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Scott Moffitt Says Nintendo Is Always Listening To The Fans

Scott Moffitt, the Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, has told The Examiner that the company always listens to the fanbase. Whether that is through social media, forums, blogs or petitions, they are apparently paying attention. Moffitt says that they were extremely curious to see what people thought of their brand new IP, Splatoon. Here’s what he had to say.

“I would never say we’re blind to the outside world, but we listen to our game fans a lot,” We’re always curious to [see] their reaction to new games like Splatoon,”

“We don’t use them as our sole inspiration but we certainly like to hear what they are saying, enjoying and appreciating about a game, in addition to what they would like in future iterations of that game. We take a broad look and always pay attention to what is going on beyond our walls with trends, but it starts with listening really carefully to our gamers.”

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102 thoughts on “Scott Moffitt Says Nintendo Is Always Listening To The Fans”

    1. It’s kinda like when you watch one of those improv groups

      “Now the audience say a place”
      – “Gym”
      – “School”
      – “Pool”
      “I heard market, ok, you guys are at a market

      1. It was back when gaming was almost non existent. People didn’t know what it can be…Now they know what it can be and know what they want.

    2. They listen, and they make suggestions based on what they hear. For example, look at the online petitions And demands for a Majora’s Mask 3D after OOT3D came out and guess what they delivered. Just because they listen to what people say doesn’t mean they’re going to do it.

      Maybe Nintendo doesn’t have The resources to make all the games fans want, or maybe they’re are some other issues that arise. But Nintendo still listens to their fans but makes their choices based on the company.

    1. Listening does not always mean giving what the fans want. Sometimes it does (Earthbound Beginnings, Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, etc)

      1. Wrong. Scott Moffitt got hearing mixed up with listening. You can hear people all the time but listening is when you actually take what you hear & actually USE it.

    1. Listening & paying attention are the same thing, actually. Moffitt is an idiot & simply got listening mixed up with hearing. Or he’s just outright damage controlling.

  1. If that were true, they would’ve released Binding of Issac: Rebirth in Europe already..but they haven’t.

      1. xD The hell they don’t. It’s Nintendo’s consoles. If they say something isn’t coming to their console, it isn’t coming. If Nintendo didn’t have any control over indie developers, we would have gotten the Binding of Isaac a hell of a lot sooner than we did now. Sony & Microsoft could reject every game that comes their way if they wanted but they won’t because they need 3rd parties & indies.

  2. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

    Hell nah! Straight up lie!!!
    Metroid prime 4!!!!
    2D metroid
    Super Metroid remake!
    Mario sunshine 2
    Mario Galaxy 3
    Snes games for handheld devices
    FUN MATURE TITLES 4 Wii u (not hack n slash garbage)
    No micro transactions
    Purchase Megaman ip
    No fucking gimmicks
    Less fucking children pandering

    Yeah, dem muthafuckas definly listening to dey fans….fuck outta here…

    1. Honestly, everything you are saying is so stupid.
      1. It’s a family company, they have to make games that appeal to family
      2. Without gimmicks, the video game market literally wouldn’t exist. Everything is a gimmick
      3. They can’t make everything we request because that would be a ridiculous amount of work and everybody asks for different things.
      4. They are working on creating 3DS emulators that can run SNES games and they don’t really use microtransactions for any games.
      5. Producing quality games is hard work
      6. IP’s are expensive
      Your statements all contradict eachother.

      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

        Didn’t think I’d have to reply….ah, but Nintendo apologists, never cease to amaze…ahem…start off with this…EVERYTHING you wrote is STUPID!!!
        1. For being a family company they sure aren’t cutting it. Never said they should NOT appeal to children, I wrote “less”. Less is more in instances like these…see PS4 sales
        2. Without gimmicks the industry wouldn’t exist, correct. BUT without useless gimmicks it’ll be alright and continue to flourish…see game pad, virtual boy, wii balance board
        3. They CAN make everything we want…they choose not to and as a result give us what we DON’T want, which they could have been working on what we DO want…see, code name steam, (metroid) federation, animal crossing whatever it’s titled, wii music
        4. Haven’t heard the 3ds emulator thing, but it’s been out at least 5 years now…a little late don’t cha think? Micro transactions…see, Pokemon shuffle, Pokemon rumble, that rusty game..
        5. Producing quality games is hard work…see, Nintendo = multi million dollar company…hard work is bought with money
        6. IP’s are expensive…not really, no…see Platinum Games…they create IP’s like nothing…
        There, blinded fanboy…your comments have all been shot down with followed up statements that corroborate the counters…

  3. Same here. This is bullshit and for this guy to say otherwise is all for PR talk and nothing more. Look at the nightmare fans have to go through for Amiibos with all this exclusivity crap. The ones that can’t are left with dealing with scalpers that care for ripping you off. The need of better features for splatoon (although some are slowly coming but still).

