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Elliot Quest’s A Success On Wii U So Team Bringing To Nintendo 3DS, Xbox, And PlayStation

Elliot Quest, the game which is described by the developers as the spiritual successor to Zelda II, has been nothing short of a success on Wii U. The development team, Ansimuz Games, say that Elliot Quest on the Wii U has brought in more revenue on Nintendo’s current home console than it has on Steam. The studio which ported the game to the Wii U, PlayEveryWare, also praised Nintendo’s social network Miiverse and said the following about the service:

“Elliot Quest’s Miiverse community is so amazingly positive and supportive of one another! They already help each other get through challenging areas while cautious of spoilers, and sharing screenshots of all the really fun and surprising Easter eggs that they find on their adventures.”

Due to the success of the side scroller, and their love for the Wii U and Miiverse community, the team says that they will be bringing out a free update to the Wii U version which will arrive on July 30th. The update allows gamers to access a Miiverse Journal that enables players to share and leave notes about their adventure. You can also get twenty unlockable Miiverse Stamps. These can be earned by “defeating bosses, discovering secrets, and exploring new locations in each of the game’s multiple endings.”

As I said in the title, the developer is extremely pleased with Elliot Quest’s success and is now looking to bring the game to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS. The game will be available on these platforms sometime next year.

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13 thoughts on “Elliot Quest’s A Success On Wii U So Team Bringing To Nintendo 3DS, Xbox, And PlayStation”

  1. Cool. I can’t exactly remember but I thought this looked interesting. I know I saw a video for it on eShop and was like whoa, come to 3ds please. Now I gotta watch the video’s for it again..

    1. Unless Nintendo is paying them more than the potential profit of porting it to other consoles, I don’t see why any indie would do that.

    2. I agree with this. *looks at Epic Mickey 2 that went multiplat & was crap compared to the first Epic Mickey* Ugh!

  2. This is bad. Look what happened with Epic Mickey’s sequel went multiplat. Look at Resident Evil Revelations’s sequel when the first game went multiplat. One failed & was a travesty when compared to the original game & the other completely abandoned Nintendo consoles. Past experiences tell me this is NOT a good thing.

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