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Here’s A ZombiU And Zombi Visual Comparison

The folks over at Eurogamer have decided to take a look at Zombi which is essentially ZombiU for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The survival horror title doesn’t look hugely different except for the improved lighting and textures. One of the more notable changes includes the new field of view. This allows you to view more of the game world than before. For those gore fans out there, the revamped version of ZombiU also features more brutality than the original. You can check out the differences in the comparison video embedded, below.

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124 thoughts on “Here’s A ZombiU And Zombi Visual Comparison”

        1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

          Question why put a game on the opposing consoles if Ubisoft said they were dissapointed in sales? makes no sense

          1. Because they think it is the console they put it on, not the game… the bigger question might be, why wait so damn long since the window for sales is relatively small with most games… My thought is that there may have been some sort of licensing agreement between Ubi and Nintendo where Nintendo had exclusive rights for a limited amount of time, wherein after Ubisoft could do whatever with the title. Basically port it with minimal upgrades/changes and toss onto other systems at a low cost to try and get something out of it.

            1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

              i do agree with you but it seems like they are doing a crapcom tactic. Which is a pain in the ass if you ask me, what gets me thinking is why does Ubisoft think that it will do better if it sold poorly on the wii u? I do get your point though.

                  1. Also remember ZomiU was developed on old devkits basically version 3 out of 5 and the final devkit took a huge jump in power so wiiu could of made ZombiU look much better if it wasn’t a near release title but what is ps4’s excuse 3 years later ???? i think wiiu when used prop ie edram/ddr3 you get results far beyond ps4 and FastRacingNeo is utter proof made by about 5 guys if that imagine a team of 150 or 300 using the edram like Shinen wow the results would be incredible….

                    1. Tetris, they look like almost exactly the same… And what “other versions”, if we have only the PS4 version other than the Wii U one?

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>Nothing amuses me more than to see Xbot failures, even if I sometimes simulate some images of it>>>

                                    1. You’re pretty ignorant for a supposed alien… or robot… or whatever it is that you’re actually virtually cosplaying as

                                          1. Mr. Tertrarch, I’ve been a big fan of the way you defend Nintendo, way back in the day before you had this name you do now. I usually agree with most of what you say, however, as a fellow Nintendo enthusiast, I’m compelled to share my thoughts with you about something, with all due respect.

                                            I was like you in the beginning of this gen: “FUCK XBOX”, especially after they’re abysimal initial console showing. All sports? Really? Screw you Microsoft.

                                            To keep it short, my friends bought me an xbox one for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I must say, my opinion of them has done a complete 180 this gen. They are listening to their fans, and actually implementing most of those ideas into their system. They have some really really cool features, especially for windows users. I’m not saying Sony isn’t doing the same thing. I’m simply saying that Microsoft has began to come around, and is winning back the hearts of gamers, including mine.

                                            I will always have a Nintendo system and will always want a Sony, but as of this moment, my Xbox One is performing very admirably as my 2nd new console.

                                            I’m responding to you because I feel, in my opinion, that your comments about them are a little misguided now. I think we should be focusing our energies on Nintendo’s NeXt move and the shitty developers out there that try to screw us over wih lies and bad DLC. And also what great games are out there that we should be playing. It’s a great time to be a gamer atm.

                                            The consoles are good right now (in my opinion).

                                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                              >>>I might say I despise Xbots and Xboxes but the real reason to this is not because of gaming really, it’s what they do behind the scenes as an empire, and this does not only stretch to gaming only>>>

                                              >>>However your opinion is noted and I respect it unlike other’s who can’t speak civilised>>>

                                            2. Jtz from Gad tribe

                                              Yet Xbox is outselling the wii u because when Xbone was in R&D they thought and planned years ahead. Unlike Nintendo’s slightly more powerful than PS3 console.

                                            3. @swiceguy

                                              Couldn’t agree more. Microsoft have understood the meaning of fanservice. That makes all the difference.

