cave Story- he’d be amazing if he wasn’t a clone and they built him around tools he uses from the game.

  6. pink0crystal0midbus

    I want Krystal to make it into the game from the Smash Ballots!

    But, I also want K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Ridley, and Inkling(s) to join the battle.

    1. Katt Monroe far before krystal who started in a game that wasn’t even really star fox but Dinosaur Planet. Katt is old school.

    1. Finally, I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants that charming fat scientist in the game. Just think of all the potential fighting quotes Eggy would have.

  7. I think people for got that King Rool is not nintendo’s IP, it’s Rares. Rare owns King and why you never saw him in any new Donkey Kong games, why the music is changed so much in Returns and Tropical.

    1. No, Nintendo owns King K Rool. They just decided not to use the kremlings as villians for the DKC Returns Games. K Rool along with several other kremlings are in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast on the Wii. Also a kremling is a goalie in the Mario Strikers games.

    2. Rare does not own King K. Rool they only created him. He’s a part of the Donkey Kong universe therefore he is a Nintendo IP

        1. Actually we do, if by now people still think that RARE owns the characters designed in the country games, then the answer isn’t loud or clear enough. Plus not everyone gets an email or a letter about these sort of things, so its better to explain them.

          1. Indeed, I only found out within the last year about this, so it’s still pretty fresh for a lot of people. SPREAD THE WORD!

  8. ‘King’ literally wrote the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on here.

    Anyway, great news for King K. Rool.

    And honestly, if he doesn’t make it into SSB… I’ll never buy another Nintendo system again.

    1. While I think kings comment was off, you’re comment sounds even stupider. You won’t buy another Nintendo system because someone didn’t make it in smash? Sorry if your entitled, 5 year old ass isn’t into getting another system if we don’t cater to your fanboyism look girl.

      1. If he wants K Rool that bad chances are he’s quite a bit older than 5…most 5 year olds have no clue who he even is. I’d say he’s probably older for sure, 20s-30s. Pretty big assumption of course lol.

      1. Scary thing is that guy could be right so it’s not really stupid. It wouldn’t be the first time a major villain from a Nintendo franchise was made into a clone of another character. *cough*Ganondorf*cough*

  9. It’s about time DK’s main villain came back. Good on the fans for (hopefully) voting him into the game and saving a great wacky villain from the brink of oblivion.

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  11. Am I the only one NOT excited about K. Rool? It just seems like there are sooooooooooo many better and interesting choices for dlc characters out there.

    1. I agree that there are a lot of better options, but I don’t dislike King K Rool. I would not be dissatisfied with him coming in.

  12. Hopefully they give King K. Rool a damn good voice like the Mario Sluggers one. I would be so insulted if they do him like Diddy/DK and give him realistic croc roars.

  13. Not sure this means much for the near future. Did I take part in the ballot YES, did I vote for K-Rool NO. Not because I don’t want him in smash but because I want others more. However I doubt it will make much difference to who Nintendo chooses, I think the ballot is so they know what characters are wanted for the next game, think about most/all of the big names for nintendo are in SSB4 but they will need new popular characters for SSB5 thats why I dont think we will get Inklings or the most popular fan votes as dlc for SSB4

    1. Good point. If Nintendo is taking this ballot seriously & will weed out all of the ballots from the same locations, they could very well be using this not only to give us a fan requested character as DLC for the current Smash but also gauge who would be some popular additions to the next Smash that will make a lot of people happy.

  14. I really REALLY hope he makes the cut and to those idiots who still think K. Rool is (NOW LAME ASS) Rare’s character, the second Rare created characters for NINTENDO’S IP, it becomes theirs. IPs like Conker and Banjo are Rare’s because it’s not a registered trademark/IP under Nintendo’s wings.

    1. You sound like a lame ass idiot for caring so much about a character in a kid game. You must be a Virgin.

  15. But…..are they selecting only 1 character from the Smash Ballot of votes? It’s really a shame if only one character is chosen out of all the TONS of votes that I know they received.

    1. Daddy Sakurai stated that after Ryu, all future DLC would be determined by the Smash Ballot. He also stated that he can’t have the development team together forever, so there’s only several more character slots available. I’m not sure how much “several” is, but I’m gonna guess it’s around 5.

  16. I sure hope he’s not the only new DLC fighter they add- waste of a poll then.

    While he was not my first choice, I will get him if he is added. My votes still lie with Krystal, Sylux, Ray 01, and Quote.

  17. I’m hoping for King K. Rool but there are others that deserve to get in as well. Bayonetta, Shantae, Shovel Knight, Captain Toad, Wonder Red, and Krystal all deserve nods

  18. Well fucking hell, I’m happy. I only voted for 2 and it was King K Rool and Lloyd Irving. I know its just a rumor but here’s hoping that the king makes it.

  19. Personally this is how I think the characters will go
    October: snake, wolf ballot winner 1
    December: pichu, ice climbers ballot winner 2
    February ballot winners 3-5

      1. I kind of want all the fighters of smash from previous games to be in the same one, that’s the only reason I wouldn’t mind young link and pichu returning as long as they don’t take away from actual new fighters. Having every smash fighter in one smash would just be awesome for that fact alone.

        1. Sadly, there is always going to be some people that think this character or that character getting in ruined it for another character, whether old or new.

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  21. Give me King K. Rool, Ridley, & Isaac from Golden Sun & I’ll be happy with owning Smash 4 Wii U & 3DS. If not, there is always Super Smash Bros 5.

      1. And Sakurai is full of shit sometimes. He was full of shit when he said why Villager wasn’t going to get in (because he didn’t fit in a fighting game) & now we not only have Villager but Wii Fit Trainer, too. Sakurai lies. He’s one of Nintendo’s very own trolls. He says one thing in one installment but does something completely different in the next installment. Besides, he won’t be in charge of Smash forever. But by all means. Believe his excuse. He’s got tons of them.

          1. Well the truth is the truth. Sakurai lies. Always has, always will. He’s Nintendo’s biggest troll. The Great Trollurai!

  22. I checked the game description, and king k rool isn’t trademarked.
    1. Nintendo wants to hide the fact that king k rool might be in smash.
    2. the ballot hasn’t been finished yet.

  23. King K. Rool Would be an interesting edition. It’s about time that the Donkey Kong franchise gets a little more attention. You know who would also make for a good newcomer? Shantae. She’s been around since the days of the Game Boy, and deserves some recognition.

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