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Video: Metroid Game Pitched By MercurySteam But Likely Turned Down By Nintendo

MercurySteam, the developers behind the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series, was apparently working on a Metroid prototype for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The company pitched the idea to Nintendo, but it sounds as though it was ultimately turned down. MercurySteam’s game was described as a first person game set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi environment.

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210 thoughts on “Video: Metroid Game Pitched By MercurySteam But Likely Turned Down By Nintendo”

      1. Careful you guys. He’s also the one who complain about the common section here on his twitter account. Is also the reason why NE is becoming strict about this negative feedback.

          1. Seriously? You’re that easily manipulated? For all we know, Nintendo might have seen that Unseen64’s information was leaked, saw the feedback, and decided to change their mind. Also, for all we know, he could have made it up. Also, for all we know, Unseen64 might have gotten a false leak so that we would discredit him, like in those old movies where everybody loses trust in one person because something weird happens that was actually manipulated by somebody else against his favor.

        1. And Many of us don’t give a fuck about how Nintendo feels or what they think. They keep making promises they can’t keep and abandoned their long-standing fanbase so they can cater to the new casual fanbase.

          Nintendo can cry and threaten all they want. I don’t work for them thank God.

    1. Considering what they did to Castlevania, I couldn’t be happier that never happened. I would hate to see another of my favorite franchises ruined by the same company.

    2. And, once again, no physical proof with claims given from secondhand info. Oh, and of course it comes from Tamaki with no official endorsement from Unseen64. My guess is that if this rumor IS true, Nintendo took one look at that, remembered MercurySteam were the hacks that made Castlevania into a pile of mediocrity and could not hit that “HELL NO!” button fast enough.

    3. sickr!!! Are you really going to continue to post stuff this guy publishes? Even after he removed his Devil`s third video.. Half what he says is pure fiction.

      1. Wow… You discredit people fairly easily… Have you ever thought that he may have been manipulated to discredit himself? By a false source, red herring or even by Nintendo changing their minds? That’s why Tamaki is interesting to follow: he posts information as he gets it rather than wait for the proof that may never come. You of course should question what he has to say, but you should also question how he’s being discredited. Why the heck would anybody say something as farfetched as “NoA isn’t publishing Devil’s Third” when, if it is fake, would or can be discredited rather quickly? And why would Nintendo confirm that are indeed publishing Devil’s Third a few days after? Did they hear the fan feedback and change their mind? Or was it a plan to discredit Tamaki and Unseen64 in general? Question things and don’t be manipulated to think what they want you to think.

        1. It also doesn’t help some of these people on here against Unseen64 are just Nintendo fanboys that think Nintendo is always telling the truth when half of the time they are feeding us lies. How many times has Reggie said next year won’t be a fucking game drought & we still fucking got one? And guess what. Some people will believe him again when he claims next year will be different.

    1. Have you ever heard of Lord of Shadow’s reputation? if Mercury Steam would have done this game it would have been the same story and we already have Other M for mixed bag, lets not add another one.

  1. I mean Metriod is a pretty big franchise for them and it makes sense for them to not give it to just some random company wanting to make a Metriod game, while Federation Force might have not been what people wanted I can guarantee it will play well simply because Next Level games is making it

        1. Same shit. Both are unknown to deliver for better or worse in there own ways. Remember Sega handing Sonic to a studio founded by the critically acclaimed vets of Naughty Dog? Look at how that turned out. Even a so called “great” devs can fuck up something so delicate.

          1. Retro was unknown but their developers where not.Retro has a lot of people from akklaim turok team and a lot from Rare. The only unknown thing was the company name.

            1. That was 1999 when they were founded which was before Rare died by Microsoft’s greedy hands. Maybe it was founded by some retired Rare employees before they went straight to M$ hell.

      1. More people know that their games weren’t that good, and Retro had already made a prototype that was liked by Myiamoto, who was the one to want to make it a Metroid game.

      2. True, but these guys are actually known, and not for making great games. I guess it’s a good thing that this project didn’t come fruition.

  2. It looks promising, but considering the fact that Nintendo is working on another Metroid Prime game right now, it seems unlikely that it will be picked up by Nintendo.

        1. Yes. Nintendo is NOT working on a Metroid. Metroid producer (i think it was) said if they decide to make one, it will be on the next console.

          People need to make up shit to feel better about Nintendo these days.