                                              The XOne is a pretty good console, and has a great lineup of exclusives that worth the investment.

                                            4. @Tetris

                                              As a huge Metroid fan, you should try Halo — I guess you haven’t so far. Microsoft has great 1st party franchises and great 3rd party support. Also, Rare Replay is amazing, I don’t have words to describe it.

                                                1. Microsoft care more about profits than providing a quality gaming experience. Always has, always will. They also can’t come up with an original idea to save their life. They just buy other people’s ideas and then proceed to ruin them. They are a company painfully lacking in vision and originality, and they harbour a paternalistic disregard for their customers that leaves me feeling sick and violated every time I use one of their products. Yes, Nintendo wants to make money, too, but they do it by providing a quality gaming experience, whereas Micro$hit will actually sacrifice a quality gaming experience to make a profit. They take no pride in what they do, instead having only contempt for the common gamer. Nothing is value-added, you are gouged at every turn. I could go on and on. They only started even half-assing it when Sony started kicking their ass. Seriously. Fuck Microsoft. They are suck a fucking useless company. I may buy a PS4 one day, but never an Xbox One. If a viable alternative ever comes out for Windows OS, you can bet I will be abandoning that ship, too.

                                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                    >>>Everything you just said is exactly why I despise them, adding more things even>>>

                                                  2. @Noath

                                                    Where did you get your speech? In a garbage bin?

                                                    You should come up with something original, not a regular “fill the company name in” speech.

                                                    I think you’ve been living under a rock lately.

                                                  3. @Tetris

                                                    All you can say is “shut up, xbot”? You don’t even fuck*ng know me!

                                                    Your processors are really oudated, and your blindness exposes you everyday.

                                                    1. Jtz, all those years of R&D and the XBone’s controller is still utter shit. The console also looks like an overhyped VCR from the 1990s, trying to impress everyone long after DVDs had come to prominence, its size rivaled only by its overblown sense of self-importance. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into a product, if you haven’t got a clue, then it’s still going to come out shit.

                                                    2. @Noahth

                                                      “It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into a product, if you haven’t got a clue, then it’s still going to come out shit”

                                                      You speaking of the Wii U, right?

                                                    3. @Tetris

                                                      “Anyone who has an Xbox is irrelevant by default”

                                                      This is a nazi cosmovision. Really, a nazi way to see life and whatever. You sir need to undergo a serious maintenance.

                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                        >>>Except the nazis are the Xbots since they are the ones that wants and already does violate several laws>>>

                                                      2. @Noahth

                                                        Right, being called a “fanboy” is music for your ears.

                                                        Great, great.

                                                        From now on, talk to my hand, please.

                                                      3. Rootgamer, I am not blind to the Wii U’s flaws. Nintendo is a stubborn company that thinks it can just tell gamers what to like and that they will go along merrily. They don’t listen to their core fanbase, and I was so disheartened after the last E3 that even I questioned whether or not I would buy the upcoming NX. That said, the Wii U is far from a shit console. Nobody argues that the Wii U, including the gamepad, isn’t well designed. It may not be what people asked for, but nobody denies that it is a quality piece of hardware, even if it isn’t cutting edge. The same care is put into their games. Take DKC Tropical Freeze for example. I think most of us wanted a Retro developed Metroid title instead of another entry into the Donkey Kong franchise, but nobody can deny that Tropical Freeze is a topnotch game with a lot of polish. Nintendo is admittedly a little misguided, but they aren’t the greedy, talentless hacks that Microsoft are.

                                                      4. I assure you, I would hate Microsoft whether or not I was a Nintendo fanboy, or even a gamer. I hate their corporate philosophy, which is reflected in all of their products.

                                                      5. Just a StarFox fan.


                                                        Dont mind what Tetris and that random dude Nohat or whatever says, XboxOne is great system and has great exclusives. Tetris is just some form of weeaboo who has acted like a robot for years here because thats his work of life LOL Anything what weeaboo says shouldnt be taken seriously because they are driven with the western hating agenda, they disrespect their own cultures in favor of eastern one because after seeing one anime show like YuGiOh! They feel like they are part of it or some shit like that. You gotta understand what Tetris is going through, let him live his fantasy and dont bother with it, makes it easier for you.

