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More Super Smash Bros Mii Fighter Costumes Revealed

Nintendo Japan has revealed that there are more adorable Mii Fighter costumes coming to Super Smash Bros which will arrive tomorrow morning in Japan. There’s a costume for Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, the Flying Man from the EarthBound series for Brawlers and a honey bear costume for Gunners. The Super Smash Bros update arrives everywhere on July 31st and promises to be an impressive one.

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25 thoughts on “More Super Smash Bros Mii Fighter Costumes Revealed”

  1. The ballot is for Mii costumes what a plot twist. Can’t wait for Ridley Wolf Ice climbers Shadow costumes.

  2. Slowly all these fan favorite characters are being turned into crappy mii costumes. Expect to see Shovel Knight and Shantae sometime in the future.

  3. As much as it will suck, I will laugh my ass off if the the smash ballot was done solely to troll us close to when it’s done & give us the characters as mii fighter costumes instead of as actual playable characters. I wonder how many will defend Trollurai & how many will actually call for him to be removed from Smash 5 if he doesn’t willingly stay away from it if this happens to end up being the case. Only time will tell. Either way, I’m going to enjoy the outcome of the Smash Ballot whether in the game or on the internet.

  4. Everyone needs to keep in mind that the winners of the Smash ballot won’t even be decided until October. If anything, these characters are the ones that were low enough on the list to not become characters, but still had enough demand to get in somehow. This is still a pretty big dick move though, that’s 2 characters and counting that have been made disgraceful Mii costumes.

          1. woaah, Klonoa would be so good in Smash. As much as I like Tales games, we don’t need more swordsman (he’d probably end up playing like a FE character).

        1. Being a mii costume DOES NOT EQUAL their exclusion from the game as a character. Why do people think the two can’t coexist? I think we’re getting K Rool, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a costume of him. I mean, there’s a Link Mii costume, and yet Link is still in the game.

          1. Oh no, I mean, Link had possibilities of not being in the game… And that costume came MONTHS after the character came out, Mega man’s as well, and don’t try to bring up the Meta Knight argument since that costume was directly ported from the Mii plaza.

        2. Hey! If we have Lloyd costumes, WHY THE HELL DON’T WE HAVE GUILLO AND KALAS COSTUMES FROM BATEN KAITOS! Tales Of Symphonia is not exclusive to Nintendo, yet Baten Kaitos IS and NOT A SINGLE FUCKING COSTUME IN THERE!… >.>

        3. Why when they were making these in R&D didnt they think people would want the actual character? That was stupid not to think of that at the time.

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