              1. I agree. And im not even saddened by it anymore. Nintendo needs strong winds of change through those sails.

          1. and you really think games are not under development for the next system?
            They’ll launch NX and games will come 4 years after?

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>That dreaded hunter doesn’t know what she’s up against this time, nobody will find it>>>

        1. 1.- Is on the works, it may be by the time of the NX, but is in the works.

          2.- The game would have very likely ended up like Other M but Gameplay-wise instead of story wise, do you really want that?

          1. 1. What proof is there that one is “in the works”? I do hope you’re not pathetically referring to that article on how Tanabe said that, if they started working on a prime 4, it would take around 3 years, likely ending up on the NX. He IN NO WAY said that they WERE or ARE working on another one-just stating how long it would take. Unless I’m missing some critical information, you’re dead wrong!

            2. I’d take any metroid game over nothing. Yes, federation force looks like dogshit, but at least it’s something (though it’s nowhere close to satisfactory)!

              1. What makes U say that…ya modern Moran!! (I hope you get the reference)…and yes, sonic bewm is like my shit taking a shit!

                1. But “it’s better than nothing”, right? Even if it is almost unplayable like Sonic ’06. I tried Boom once. It crashed… twice… I promptly returned it.

                  1. I highly doubt this potential metroid game would be as shit as sonic 06 and boom. And hey, at least you gor something to laugh at with those two pieces of dogshit!

                  2. I played the demo of boom with no issues. I am thinking about buying it. I know there are glitches. Miiverse shows me that but I have to play it. Demo was fun.

                1. But did you have fun playing it? From miiverse some of the post speak of how fun it is even with their glitch showing post.

            1. I’d rather have nothing. Look what Sonic fans got when they said they’d rather have a Sonic game than nothing at all. Sonic Glitch, I mean, Sonic Boom.

          2. No. Not in the works. They said IF the devs decide to make one, it would likely be on the NX….IF.

            If Nintendo was working on a Console Metroid, they’d have said something, and the Metroid fans would be less caustic.

          3. Not exactly. Team Ninja is more known for boobies and lame ass storytelling so it was mostly Nintendo fault with Other M’s embarrassment. Castlevania came from Metroid’s inspiration gameplay wise so it could’ve worked. Story wise, not so sure but it certainly won’t make Samus look and sound like a whiny bitch with daddy issues.

            1. I bet they wanted to go even darker with Metroid & Nintendo was all “NO! We want to go with kiddy, casual bullshit instead, so we picked up Next Level Games’ Metroid prototype instead! Now take your mature Metroid game & go fuck yourselves!”

        1. Would you rather have nothing? Don’t get me wrong, other m is pure dogshit but at least it was SOMETHING!!!

          1. Nintendo is making Metroid games as we speak! God, you please are annoying. We don’t know the whole details of the game or how it was pitched.

            1. And what proof do you have that they’re “making metroid games as we speak”? Unless you’re referring to that garbage federation force, I highly doubt you’ll be able to provide even a shred of evidence suggesting otherwise!

              1. He probably does mean that dogshit of a so called Metroid game. If so, he’s probably one of the idiots defending Nintendo’s decision with Chibi Metroid: Shit Force. … I could be wrong, though.

          2. We already have Federation Force made by the studio whose last game was Luigi’s Mansion 2, which was good to great.

            1. Doesn’t matter if the team is good (or even federation force for that matter). Little ninbaby, one day you’ll understand that metroid fans have been waiting ages for another exploration-based instalment…not some fucking kiddy shooter! Maybe if your eyes weren’t blinded by nintendo’s cum you’d realise these facts!

            2. Federation Force, unless it drastically changes graphic/style completely and has a stable storytelling that actually connects the series instead of just being one glorified space soccer game, it’s a POS.

              1. The only art style I don’t like that much (but I like it a little) is the one of the federation soldiers. We know nothing about the story, only that it will be some sort of prologue for Prime 4. Which I like. I always wanted a co-op Metroid Prime game. This is my wish come true. Of course, we haven’t seen that much exploration, but there might be something. About the atmosphere, you can’t make it THAT isolated in a spin-off that focuses on a group of soldiers. But The Legend of Zelda managed to have a darker atmosphere in pretty much every game. So it is not imposible for this game, either. After I played Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS, I think that the multiplayer from that game looks similar to this one, but the multiplayer being used in the single-player misions. And that would be great! And you can play without your friends. In this way, you don’t see the troopers. Just a HUD that resembles Metroid Prime very good. I am excited for this game. I was hoping for this kind of game ever since I saw the federation soldiers for the first time. (But it was just a story that followed Samus as a Federation soldier and having help from the Federation. Pretty close, though)

          1. Did they do Mirror of Fate? Because I really liked that game and could totally see a metroid along that, I don’t know, Like you said.