                                                        Nohat is probably is just salted that he bought some cheap chinese knock off version of Xbox.

                                                        1. @Tetris

                                                          “Except the nazis are the Xbots…”

                                                          Please go through a maintenance. Really, that is plain stupid!

                                                        2. @Noahth

                                                          “Nintendo (…) they aren’t the greedy, talentless hacks that Microsoft are”

                                                          You’re aware of the Pranger Gate, right?

                                                          Having said that, I didn’t say that the Wii U is a piece of sh*t in this thread. Please take a look at my comments. What annoys me is the fanboysm which make people blind and act like they were part of the company they support.

                                                        3. Just a StarFox fan.

                                                          “>>>Another irrelevant Xbot, a racist too confirmed>>>”

                                                          That was a reply to me? LOL Im not racist, i dont choose sides between west and east like you weeaboos do. I appreciate both, besides wtf are you? You always talk about destroying humans and Xbots.

                                                          Besides i dont even have One, the only 8th gen system i have is WiiU. And the fact you refer Xbox and their fanbase to Nazi´s shows how fucking ignorant you are, great job.

                                                        4. @Star Fox Fan

                                                          Yeah, people should get over this shitty console wars. I’m tired of seeing people There is no winner from this stupid “war”. Fanboysm is a horrid thing, and makes people miss great and novel things.

                                                        5. Rootgamer: Although you didn’t explicitly state that the Wii U was shit, you heavily implied it. You asked me if I meant the Wii U when I clearly referred to the Xbone as shit console.

                                                          Yes, I am aware of what you term “Pranger Gate”. I think firing him was harsh, but it isn’t not suggestive of them being greedy or talentless as I have accused Microsoft of being.

                                                          Call me a fanboy if you want. I honestly don’t fucking care. I’m not trying to impress anyone with my gaming habits or preferences. I hate Microsoft because I really fucking hate Microsoft, not because I like Nintendo. This isn’t some tribal bullshit. I owned a 360 once upon a time, and I just really came to loathe the damn thing for a multitude of reasons.

                                                          Do some research on the history of the company. They are not all that consumer-friendly. It’s actually funny, at one point their image was so bad that Hollywood actually started making movies about how evil they were:

                                                          1. Sorry, I meant “smoothly”… But I indeed have a XOne now, and I don’t regret buying it.

                                                              1. Yeah it wasnt that much more. That was nice of Ubisoft not to put the 1gb slightly more powerful than PS3 console to shame.

                                                                1. Ps4 has 178GB of bandwidth ram on gpu…
                                                                  Xbox one has 170GB of bandwidth ram on gpu…
                                                                  WiiU has 563.2 GB at minimum when using edram with ddr3 google it….

                                                                  At the end of the day the wiiu did this game with old devkits basically less powerful then today and from devs that no matter what wouldn’t of put 100% effort into graphics on a wiiu game because this is the mind set from big 3rd party devs on Nintendo platforms they never go all out on graphics for Nintendo gamers yet it still looks exactly the same as ps4 version 3 years later and we know on ps4 ubi would of done everything they could to out do the wiiu version and it just looks the same ?? the creases in clothes on ps4 are not present and the atmosphere is gone on ps4,the ps4 is brighter that’s it ???

                                                              2. PS4 looks better. The Wii U will look better to anyone who is a Nintendo fan. That’s why they have a wiiu in the first place. Hah.

                                                                1. ZombiU is done on old devkits and it still looks better sorry….just like Watchdogs getting delayed because ps4 version was getting extra treatment on graphics yet upon release it looked a mess with half the character models looking ps2 era ???? there has been so much proof of wiiu having superior graphics it’s untrue,notice how the games that got canned early on in wiiu’s life were games like Crysis at 720p native in equivalent graphics to high setting on pc,same with Aliens that was being said to outdo the pc version yet it got canned ??? all i see is games that would of looked too good on wiiu got canned so the weak x86 consoles could look good….didn’t a game like FastRacing on ps4/xbox1 get canned recently because FastRacingNeo made it look like a ps2 game….WiiU when used is BEST.