  4. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Give me kid icarus for a home console. Oh I’ve fucking forgot that we have to wait another fucking 25 years for one to happen.

    1. Dude, it’s only been 3 since Uprising and the main antagonist was a huge troll anyway. Just because he said he has “what, 25 years til the next sequel?” doesn’t actually mean the next KI will follow that.

  5. Nintendo has been doing so much damage control since E3, they might as well incorporate it into their regular marketing tactics and training.

    “We understand your concern.”
    “We hear you.”
    “We listen to you.”
    “We take what you say very seriously.”

  6. When people have been asking for a 2d metroid since 2006 and there still isn’t a new one 9 years later you clearly done goofed

    Somebody said in 2010 the next metroid game is going to come around 2018 I didn’t believe, but I sure as hell do now

  7. Sure, I believe it. But, listening to your fans and reacting accordingly to our remarks is a completely different story.

  8. Yes Nintendo listens, they just don’t care lol. They’re like “Yup, uh huh, sure, okay, maybe later.” Then go back to work. But some listen and deliver. Miyamoto for example stated he is aware fans wanted Starfox and F-Zero, and we are getting Starfox, so all I have to say is Miyamoto listens.

  9. No Super Mario Sunshine 2, no new paper Mario(a proper Rpg not sticker star), No Metriod, no F zero,no mother/earthbound, not years for new starfox, dissapointment E3. No online in most games(Miyamoto)

    Just a few things that come to mind.

  10. Riiiiiight, like a new Metroid and Zelda game which is on the 3ds that only Japanese care about playing.

    1. Sakurai doesn’t listen. Not immediately, at least. People have been asking for Krystal, K. Rool, and many others to be in Smash for YEARS and they now might only be added after-the-fact because of the DLC ballot. And even that might be iffy considering the latest batch of DLC costumes.

      1. People have been asking for tons of characters in Smash. From Mewtwo, to Master Chief, to God knows how many requests for Goku. He can’t put everyone in. You know it takes about a year to code one character, right? And yet they listened and put mewtwo, roy, lucas, and even freaking Ryu in.

        1. I think the problem is is that sakurai feels the need to program pretty much everything…seems pretty arrogant that he can’t just let others do the work for him…

            1. xD You believe that bullshit from Sakurai? A year my ass. Sakurai was just trying to cover up the fact he hogs up all of the programming. Trollurai at his best.

                1. Sakurai is a well known liar so that’s all the proof you need. But you believe Sakurai to be some great guy when in reality he’s just a lieing control freak that wants to do all of the work by himself then act like a fucking martyr when he gets called out for it.

  11. If they were listening then they would give options to pick between tower control and splat zone in ranked battles

  12. I seriously don’t understand all this hate. Nintendo does listen to fans. But they are a business and we need to understand about how they work. Just because people are screaming for a new metroid or mario sunshine 2 doesn’t mean Nintendo can drop everything and throw a ton of cash to start production. They have to think “how much will it cost to develop?” “what is the potential profit?” “can we risk the resources to make this game And turn a profit?” there are a ton of factors into making a business decision.

    As I stated in another comment look at Majora’s make 3D. There was a cry from fans since OOT3D and Nintindo saw the fan base, saw the success of OOT3D and said ok. They knew people would buy that game and in the end, Nintendo is trying to make money. They’re a company.

    So before saying that Nintendo doesn’t listen just think about what really goes into developing a game, the money, the time, development, promotions, distribution, etc. Just because we scream for a game doesn’t mean it’s worth for Nintendo to spend time and money making it for 1000 fans to buy it. They need millions of sales to turn a profit so they can continue running their business and that’s what their main goal is.

    1. I agree with you to a point, most of the request I am not interested in but I see a trend and for a marketing guru like him who have to spend his day on forum or websites like this one. It’s not difficult to understand that metroid prime, F-zero and more marketing for the wii u is something Nintendo must for the Next it’s a 50/50. I am not a marketing person but even me I will go as far as to say the Us and UK market love Dlc,online multiplayer but that a different thing for others countries. France for example want more RPG.Europe in general like football (soccer for NA). Nintendo know the west like home console what are they doing ???? But shit lot of ressources on 3DS. I can go on but they are things which does need to cost a fortune but Nintendo does do simple things. How come Nintendo didn’t have one of their guys to help 3rd big party to program on wii u.the cost is minimal compare to the investment.

      1. Nintendo is giving up on the Wii U. Notice how when the Wii was selling a shit load of consoles, they poured a lot of support in it?

    2. I agree with you to a certain extent, and I have enough faith in some of these users to say that they also agree with you. That beign said, The hate doesn’t root from Nintendo not listening, but from them TELLING us they listen, when they clearly don’t.

