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EB Games Canada: Purchase New 3DS XL Comes With Free Charger $5 Goes To Ronald McDonald House Fund


If you are in Canada and are contemplating purchasing a New Nintendo 3DS XL then you might want to think about buying it from EB Games Canada. The company is giving those that buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL a free charger and are also donating $5 of the proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you are also after some games to go with that then you will be pleased to know that select Nintendo 3DS titles are twenty-five percent off.


Thanks, Sleepy

32 thoughts on “EB Games Canada: Purchase New 3DS XL Comes With Free Charger $5 Goes To Ronald McDonald House Fund”

  1. Still wondering why the Ronald McDonald house charities are involved with this….maybe we’ll be seeing Mario toys for the 30th anniversary soon in happy meals?

  2. Yes. Make children sick by feeding them your tainted food and then make a charity for them so that you’re not blamed for it.

        1. Well, since diet is very important to health, I’m pretty certain that eating garbage contributes to illness

            1. THANK YOU!!! It’s the parents fault for buying that fat food for their kids & then letting them sit on their asses all day watching television & playing video games. These people wanting food places to do away with fatty foods are just as bad as Nintendo when it comes to babying everybody.

              1. Agreed. Its more of the consumer’s fault. That doesn’t mean that what McDonald isn’t a blatantly evil corporation. If junk food like this didn’t exist, there would be much less disease because people would instead be eating more nutritious and uncontaminated food. It’s pretty proven that healthy food helps fight against cancer and almost every preventable illness. I never said that McDonald’s caused cancer, but corporations like them are not part of the solution except when they contribute to charity to look like the good guys. They’re obviously really good at misleading the public into thinking there food isn’t that bad. If you think obesity is the only thing that junk food can do to you, you’re wrong. Also, “It’s okay if you have it once in a while” is just an excuse that your making so that you can eat the food even though you shouldn’t.

                Personally, whenever I eat junk food, it tires me out much more than healthier food. This lowers my mental performance by a ton and makes me feel like crap. I obviously isn’t going help anyone become happy or intelligent (unless they’re socially conditioned into believing that the food makes them happy), so I don’t see why someone would eat it. It likely causes more than just health problems since junk food is known to decrease mental performance. Hence lowering our efficiency of finding cures for diseases and solving other important problems.

                I wish I had the time to find and cite sources, but I don’t. Anyways, I hope this clarifies what I’m saying at least.

                1. If McDonald’s is evil & is trying to kill everyone with bad food, why did they do away with trans fat? Or is that some big lie & what they really did was replace trans fat with something far more deadly? Whatever. I’m going to die sooner or later so why bother stop eating what I actually enjoy eating? Then again, I don’t really care what McDonald’s is feeding people because they are more than capable of saying “no” to McDonald’s and I’m more of a Burger King/KFC consumer anyway. Oh wait. Fast food & junk food is evil incarnate so eating at those two places is just as bad as eating at McDonald’s. lol

                2. Eating McDonald’s every once in a while isn’t bad. Maybe once every two weeks. There’s plenty of food out there that’s just as bad, or even worse.

              2. Why the fuck would they pay $30 MORE for a charger you can get for $10 or less elsewhere and still save money from that and donating another $5 to any charity. This is a fucking sad scam and by sad I mean these bastards are taking advantage of both charity and consumers.

              3. Ronald McDonald House Charities? What the fuck. They’re pretending to give a shit now? Let’s kill tens of millions of animals a year, pump them with sterioids and other cancer causing shit and then sell it to you dumb fuckers. Fuck this noise. I’m out.

                  1. Rude much? There is no logical reason to attack Kinopio for not knowing about this. You act like he needs to know this when he doesn’t. He receives no real benefit from knowing this. And it’s not like every other book or news article talks about it, so telling him to read more makes no sense.

                1. I think McDonalds is gross. People should only eat healhy food. I wish our government would subsidize organic food and would tax unhealthy food.

                  Then people would naturally live healthier lives.

                  1. How about no? The problem isn’t McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc but the people that buy their food. You can eat mostly “unhealthy” food & still be skinny & healthy. So the problem isn’t fast food but lazy ass people that can’t get off their fat ass & exercise. If they have a genetic illness that keeps them from being skinny, I’m pretty sure there is medication for that.

                    1. While that is true to a degree, that most people are just too lazy to exercise, it also still stands true that these foods just aren’t good for you, and in too many cases are not even fit for consumption. Sadly a lot of our food, even outside of fast food restaurants, is jam packed full of unnecessary shit that our bodies can’t even process, or leads to long term debilitating problems that make it even harder for people to work out.

                      It is far beyond people being too lazy to exercise as well, people are just too lazy to even care. As long as it is convenient, they honestly could not care if it was made out of shit, as long as it tastes good.

                      For instance genetically modified food is bad for you, so bad that they had to start putting warning labels, telling people that the food their buying has been genetically modified. The people who fought for that, assumed that if they had these labels people would then vote with their wallets and stop buying these type of foods. They found out people didn’t give a shit at all, and they continued to by the same amount even though they had these new labels warning them.

                      No different than people smoking and buying tobacco, when the box literally says it can give you cancer, and cause birth defects.

                      Also no different than the fact we use plastic for almost everything, when plastic literally is poison to us, so much so, you should not even touch plastic. It’s endless when it comes to this topic, it amazes me people can be so smart, but so stupid at the same time, all for the expense of money, something we make…

                      There are so many things today we don’t even need to use anymore, but we keep on using it, knowing damn well it can kill us, or eventually will, or in some cases could come close to killing almost every living thing on this planet.

                      Not enough people care, so nothing ever changes in any big way.

                    2. I disagree. Getting the government involved never really solves anything. In my opinion, the only real benefit from government is law enforcement, but even that is corrupt.

                  2. Hm. Too bad their US counterpart Gamestop isn’t doing this. Not that it matters for me anymore since I already got my n3DS.

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