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Nintendo UK Store: Rodea The Sky Soldier Limited Edition Up


Nintendo UK has begun emailing customers to inform them that the Rodea the Sky Soldier limited edition is available for pre-order. It is not cheap at £59.99, but it comes with a beautiful hardcover official artbook, jewel case soundtrack and the exclusive Key of Time pendant. As you are probably already aware the Wii U version of Rodea The Sky Soldier comes with the previously unreleased Wii version of the game. You can only get this is you buy the game physically.  Rodea the Sky Soldier comes out in Europe on November 13th.

7 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store: Rodea The Sky Soldier Limited Edition Up”


    just… really?
    nintendo doesnt even put effort into their false advertising now?
    odea he sky soldier… my fucking god…

    1. I’m pretty sure it wont be that bad the game mechanics look okay at least give it a try and then you can complain if it bad. You haven’t played the game ??

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