                                                              3. Pretty much on par. The PS4 version has a slightly better lighting, but that’s all.

                                                                Lazy port by Ubi, they could have gone farther. Probably XOne and PS4 version will flop.

                                                                1. Not that I’m calling you one but now PS4 and Xbox One fanboys will see what it feels like to be treated like second class citizens by these 3rd party companies when it comes to games being lazily developed and poorly optimized. It’s kinda these fanboys’s fault since the primary things they look for in a game is maturity, graphics and higher resolutions

                                                                  1. The funny thing is Ubisoft was already treating these guys as second class citizens because even though they are getting games from Ubi, they are getting glitched games. Ubisoft is fucking everyone in the ass without a thank you reach around & most of them don’t even realize it.

                                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                        >>>Bayonetta 2 is better than everything the Electrons and Ubisians have spit out the last 5 years at least>>>

                                                                        1. The first and second Assassins Creed games were good. Mass Effect and Dead Space are good franchises as well.

                                                                          But I agree that Bayonetta 2 is a masterpiece. It is a pity that the Wii U does not have more unforgetable games like that.

                                                                          1. I have the impression that PS4 and XOne fans will not be interested in Zombi to begin with. But I agree on being treated like a 2nd class citizen. We, Wii U owners, know that better than anyone.

                                                                        2. I really don’t see much difference between them. I would have expect much details on the PS4 version. It kind of show you that ubisoft did just a port and not improvement on that game. Now if I am a owner of a Wii U and a PS4 I would not buy the game if I already have a wii U copy.

                                                                          I know the gamepad is hated but the experience with the gamepad is way better. It’s kind of a paradoxe cause ubisoft used the gamepad very well in that game.

                                                                        3. Why make the game a bit lighter on the ps4. The game supposed to be dark. And where was the particale/dust effects after falling down the chute on the ps4 version???

                                                                        4. This game is great and was never about fancy visuals, there’s no need to improve the graphics. It’s great that more people get to play it.

                                                                          1. No it was a very easy and mediocre game. No story, repetitive gameplay that you could cheese through with the cricket bat 80% of the time, meh graphics, weak “inovation” (you respawn like in any game, but you have a different skin now, ooh!). Ps4 and xbox1 versions are rated lower + Nintendo fanboys always defend the game = Nintendo owners have lower standards because they have so few good games to play.

                                                                            1. WiiU has the best games by far to play,ps4 ect have too many ports ect…there basically multiplat machines just like pc quantity over quality….that new horror game for wiiu/ps4 looks ace…

                                                                            1. Brighter lighting not better wiiu’s lighting is better ie more effects…learn the difference between better and brighter,brighter is achieved by simply turning brightness up while in development basically because they couldnt match wiiu’s effects so made it brighter to con you idiots…

                                                                          2. The Wii U has better lighting in my opinion in terms of atmosphere. The lighting is much more darker and seems to have a better contrast and range compared to the ps4 because the ps4 is definitely brighter and also looks a bit more washed out. Yes some of the textures do look slightly and I mean slightly better on ps4 but it’s hard to honestly tell. The only difference really is the lighting and the fact the ps4 doesn’t have the dust, which was there for the camera like effect because of the game pad acting like a camera in a sense, which the ps4 doesn’t have. So honestly, people saying that the ps4 version looks better than the Wii U version, honestly that’s not true because there’s barely any difference.

                                                                              1. agreed. Differences are so subtle that they don´t change the experience dramatically….. what really changes the experience (in a bad way) is the lack of the Gamepad

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                                                                            2. SammyClassicSonicFan

                                                                              Is it weird that the Wii U version has better graphics than the PS4 version?

