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Famitsu Reviews Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

The first review of the intriguing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is in from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. The magazine awarded the spin-off title a 9,9,9 and an 8, which is a rather good score. However, this is Famitsu who are renowned for being generous with their review scores. Here’s the reviews.

Reviewer 1 – 9

Although this is a spin-off game, a great deal of content from the Animal Crossing series, like characters and furniture, is used smoothly and you get into a trance while creating elaborate rooms. It’s also nice that you can coordinate things like schools and hotels in addition to homes. It is comfortable to arrange furniture with the touch pen. You get new things such as furniture and wallpapers from the villager requests even after seeing the staff roll for the first time, so it seems like you can enjoy the game for a long time.

Reviewer 2 – 8

I’m glad that you can design exteriors of buildings and gardens in addition to indoor furniture. It’s also nice that you can coordinate interiors of schools and shops. You can also take pictures inside finished buildings while changing the owner’s roles and clothes. The evaluation after finishing a task isn’t particular, as the client’s reaction doesn’t change if you put in the required furniture, so it feels a bit desolate if you put a lot of effort to the design.

Reviewer 3 – 9

Since the game is specialized in room building, arranging furniture is greatly easier to do than in a traditional game of the series. You can upgrade items that go to institutions and shops or establish windows, doors, gardens or even environmental music, so you will unconsciously get absorbed into the game. When you’re going this far, you’d want to have a house of your own, but that unrealized dream feels real somehow. A daily report finishes the tasks of that day, and while there is also the aspect of work experience, it’s also good how you can connect with your earlier works with the report.

Reviewer 4 – 9

As this game is specialized in the home designing of the Animal Crossing series, the game isn’t as deep as the traditional series since you can’t experience the general village life. A special thing to mention is the conversations with different characters whose personalities overflow with ambiance. It’s great that thanks to these, you can enjoy the game so that it doesn’t feel repetitive. It is interesting to catch a glimpse of how a past client is living his/her life, and that also makes it worthwhile to come back to the game.

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33 thoughts on “Famitsu Reviews Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer”

  1. never trust famitsu with reviews they inconsistent.

    by the way what happened to Gay Commander, heard the man who he worshiped as a false god died.

  2. What the flop. I don’t even understand how someone could enjoy this when compared to the traditional series. Oh well, I suppose i should wish it well and be on my way!

          1. A lot of people love the designing aspect of Animal Crossing. I never really use the online stuff in New Leaf too often, but from what my sister has shown me people design some really crazy villages and houses.

            Not for me, either. Although I can see the people who would enjoy it, seems like more people like that part of the game, more than the ones who play it traditionally.

          2. I’m still hoping that maybe, just maybe, that AC: amiibo Festival will be a traditional AC game, with a secondary party mode. They already said that the party mode won’t be the only mode in that game, so I’m waiting.

                1. I don’t think Nintendo would abandon the traditional play style of Animal Crossing. It would be really odd if they did.

                2. It’s going to be a free digital title, so I’m fairly certain its not going to be a traditional AC game, BUT, Nintendo had become really unpredictable lately so you never know.

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