            I REALLY enjoyed Mirror of fate…is that same or different devs? I could totally see a 3D / 2D metroid game for the N3DS in that style. Hell ANY style besides what they chose…ugh.. God..

        1. We’re upset because would could’ve gotten a better, different Metroid game but Nintendo is feeding us casualized garbage that looks like a tact-on F2P mobile phone game from Gameloft that from 2008.

          1. Or a fucking game that was originally being made as a Streetpass Mii Plaza game but got past that stage into a full fledged game because some retard at Nintendo liked the casual atmosphere too much.

      1. I say we dodged a bullet, i now people get upset erading nintendo rejecting pitches for games like metroid but come on now, castlevania lords of shadow? That’s a guaranteed other M all over again. They completely made the series non cannon with lords of shadow.

      2. MercurySteam … Castlevania: Lords of Shadow …. Post Apocalyptic… I think I will go with… good that this game was not accepted.

      3. I gotta say it looks good but Other M also did. I doubt they wanna repeat what happened with Other M. Maybe Nintendo turned them down cause they wanted Retro Studios to make the home console Metroid.

      4. Quick question, am I the only one who doesn’t want another 1st person Metroid?
        I think 3rd person is the way to go if you truly want to capture the roots of metroid with a z-axis. The 2D Metroid had exploration and shooting but they also played much a like a platformer. First person keeps the the first two, but diminishes any fun platforming.

            1. I fucking loved the Metroid Prime Trilogy but even I am tired of 1st person. Sadly going 3rd person with a 3D Metroid is how I was lured into getting Other M. :/ If Other M ruined future Metroid games from going into 3rd person 3D, fuck you, Nintendo, for being idiots & thinking the problem with Other M was the fucking 3rd person view!

              1. If Metroid Other M wasn’t so shitty, contradicting and shorter than Fusion as most say, it would’ve been a decent game WITH Prime’s FPS mode that’s always optional AND should allow movement. That kind of shit works with RE for tension but that game makes no sense for not allowing playing to move in FPS mode.

                1. I think if the game had actually explained why Samus’ broke down when she came face to face with Ridley later on, I don’t think people would have reacted so harshly to that scene as they all did. Hell! Some instances of her questioning her past actions or maybe freezing for a split second at other instances might have lessened the blow when she finally went full panic mode when facing a clone of Ridley. But did we get any of that? Hell no! It’s bad storytelling to have someone have a panic attack when faced against something she’s dealt with countless times before without an in-story explanation.

                  1. I don’t think there wouldn’t be any excuse to define Samus’s BS mental breakdown of facing her nemesis for the ten billionth time except that if Other M took place AFTER Metroid/Zero Mission thinking she killed him and he comes back somehow, she may have that excuse to be surprised. Otherwise, there’s no excuse at all. Since it’s all improperly timed, fans will have a negative reaction because she’s been through so much and faced Ridley numerous times that her PTSD makes no sense.

                    1. Not exactly. When you’re constantly bombarded by stuff that weighs down your mind, you’re more open to falling into panic mode & something you’ve faced countless times before can easily set you off into panic because you’re mind has already taken a heavy beating as it is. Samus is human after all & even she has her mental limits. Imagine if the entire GF team in Other M was comprised of people Samus cared about & they each were killed off one by one as they were in the game, that would have taken a toll on Samus’ psyche & opened her up to exposing herself to something that could break her down mentally. Remember in MP3: Corruption when Samus had a moment of looking back on the hunters that lost their lives in the game, she was obviously upset over their deaths. Now imagine if that had occurred in Other M but the mission wasn’t over & she was still fighting enemies & one of them just so happened to be Ridley who should have actually been dead once & for all this time shows up for the first time in the mission. Of course this would be after she lost even more comrades during the mission. Hell… Samus should have came face to face with Ridley in that game AFTER Adam died since she was pretty upset over his death. So many things Sakamoto could have done to make Samus’ break down more logical but nope. The pacing & the shortness of the game & the lack of in-story content showing Samus’ mental state getting weaker ruined what could have been an awesome scene between her & Ridley when she panicked. We need a remake of Other M & one that doesn’t paint Adam in such a negative light since Fusion gave us the impression he was a great man.