      If they wouldn’t go out of their way to say this, many of us wouldn’t say shit about that statement.

    3. Yeah…because a new metroid game would TOTALLY only have 1000buyers lol! No, the issue is that, for any franchises less popular than the likes of Mario kart, they’ve been very lazy in making new titles. And no, not every new title they make must sell “millions” (lol each metroid prime game has sold at least that XD), as pikmin 3 shows, you CAN make a great game without going bust economically.

      The problem (the hate) is that Nintendo won’t bother to release new entries into their other franchises…even though they’d sell decently (imagine a Wii u fire emblem) and that they’ve got TONS of money in the bank.

      Stop blindly defending them you corporate slave lmao!

      1. Not enough people own the Wii U for them to put support into the system. They prefer supporting the 3ds because 52 million>10 million. If the Wii U had 15 million sales then we would see: true Animal Crossing, F-Zero, 3D Wii U Metroid, etc.

  13. Hah, like people have said, listening to fans is one thing- actually doing anything about what’s said is something else entirely. Frankly, all I took from this statement was “yeah, we hear you guys, but we honestly don’t give a damn.” Nintendo has their own agenda, and the only time they ever “listen” to fans is when they’re looking to feed their cognitive Biases when one of their games is a success, and definitely NOT when they want to make a new game.

  14. I’m a huge Nintendo fan but this article is nonsense! They don’t listen to us!! They take what we want into consideration but they still do what they want.

    In the beginning it was a hit. In the 1990’s it was classic. They came with motion controls in the Wii era (which was more short lived than successful).

    Now we have this Wii U thing -a-ma-jig which I personally adore…but the sales reflect that Wii U fans are far, few, & between. If they were listening we would have headsets. If they were listening we would have that Metroid weve been clamoring for. If they were listening we would have that sequel to Earthbound. IF THEY WERE LISTENING THEY WOULDN’T HAVE NAMED THIS SYSTEM “WII U!” Lol

    ……….if they were listening they would have better 3rd party support. Nintendo has made a splash with Splatoon. But they STILL have a whole lot more LISTENING to do!!

  15. I do agree that Nintendo does listen to their fans…………to a certain degree because they have done these things at least

    – localization of Fatal Frame for both North America and Europe
    – after a generation of no Starfox and many fans demanding for him, Starfox returns this year
    – the DLC concept done right (Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros and Splatoon are great examples of this)
    – create new but great franchises (Splatoon, Captain Toad, Wonderful 101)

    But there are things that many of us fans have wanted and begged for Nintendo to give us that we still haven’t gotten like…….

    – a REAL Metroid title
    – a real 3D Mario title (nothing against 3D World it was great but it wasn’t a full 3D experience)
    – a HD F-Zero game
    – voice chat (during gameplay) enabled games
    – a universal account system
    – standard sized New 3DS
    – a home console full fledged HD Pokémon game
    – a HD Kid Icarus title
    – a Mario/Sonic crossover platformer
    – revival of old Nintendo classics not used in generations
    – GameCube Virtual Console
    – remaster of Mario Sunshine

    Just to name a few. I love you Nintendo but this damage controlling that you’re doing is ridiculous

    1. Actually Nintendo is currently working with DeNA on that universal account system you are wanting. They said that w while back.

        1. Yeah I know but I was just listing the things that we haven’t received from Nintendo yet. Most likely the new universal account system won’t go in effect until next year, probably right after the NX gets revealed

          1. I agree with most of what you say, unlike almost all of the other comments on here, but in the end Nintendo really does still listen. We haven’t gotten everything we’ve wanted, but what we have gotten certainly has had some if not a lot of input from fans and gamers. To me it is nonsense that Nintendo is even speaking up to tell their fans that they are listening this much, since I know they are. Hell I even sent an email to them about F-Zero and they replied back. But ultimately, the reason they feel the need to announce their intentions is because they are hearing the negative feedback we’re giving them.

  16. Sure, you listen to us, but the majority of the time you don’t actually care.

    And because you are so good at listening, we will be awaiting what you say after Federarion Farce fails epically.

    1. Wasn’t there a mother 3 for GBA in Japan? If I remember correctly it wasn’t localised because it was a failure in Japan.

      1. Day 1 DLC and Charged DLC (which is only a bad thing if Capcom or anyone who's not Nintendo does it) + Amiibos, three versions of the same game, microtransactions and still no online game droughts and censorship = Done right. Lmfao. And you wonder why "pr

        “Mother 3 sold around 200,000 copies in its first week of sales in Japan.[62] It was one of Japan’s top 20 bestselling games for the first half of 2006, and received a “Platinum Hall of Fame” score of 35/40 from Japanese reviewer Weekly Famitsu. It ended the year with over 368,000 copies sold, the 36th highest of the year in Japan. Jenni Lada of TechnologyTell called it the “perfect” Game Boy Advance role-playing game. Reviewers praised its story (even though the game was only available in Japanese) and graphics, and lamented its 1990s role-playing game mechanics. Critics also complimented its music.”