                                                                              Wow… Wii U is more powerful than PS4 Confirmed!

                                                                            3. BUNCH OF SONY FANBOYS THE GAME DIDNT PUSH WIIU AT ALL SO WHYNUSE IT AS SOME KIND OF FAN BAIT IN THE FIRST PLACE

                                                                              IT WAS RUSHED IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS ON A TINY BUDGET AND HAD LOW POLYGON COUNTS

                                                                              IT ONLY SHOWS ONE THING UBISOFT ARE LYING ABOUT WIIUS POWER AND ABILITY TO RUN ASASSINS CREED ETC

                                                                              WIIU CAN RUN ANY GAME ON PS4 THERE IS NO GRAPHICS WAR HASNT BEEN FOR TWO GENS WE HAVE REACHED SATURATION POINT

                                                                              IT LOOKS NEAR IDENTICAL ON BOTH SYSTEMS AS WOULD ANY GAME UBISOFT PORT FROM PS4 TO WIIU OR VISA VERSA


                                                                              WIIU CAN DO MORE THAN DOUBLE THE TEXTURES OF X360 WITH HALF THE RAM DUE TO HARDWARE VIRTUAL TEXTURING AND HUGE EDRAM TEXTURE CATCH

                                                                              ITS A GAMECUBE LIKE TRICK OF TEXTURE EFFICENCY

                                                                              LOL THIS PROVES NOTHING BUT ONE THING

                                                                              EVERY THIRD PARTY GAME IS PORTABLE TO WII U NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

                                                                              BUT ONLY WIIU HAS GAMEPAD GYRO AND WII REMOTES

                                                                              CLEARLY THE ONLY NEXT GEN SYSTEM IN EXISTENCE DUALSHOCK IS NOT NEXT GEN SECOND ANOLOG STICK AIMING IS NOT NEXT GEN

                                                                              1. Oh please i hard those words before like the last 2 years about Wii U’s . Wii U’s just slighty more powerful than 360. Thats why they moving to the NX. Wii u is weak, slow and stupid.

                                                                              2. Tou actually defending Wiimotes? If thats the case why Ps4 at 24million and wii u barely above 10 million? Obviously people dont wont remotes. They want power. And they should had THOUGHT about that when Project Café was in R&D in 2008. But for some stupid reason they wanted to give the console 1 gig for the gaming and 1gig for the OS.

                                                                            4. The dirty. Camera Lens effect is missing, how do you screw that up, I don’t think they updated visuals at all, it’s just how the ps4 processes it, just like how textures look better for wii games on dolphin, but they never change anything

                                                                              1. wiiu has some custom shit

                                                                                lighting-textures-post processing are all upgraded overbthe usual standard way of doing them

                                                                                look at zombi u and mario kart 8 headlamps on karts in dark areas the lighting looks like a upgrade HD version of the custom lighting gamecube and wii used

                                                                                POST PROCESSING EFFECTS wiiu using edram for post processing ps4 has no edram

                                                                                its clear wiiu can do ps4 and ps4 can do wiiu level visuals ONLY THE WAY ITS DONE CHANGES

                                                                                wiiu has some fixed function effects advantage it isnt about GFLOPS its about actual in game abillitys

                                                                                wiiu like gamecube is capable of magical shit with out RAW GFLOPS

                                                                            5. close up textures are better on ps4 nothing more than a polish would fix that game doesnt push either console

                                                                              wiiu had in game midlevel loading breaks AGAIN THEY SHOULDNT BE THERE it was only a lazy quick dev cycle for wiiu release

                                                                            6. “IT ONLY SHOWS ONE THING UBISOFT ARE
                                                                              LYING ABOUT WIIUS POWER AND ABILITY
                                                                              TO RUN ASASSINS CREED ETC
                                                                              WIIU CAN RUN ANY GAME ON PS4 THERE
                                                                              IS NO GRAPHICS WAR HASNT BEEN FOR
                                                                              TWO GENS WE HAVE REACHED
                                                                              SATURATION POINT
                                                                              IT LOOKS NEAR IDENTICAL ON BOTH
                                                                              SYSTEMS AS WOULD ANY GAME UBISOFT
                                                                              PORT FROM PS4 TO WIIU OR VISA VERSA”

                                                                              yes tell them baby tell them NNX

                                                                              Wii U can run Uncharted 4,Projecto Cars,Infamous 2nd Son,All games on PS4.