        1. No you are not I’m really getting tired of this Prime shit they just keep shoving down our throats. Who the fuck wants to play a god damn Prime game on 3ds? Nintendo better stop fooling around and get Sakamoto and his 2d Metroid team on a side scrolling Metroid now! No more bullshit, no more third parties, make the fucking game yourselves Nintendo!

        2. Yeah cause metroid other m really nailed the fun platforming *sarcasm*. But really though, Wtf metroid games are you playing? Never NEVER have they had strong platforming aspects. It is about the exploration. Same difference in first or third person. I’d much rather have 1st person to experience the boss fights and be able to look at the alien environments close up.

          BTW, the prime games would go 3rd person for morph ball mazes and screw attack platforming. Screw attack wasn’t impressive. But I can confidently say the morph ball platforming/boosting was much more “platform” than any of the 2d games

          1. Have you played the 2d games cause Prime having much more platforming is a large misconception. Prime was a Zelda shooter wanna be, all Prime games suck ass compared to their 2d counter parts and you better not dare argue about it Prime fanboy, this is a fact. One more thing just before you try don’t mention Other M it sucks and I never said anything about it.

          2. Yes because the problem with Other M was the 3rd person view. *rolls eyes* I bet this is what some fucking idiot at Nintendo thought when Other M failed. “Oh it must have been the 3rd person view! Well let’s try kiddy, casual bullshit first! If that fails, we’ll go back to what the Prime series did great!”

            1. I agree it’s very sad that Nintendo doesn’t know what to do with the mainline franchise. I feel the ptsd made since but it wasn’t explained, in the first game after defeating Ridley, Samus didn’t check to see if he was dead. In Prime Samus saw Ridley in a weakened cybernetic state. Samus was angry that she didn’t finish the job the first time. All of the other appearance of Ridley Samus never saw what happened to Ridley so she knew he had survived. In Super Metroid Samus had finally killed Ridley for the first time. In Super when Ridley dies his body blows to pieces and his body parts fall in different places before the sprite disappears. So in Other M Samus didn’t expect Ridly to return 100% like nothing happened. It was like a never ending nightmare for Samus.
              Also before anyone says the Prime games are not canon, Sakamoto never said that, he said they are canon and part of the timeline but they’re side stories that don’t interfere with the main series.

              Yoshio Sakamoto:”Nearly everybody has asked about the Prime series, WHICH ARE PART OF THE METROID TIMELINE, but are completely different”.

              1. That’s always been my stance on the matter, as well. Super Metroid was the first time we knew for a fact that Ridley was actually dead. Other M’s problem was it didn’t give any hints to the event that would come later when she faced Ridley. Sakamoto did good with Fusion’s story but for some reason failed when it came time to give Other M a story.

                1. I think it failed due to him having to leave his office in Kyoto to go to Tokyo to Team Ninja through train. He was also working with the CGI team D-Rockets on the story so the main problem was he was working with too many teams and speaking with his own personal team (SPD) in Kyoto through email, it was a mess.

      5. Galactus The Planet Devourer

        Nintendo thought blast ball federation force was way better! Wow. Nintendo is done. They lost me as a fan.

          1. well, blast ball is just for the 3ds and it’s not a main story type of game. They turned this down because Metroid Prime 4 is already in the works.

              1. Oh yeah, you’re right sorry. Kensuke Tanabe had ideas for a new Metroid Prime game but he was never able to get a team to make it . Still it could be made someday.


      7. do we have to send a how to video to nintendo so they know how to make metroid.

        1 make a world
        2 add in doors
        3 add in items
        4 add in obstacles
        5 add in enemies
        6 add cool bosses
        7 make kenji yamamoto make some songs.

        and you pretty much now have the skeleton for a metroid game :P

        1. 8 no kiddy or casual bullshit artstyles
          9 Samus must have a very good reason for breaking down & having a panic attack IN-GAME instead of leaving the explanation of why she had a panic attack to our imaginations

      8. Thank fucking GOD.

        I want a new Metroid game so bad it burns, but I’d rather not have Metroid: Lord of Shadows. Those games SUCKED ASS.

