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Japanese Mobile Operator Reveals Rare Super Mario Themed 3DS Coverplates


DoCoMo, the popular Japanese mobile network, has revealed a rare Super Mario themed New Nintendo 3DS coverplates. The catch is that it is only available via their Premium Club and will set gamers back a hefty 20,000 points. However these points get them a white New Nintendo 3DS and the coverplates, which are inspired by the work of Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. We haven’t heard whether these special coverplates will be sold separately. If they are only available via the DoCoMo deal then they are certainly going to be worth some cash to collectors.


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21 thoughts on “Japanese Mobile Operator Reveals Rare Super Mario Themed 3DS Coverplates”

  1. Personally I’d like to have a 3ds plate of Vincent van Gogh’s ” Wheatfield with Crow’s” painted on it. Or “Cafe Terrace at Night”.

  2. I wish I was in Europe, because I’d get the New Nintendo 3DS just for these awesome cover plates.

    I find it hard to believe I still don’t have a 3DS console. lol

    1. What!?!? You mean to tell me and the world that you don’t care about new special and rare accessories that you can’t get!?!?! Pffffffttttt. Lies. All lies.

      1. Yeah, another butthurt American who pretends not to care. I know they all fucking want the small new 3DS. It’s all they fucking talk about.

        1. Boss assed biotch is that you!?!?

          On a more serious note, I have a 3ds xl. Why on God’s name would I want to downgrade to a smaller system.

          I have absolutely no desire for th new small 3ds or even the new xl 3ds either. Packing at least 30 games on my 3ds unit alone, im going to be busy for years.

          Nice lil angry story tho bro.

        2. It’s only a vocal minority who are throwing bitch fits. The large version of the original 3ds outsell the smaller model. Think about that…

          1. I bet they do. Its a kick ass system.

            Also, not sure how long its going on but Nintendo 3DS xl systems are on sale for 159.and some change at Wal-Mart right now. Get em while they’re hot!

            1. I’m going to get the New one. lol. No use getting the inferior version, when the superior version is currently in stores.

    1. My thoughts as well. I’m glad someone else noticed, I was starting to think he was some new aged hipster Picasso.

  3. When faceplates are out of your reach and there’s nothing you can do:
    ” Niiiiinnnttteennndddooooo!!!!!!!!!”

  4. I used Docomo from Fall 2012 until Fall 2014 and accumulated a grand total of 800 points. That’s without ever using points for anything. Not only will this thing be rare because it’s Docomo only but the only people who will have enough points to get it are going to be older people who have been on Docomo for more than a decade.

  5. My honest opinion??? I don’t really care. The faceplates, save the girly polka dots/stripes/stars/plaid ones, I think are hideous. I also don’t like small handhelds, I want them BIG.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Nintendo of America should just give us the smaller New 3ds and get it over with, but I will buy the bigger one anyway. *shrugs* I just want them to give us more color options. Red and Black? Really? How about light pink, light blue, plain white, or a combination of the above? I could care less about the smaller ones, I want different color options.

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