                                                                              1. yes everyone of them

                                                                                just like ps2 ran every third party game gamecube and xbox could run better
                                                                                pretending otherwise
                                                                                is it hard to go from 1080 or 900p to 720p or 960×1080 and fit it into wiius edram and run it

                                                                                COD is on x360 and xbone WIIU IS CLOSER TO XBONE THAN 360 IN VISUAL SPLENDER

                                                                                pretending otherwise doesnt make it TRUE

                                                                                there is no game this gen thats a polished and sweet at 60frames as MARIO KART 8

                                                                                and shin’in are using 4k 8k textures on fast racing neo at 60fos 720p

                                                                                LOL wiiu cannot run it

                                                                                wii ran cod on a single cpu core @ 729mhz

                                                                                1. WiiU when used at max destroys xbone and ps4 the wiiu gets minimum 563.2 GB of bandwidth ram when using edram with ddr3 google it that’s more powerful graphics then ps4 by nearly 3 times as ps4 has 178GB…Zelda WiiU will destroy anything on ps4 and yes wiiu does post processing does ps4 ???

                                                                              2. Wow trolls are really defending the PS4 version don’t they? Even the Xbots are joining in… XD

                                                                                I know why Ubi made the game brighter… PS4kids and Xbots are afraid of the dark.

                                                                              3. The PS4 has slightly better textures and looking at the panning shots there, the PS4 is a bit smoother. Other than that, the Wii U version is far superior. It was built for that system alone and nothing else. I wonder if Ubisoft will add Vita support for the PS4 version in some way. I think it could work!

                                                                                1. vita ps4 connect is very laggy and streaming data from ps4 to vita isnt like wiiu

                                                                                  could benefit from vitas own horse power tho

                                                                                  1. funny how you say that. I’ve been complaining about the Vita connection for months and since I’ve moved my wifi box downstairs close to my games systems, I’ve had a great connection with ps4 to vita. seriously

                                                                                  2. Talk rubbish wiiu version is king and it’s by far not the best graphics on wiiu and the wiiu devkits got way way more powerful sinse that game got built on old kits and rushed out the door..

                                                                                2. I cant believe what im going to say but i actually prefer how it looks on nintendo’s wiiu… Its darker and eerier…

                                                                                3. They look about the same. If anything the Wii U version looks better because the darker lighting adds more suspense. And the lack of a gamepad makes the PS4 version less immersive. In the end the game was made for the Wii U and it should’ve stayed that way. These other versions are pointless.

                                                                                4. The Wii U version was technically a 360 game, it looked like a 360 game and ran like a typical 360 port, complete with judder-vision

                                                                                  The PS4 version version doesn’t look much better.

                                                                                  1. No it didn’t they compared the Zombis to other games and the models were of much higher pilygon counts then any res evil google it….ZombiU uses so many graphical effects that 360 just couldnt handle mate your blind with fanboyism…

                                                                                    360 did amazing looking games but it was without lots of effects that wiiu does on all games…and textures look at FASTRACINGNEO that game uses 8k textures basically movie quality and could of easily used them in ZombiU,ps4 only handles 2k textures in game….

                                                                                    1. Who is”they”? and which Resident evil games are you talking about. it all sounds very generalised.

                                                                                      Zombi U was ported from an old 360 concept and then added to, so obviously there will be a few “new effects” etc, but at it’s core it’s still a port. It still doesn’t disguise the fact that it was rushed to fuck and has issues resulting from this. Sorry if this upsets you (as it clearly does) but it’s there for all to see.

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