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Nintendo Reveals When The Mewtwo amiibo Will Launch In Europe

mewtwo_amiibo_figurePokemon fans in Europe will be able to get their hands on the Mewtwo amiibo starting October 23. Although Mewtwo is the first DLC character in Super Smash Bros. to get its own amiibo, all playable characters in the fighting game will eventually have corresponding interactive figures, including Lucas, Roy and Ryu. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, players can customize their amiibo by adjusting its attack, defense and speed stats.


36 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals When The Mewtwo amiibo Will Launch In Europe”

        1. Predicting this right now:
          Lucas will be the rarest of the DLC Amiibo, 2nd will be Roy, then Mewtwo and Ryu in that order.

              1. Sadly, they had to deal with this same exact bullshit back in the day. Apparently it’s our turn. This favoritism bullshit from Nintendo as a fucking whole needs to fucking stop.

              2. Or maybe it’s less of Nintendo playing favorites as a whole & more of the fact that Nintendo of America was awesome back in the day while they suck now and vice versa for Nintendo of Europe.

              1. Little Mac is OP. People complaining about Meta Knight being OP in Brawl isn’t even true which he can still get his ass kicked anyway. Little Mac is full of bullshit, his basic attacks are too powerful, he has that BS KO meter only noobs (a lot of them) use and his counter that doesn’t flinch when hit even from behind or above is nonsense.

                  1. Actually, it’s not his counter. It’s his charge move that he still doesn’t flinch when someone hits him but everyone else gets hit so WTF makes him special to bend that logic?

                        1. Play him against arial characters, you won’t think he’s do OP afterwards. As a matter of fact, he’s down right useless.

                        2. My GOD this is getting tiresome…I’m checking this site daily for the possibility of shit like “new metroid game announced” or “new sonic game (that isn’t complete dogshit) rumoured”…not more shitty amiibo trash! I really hate how Nintendo makes me wait ages for games I actually give a shit about…:(

                        3. I don’t bother with Pokemon toys or cards since I have enough of my hands full trying to collect the Pokemon on the fucking games, but I’ll give this Mewtwo amiibo a pass because Mewtwo is one of my most favorite Pokemon. I just hope I can actually get the damn thing.

                        4. They’ll all be gone by now and reappear on amazon etc at disgustingly inflated prices courtesy of filthy scalpers.

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