        And even if it were a commercial failure in Japan that doesn’t always translate into it being a commercial failure worldwide. Zelda and Metroid, for example aren’t as popular in Japan as they are in the West.

  17. All this flack you guys are giving Nintendo is putting me at ease. For the longest time I thought I was the only one that completely disagreed with Nintendo’s choices as of late. I can say quite confidently that Nintendo does not listen to anything there fans ask for. Really, I think their biggest problem is that they pander to a younger audience, while nerfing every “new” installment we get in a series. The games feel too safe nowadays, and I’m sure you all know what I mean.

  18. Nintendo does and does not listen they are a business so idk why people are expecting everything from them and the things they are expecting may come in due time we just have to wait and see

    1. They’re a business, not you the gamer. I shouldn’t be the one pandering to them and waiting on them to get “better” / easier, more toddler friendly censorship, no voice chat, friend codes, day one DLC and charged DLC + amiibos on top of that and half baked, incomplete shovelware full of microtransactions, paying for restricted wallpaper, game droughts, no third party, region locked…

      Amiibo Festival is their response of listening to the idiotic fanbase. Toys outselling their consoles = no point of even trying. Just continue voting with your wallets instead of your brains.

      1. Well depending on how long you have been a fan and knowing their business practices then you should know how things are but if you don’t o well and it doesn’t matter how much people complain and want this and that Nintendo barely gives you what you want and just like many people have you should not buy Nintendo anything anymore or if you do then get another console or consoles and obviously for many reasons people don’t like Nintendo and see them as the joke of the gaming industry and you have listed some of them but I don’t care for how bad they are I will buy the games I like from any game company that makes i games i like but I only buy certain games and I do not buy dlc but I obviously know nintendo is trash

  19. I hate Nintendo fans
    Nintendo : *changes thing*

    1. I know, right? Nintendo gave us a universal account system and even a new F-Zero! And yet, people still whine and complain. *chuckle*

      1. After how many years of *other* people complaining (not the fanboys who want to take all the credit for the real fans who want better and complain because according to them everything is just fine. Game droughts? Who needs a GAME console for games after all) did you finally get some things done? 10? 15 years? At this rate you should get voice chat in…about 30 years or so. But at least you’ll get. Maybe. Probably. Eh?.. What a great business.

    2. Gamers don’t want change. To be honest, they would have a fucking heart attack if Sony switched the square and circle button on their controller. Gamers say they want change, but they really want an HD 5th and 6th generation.

  20. Well, they sure never listened to ME. I’ve been sending them my game ideas since I was a kid, and have yet to see any of them actually happen. Though it has come close.

    1. That’s just a basic want for a regular game. My ideas have always gone further than just wanting another sequel to a series. My ideas were always based on features that games should have. But alas, Nintendo has always ignored me and gave excuses.

  21. Wow, too many spoiled brats complaining about Scott Moffit’s comment. It’s all about ME, ME, ME. Who the F are you that a big company like Nintendo will have to listen to just because you suggested something?

    Nintendo takes into account the collective suggestions and NOT the suggestion of ONE! Remember the last time they listened to you spoiled brats? It cost them a lot and most of you didn’t even like it and some even criticized it.

    If Nintendo is not listening then Splatoons’ latest update wouldn’t include what gamers wanted, the Private Battle Mode.

    1. Dat damage controll XD seriously though, something like metroid isn’t something only a few people care about (though it’s not exactly popular either) so Nintendo is still ignoring a significant chunk of their fan base.

    2. Nintendo’s biggest mistake was listening to their fans to be honest. They should have enhanced motion control for the Wii U instead of trying to give fans a hardcore controller. Those idiots are the reason we have a huge controller with gyroscopes.

    3. Who the fuck are we that a big company like Nintendo will have to listen to us? Their fucking customers that actually pay their fucking bills & keep them a-fucking-float! I’m sick of this anti-consumer, pro-company attitude some of you people spout. If companies one day try to take over, I bet a lot of you defending their bullshit will jump right in line for that chip to be implanted into your brain.

  22. Listen? Pfft. Moffitt, learn the difference between listening & hearing. You hear us but you aren’t actually listening. And even when you do listen, you always do something wrong. One step forward, two steps back is Nintendo’s new business model. Learn it, live it, love it. Or you end up listening to the WRONG people. *cough*the”novoicechat”defenders*cough*

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