      9. Lol metroid fucking sucks dick, yay tedious backtracking, a shitty fanbase, litterally the same fucking bosses over and over its sad because even mario innovates with enemys more

        1. I bet you haven’t even played a Metroid game. It’s clear, because you don’t even know the first thing about a Metroid game.

          1. Lol thats your argument? Metroid 1 had no fucking map and was so damn boring, metroid 2 had that shitty spiderball ability, metroid prime had horendous back tracking, same with prime 2 prime 3 had shitty motion controls

            1. really? out of all of those, ridley is the only one that has reoccurred the most. Kraid and mother Brain were only in two games (zero mission being a remake of the first one.) Might want to look up some of the other bosses that have been in Metroid games like Thardus and the Emperor Ing, then come back to me. ;)

        1. So you’ve played Federation Force? Unlike everybody else on the internet, I am going to wait until I see more of the game, before criticizing it. Admit it, the only reason you people are criticizing Federation Force so much, is ONLY because it has the Metroid name in it.

          1. I’m pretty sure most metroid fans hate it because they wanted an actual exploration based plat former…aka a metroid game. Waiting 5 years after other m…only to be shat on by fed force!

            1. Thank you Anonymous, for not being a complete tool, unlike Stranga, while giving your response. Again, I see that Metroid fans have waited 5 years for a new Metroid game and even longer than that for a good Metroid game, but Federation Force is a spin off and (in my opinion,) should be treated like one. And yes, I know that really doesn’t help my point out that much, but hey, when the person I reply to, makes a really good point, there isn’t anything I can really do. But then again, maybe Metroid fans are super angry BECAUSE it’s a Spin Off.

          2. And it’s not because it has Metroid’s name on it your dumbass cunt. It’s because it’s NOT METROID and also, it even looks like crap on the 3DS which even the original can produce better graphics than that shit.

            1. “And it’s not because it has Metroid’s name on it your dumbass cunt. It’s because it’s NOT METROID” Would it not being Metroid and the fact that it has the Metroid name, go hand in hand? Also, based on that, you just proved who the real dumbass is.

                  1. That’s because I didn’t notice the name until I just looked at it. Now, STFU and back off while weeping over a passed man that has no relations or concern about you whatsoever.

                      1. Says the little bitch who disappeared for 2 weeks after I already silenced his ass from the last argument involving his failed “nice guy” act and whining over a dead man, WITH NO RELATIONS, whom I have never spoken of.

                        1. That’s funny, because I went no where. You like to feel like you are so great, well, it’s clear that your age, for surpasses your intelligence. But who am I arguing with, a guy with the biggest Ego I have ever seen? A complete dumbfuck that is blinded by his own belief? Or a guy that loves to kiss his own ass?

                1. Have I not already myself clear to your fucking ass about saying another word to me? All because of some fake ass wrestling entertainment star passing away whom which I have never even directly mentioned about at all. Do this universe a favor: Go away, stay away and go cry about him some more for all I care.

                  1. What the heck does that have to do with anything. Clearly, you are desperate to prove yourself as right. So desperate in fact, that you bring up something that is irrelevant to the conversation and something I brought up 1 time, 2 weeks ago. Try again kid.

                          1. Look at you, bringing up things from 2 weeks ago. Bet your parents are really proud of you. Clearly they dropped you on your head when you were a baby, because you are clearly lacking in any intelligence, whatsoever.

                              1. Want to know what? I want to end this pointless and idiotic arguement that is killing both of our brain cells. At the rate we are going, this arguement will continue for ages and I don’t have the time to waste on the likes of you, because it seems like, unlike you, I actually work and in September, I am going to University, so I will have less time.

                            1. What is your problem, I’m here trying to end this ridiculous arguement and here you are, trying to continue it. I beg of you, please, let’s end this here.

                              1. And there you go again. -_-

                                And my “problem” is that everybody here wanna grow a fit for every disagreement and criticism I speak even if there’s obvious and right.

                                You wanna end it? Fine. But stop pretending that you give a damn about me and trying get on my good side after already opening your mouth on occasions before.

                                1. I’m not trying to get on your good side, I couldn’t care less if we are O.K with each other, or despise each other. I have other things to do, than to arguy with somebody that I don’t know personally. I have a life away from the Internet, that’s why I wanted to end the arguement.

