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Japanese Pokemon Event: Ash’s Pikachu, Serena’s Pancham & More Available

They have been a few events for European and North American owners of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and now it is time for the Japanese to get in on some of the action. The latest Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire event allows Japanese gamers to get their hands on Ash’s Pikachu, Serena’s Pancham and more. You will be able to get your hands on these at various Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores throughout Japan. There’s no word regarding whether a similar promotion will make its way over here in the west.

  • Ash’s Pikachu: Obtainable between August 24 and August 30
  • Serena’s Pancham: Obtainable between August 17 and August 23
  • Latios: Obtainable between August 31 and September 6
  • Lugia: Obtainable between September 7 and September 13

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12 thoughts on “Japanese Pokemon Event: Ash’s Pikachu, Serena’s Pancham & More Available”

  1. Ok so we get one event within a few months and now it’s “time” for Japan to get 4 events, when they just had multiple events in the past couple months, that’s bullshit.

    1. Lets see… we get 1 event that lasts 4 days… and they get another 4 to make up for that, in addition to all the other events they got, including the Hoopa event?!?! Yah cause it’s there turn to get in on the action

  2. So you’re flaunting in American and European readers faces that Japan is getting these events. WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THIS? Maybe Japanese? Oh wait, THEY KNOW and they’re not finding out HERE.

  3. xD Yes because we are getting more events in America & Europe than Japan is getting! Pfft! Japan has gotten way more events than we have. Fucking Game Freak needs new management just like Nintendo because they are both being ran by old men that refuse to evolve with the times.

  4. I swear. If their biggest profit wasn’t coming from the West, Nintendo & Game Freak both would drop us all in a fucking heart beat. That’s one thing that sadly makes Microsoft better than Nintendo. They don’t sell all that well in Japan but they are STILL there trying.

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