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One Of Japan’s Biggest Franchises Monster Strike Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Monster Strike has been immensely popular on mobile platforms in Japan and it is now coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The in demand franchise Monster Strike will also be getting its very own anime series. The latest edition of Famitsu reveals that the game will have luscious full 3D fields to explore. The actual characters and story in the game will be based upon the anime which is scheduled to air in October on YouTube. The game will be released sometime this year.

15 thoughts on “One Of Japan’s Biggest Franchises Monster Strike Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Just a Star Fox fan.

    Remember the good times when 3DS got great games like OOT3D,SF643D,KI:U,RE:REVELATIONS,SSF43D,SM3DL,MM3D and none of this anime styled mobile crap…. so much other cool shit like F-ZERO X 3D could be done instead.

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      Star Fox 64, SSF4 and RE didn’t sell very well by all accounts. The Last F-Zero game on GC also sold poorly if I remember correctly?

          1. I was gonna comment and say that he’s ignorant to generalize “anime styled” things as “crap”, but I should also add that you miiight have taken it a bit far by telling him to hang himself for it :o

            Seriously though certain individuals need to stop hating on Japanese anime games on Japanese consoles. Get an Xbox if you hate that kind of thing, god damn.

            Also, above all else, I do agree that F-Zero X 3D would be fucking amazing. I bought a PS Vita pretty much just for Wipeout because Nintendo just refuses to release a new F-zero game, and I need my high-speed futuristic racing fix

        1. I loved pad as a app game, got a good 3ds game. Now I also love monster strike, it gets a 3ds game. This proves that I play non crappy moble games

        2. pink0crystal0midbus

          Japan just loves “monsters” I guess. It’s always “monster this” and “monster that” over there. Even Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) and Yo-Kai (ghosts, phantoms a.k.a monsters) which are about capturing monsters.

          Now we have Monster Strike. Anything else I’m missing aside from Godzilla?

        3. That giant monster looked like a fusion of Ganon & Ridley when it first appeared in the trailer from that distance. Next Smash game, I want to see a boss that is exactly that: a fusion of Ganon & Ridley.

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