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Wii U System Update Out Now, Removes Nintendo TVii Icon

Say goodbye to the Nintendo TVii icon, as it is no longer displayed on the Wii U Menu and the Wii U GamePad controller’s HOME Button Menu – thanks to the latest system update for Wii U. In addition to removing the icon, update version 5.5.0 U also includes the usual “improvements to system stability and usability.” The Nintendo TVii service concluded on August 11.


77 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Out Now, Removes Nintendo TVii Icon”

    1. It actually feels faster now when i bot up my wiiu also that extra memory that is not freed from the memory so is actually and inprovement just like how the xbone would be more powerfull if it did not had kinect.

    2. Because why keep a feature that isn’t even being used to it’s full potential. Just scrap it from the console so it can have room for features that WILL be used to their fullest.

              1. TV app was great until they updated it the first time. After the update, I didn’t use it anymore. It was quicker than using the TV guide then it just became something I don’t want any part of.

                1. Oh I didn’t get on it till around the time I got my Mario Kart Bundle, the first update must’ve happen before then. It had so much potential but aside from when the Wii U was announced, they never really talked about it. I know a few people that didn’t even know what that app was for. Oh well, maybe next TV feature we get (be it Wii U or on NX) it’ll be better utilize and advertised.

                  1. Yeah, it was so great. I could just look through there and if nothing was on cable could pick something on Netflix or Hulu without changing the screen or going to those apps. It just played. I could see what episode of a show was coming up. Setting up your favorite show was quick and easy. Then they did an update which took all that ease of use away and then another update that made it worthless for me.

  1. I used it a couple time, usually during baseball/football games but I thought it was a cool feature. Sure, many people may not have used it but why discontinue it halfway through the console’s ‘supposed’ lifecycle?? Sign of the times or a sign of things to come?

  2. RIP TVii, I used you for a bit and had no idea how you worked.

    You know I love me some system stability and usability improvements, though. Nintendo knows me.

    1. You sound like you need a hug, the kind were crotches rub together.

      Hmmm any takers?
      Chris? Ingsmasher? Quadraxis? Rootgamer? Stranga? Torretz kids? Skeleton? XD

  3. Nintendo could release a patch to remove all shovelware from the Wii U.

    Oh, wait… It would remove 95% of the games from the system…

      1. Other than Bayonetta, MK8 and Hyrule Warriors (I’m talking about the exclusives here), what does the Wii U have?

        Only crapware and shitty indie titles.

        Please consider that delusion is a bad thing. Get over it!

        1. I resent the indies part. Shantae 3, Shovel Knight and soon Freedom Planet are good indie games that even outshines today’s big and bad HD games that’s mostly a $60 interactive movie.

          1. I get your point. But both Pirate’s Curse and Shovel Knight are technically not exclusives as they are available for other platforms.

            In time: I love those games.

            Freedom Planet…? Never heard about. But I’ll do some reserach.

            And, yeah, interactive movies sucks.

            1. I never said they’re exclusives fool. lol I know they’re not but I’m citing that there are some very good indie games to look for.

              Freedom Planet is like an indie’s take on Sonic but in terms of both games comparison, Freedom Planet is everything that Sonic should’ve been years ago. Great voice acting, story/dialog is well written, gameplay is solid and visuals are nostalgia goodness. The game is highly recommended.

      2. And can’t even sell more than its 3DS counterparts. Smash 4 3DS, MK7, DKC Returns 3D, even Mario 3D Land sold more than Wii U “sequels” and ports and that shouldn’t be happening. That’s the sad truth.

        1. Nintendo sadly relegated the Wii U to a secondary position. All goodness this generation were in the 3DS pipeline.

          I think it is due to the Japan market. It is not that big, but for some reason Nintendo takes it into too much account. Japanese are only playing on the go, and the mobile/handheld market is way strong there.

          1. And it’s why I quit. They’re still into that BS mobile mindset that they forgot that they’re serving other countries with different gaming tastes even though those gaming tastes are typical shooters and realism BS.

        2. Nintendo was stupid in allowing Smash bros. To be on 3Ds and have the same players for like $20 less. If they wanted smash on 3Ds they should have put Brawl on there. They could make money off Brawl and still not conflict with Wii U’s Smash Bros. But Nintendo is stupid so…..

    1. lol That’s kinda untrue because that’s exactly how Wii’s library was. WTF does Wii U have? No shovelware, no third party, hardly any “original” party games which most of them are becoming nothing but party games we’ve seen and tried already. Wii U only has like what? A few decent games which it’s playtime will be stopped and bored of shortly after, out of a few dozen crapped ports and remakes? Wii U has no shovelware because it’s got almost nothing. XP

    2. If they added more than 1gig to the OS they could put all the games on a temporary folder and get rid of the shovelware. Then put the games back. But for some stupid reason they thought 1gig was enough.

        1. That’s no excuse of Wii being super cheap WITH Backward compatibility and with Xbox One doing it, Sony no longer has a “cheaper price” excuse. The reason why it’s cheaper now is 1. PS4 and 2. PS3 flopped it first few years because of its ridiculous launch price.

          1. I’m not saying its an excuse, I’m just saying that the lost of BC on the PS3 made it a lot cheaper, mostly because of the hardware used… err removed. To say its OK for Nintendo to take away features because other companies have done it is asinine (I’m pointing at the guy you originally replied to). As worthless as some of them might be, some people buy consoles based on some features alone. Although I can’t really see anyone crying over the loss of TVii lol.

  4. Wow. Didn’t even added anything long has it been? More than a year and still no SD Card slot memory usage, no themes/wallpaper, no direct system friend messaging that Wii had, no direct Wii game booting via disc, NO COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE FROM GAMEPAD?! Wii U is a failure to me now.

      1. Will the wii u only has 1gb in the OS. What could they add? If they thought about more gigs to the OS when Project Café was in R&D then they could have added more features. But They were too stupid thinking all Project Café needs is 1gb for the OS. But Nintendo is stupid so….

    1. In the beginning it was a quick and easy access to nextflix, hulu, and amazon prime. You are right, cable was it’s shining point before the first too updates.

  5. Just because Nintendo let the TVii app die because they didn’t even try to make it work doesn’t mean they had to get rid of the TVii community because people actually used that thing. They should have just changed the name of that community to something related to television.

    1. Then again, this fucking redesign was meant to kill all social activity on Miiverse. Sorry, Nintendo, but that plan failed because people are still being social on there & are STILL not staying on topic so fuck you because you fail again, dumbfucks!

  6. Not having this feature most be a big relief off the CPU since its slighly more powerful than PS3. It just shows that Nintrndo was stupid from day one when Project Café was in R&D in 2008. Anyway, Kia Motors just revealed a all new redesigned Kia Sportage. Unlike Nintendo, Kia knows it needs a lot more than a slightly more powerful engine over the Escape, Rouge, Rav4, Equinox and CR-V. When it comes to Kia’s R&D they actually think 5 to 7 years ahead in what the 2022 Ford Escape could be like.

  7. So obviously the Wii U is nothing but a wii with more power with a Gamepad Nintendo doesn’t know nothing about. Maybe if they thought about Project Cafe’s features in 2008 Wii U could have been at 20 million. But Nintendo was stupid building wii u. Stupid on specs, stupid for a console to depend on a controller, stupud for making it slighty more powerful than 360, stupid for not making games for wii u right after a tittle was finished.

    1. PS4 is a more powerful PS3. XBOX One is a more powerful XBOX 360. Sega Dreamcast is a more powerful Sega Saturn. I’m not sure the point you making.

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