                    1. You’re right, people wouldn’t hate it if it didn’t have the metroid name. Because people wouldn’t give two shits about it, they would immediately dismiss it and move on with life. The graphics are shit, the animation is shit, the character design is shit. It is probably the worst handheld game by a major company I have ever seen.

                2. Course Nintendo shut it down. Don’t need two Metroid games on Wii U lol. Retro is already working on Metroid Wii U.

                3. A post apocalyptic Metroid game? Sounds something like Metroid 5: Dread souls follow and not one Metroid game did something like that. Desolate planet? Yes. Post Apocalypse? No, Metroid hasn’t done it yet. Prime 3 is more of a conflict type of storyline.

                4. So when the fuck are we getting a 2d side scrolling Metroid game for 3ds, you know a real Metroid game. I’m tired of constantly keep getting these fps games with story. Just put me on a Chozo planet have me explore, make me feel isolated, and put the emphasis on the environments not the story.

                5. Why do so many games try to be “post apocalyptic”? It’s getting pretty old. How about something more original instead?

                  This dev team made nothing but crap games imo, so it’s probably good it got turned down if it just looked like more crap (assuming this is even real, and assuming it was even turned down). Other M was bad enough, we don’t need another 3rd party crappifying Metroid. Federation Force, despite being much different than Metroid (and probably shouldn’t be called that at all), at least looks like a solid enough game. Those Lords of Shadow games were utter crap.

                6. Fake. Think about it:

                  -Site runs ads
                  -Sites gets ad views by posting “leaks”
                  -Site spews out information -without- any confirmed sources or so much as a screen shot

                  And, why would SO MANY people/companies come to one site, Unseen64, to give info like this?

                  It doesn’t add up, that’s all. I’m not calling the guy a lair, but it’s really far fetched.

                  1. Let’s not forget that thing about Nintendo not publishing Devil’s Third, Tamaki (Unseen64) is a hack. While I wish Sakamoto and his 2d Metroid team would work on Metroid Fusion’s sequel instead of getting Tanabe’s FF I’m glad we didn’t get Mercury Steam’s shit.

                    1. Ninty was possibly going to have the game go through a publisher who knows it could have been their original plan or they could have always been publishing the game themselves

                    2. I guess you don’t find it suspicious that Nintendo of America didn’t tell us about them localizing the game til AFTER Unseen64’s video & the backlash they got from said video. I do so I won’t call Unseen64 a hack as he could have easily been right. Maybe if they had actually showed Devil’s Third in the E3 Digital Event video, which was before Unseen64’s video, then maybe some of us would not have actually believed Unseen64.

                7. While I most likely wouldn’t have played it (don’t like 1st-person style games), I would have been curious to see what it looked like.

                  Lords of Shadow had a pretty good art style and production values. The only reason it was mostly hated was by long-time Castlevania fans who didn’t like the genre change. To others, it was an okay to good game.

                8. I thought I would never say this but I am starting to hate Nintendo I like there games but has a game company not so much just a bunch of greedy assholes like any other game company since the president of Nintendo passed away they been making dumb decisions like firing that guy from Nintendo treehouse and canceling this game what the fuck are you doing Nintendo get your head out of your ass you are digging your own graves

                9. So Nintendo cancels a pile of shit only to announce another pile of shit, bad logic. How about Nintendo stop fooling around and make a fucking 2d Metroid for 3ds. They can keep this Prime shit on Wii u and NX where they belong.

                10. Hm. One turd for another turd. I guess we won’t get a real Metroid game til the NX releases… unless Federation Force does so well some idiots at Nintendo think the game represents the entire Metroid fanbase & decides to make future Metroid titles in it’s filthy, disgusting image. In that scenario, neither the 2D Metroid fans or the 3D Metroid fans get what they really want out of Metroid & both are royally screwed.

                  1. I’ve been waiting for a 2d Metroid for a long time but I’m afraid that if FF doesn’t sell well Nintendo will somehow use that as an excuse to not make any more Metroids, need it be 2d or Prime and that will truly be a sad day.

                    1. No matter what choice we make, Nintendo could come up with a retarded conclusion as to why it did not sell or why it sold. I’d rather run the risk of never getting another Metroid than run the risk of Metroid getting turned into something I’d hate.

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