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Splatoon eSports Tournament Series Coming To Japan With Over $1 Million Prize

There’s going to be a huge Splatoon tournament that takes place in Japan and the prize money is not to be sniffed at. The winner of the eSport tournament will receive $1 million in prize money. The tournament will be hosted by Kadokawa and Toukaigi and Nicovideo parent company Dwango. It won’t just be a Splatoon tournament though as it will also be for Puzzle & Dragons.

The eSports tournament will start September 13th in Fukuoka and eight cities will hold 40 events. These will be in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Miyagi, Hiroshima, Kagawa, and Tokyo. Gameranx reports that the tournament will be comparable to Capcom’s Street Fighter tournament Capcom Cup with regards to scope. The game mode will be four on four Turf War with no weapon limitations. The events start here:

  • Fukuoka (September 13)
  • Sapporo (September 26)
  • Nagoya (October 11)
  • Osaka (November 3)
  • Miyagi (November 15)
  • Hiroshima (November 22)
  • Kagawa (December 13)
  • Tokyo (January 30)


36 thoughts on “Splatoon eSports Tournament Series Coming To Japan With Over $1 Million Prize”

  1. It’s gonna be weird having an esports tournament without people talking normally on voicechat and instead shouting so everyone can hear them

      1. His comment was about esports and how they usually use headsets to communicate because tournaments are so loud, not you playing with your little friends via Skype you dumb ass

        1. We get that you use your miserable waste of a life only to troll while the people on this site just post comments, but you have to admit that what I said was true.. Unless you lived under a rock and never lived a life.

        1. Nintendo is not running the tournament but a other company is. Also it is a Puzzle and Dragon tournament too, which is very huge in Japan.

          1. AND the winner doesnt get a million dollars, it is a million across all 40 events. That also means semifinalists will get a cut too.

            Jesus I wonder if sickrs first language is English. He can’t even copy and paste an article without fucking it up.

          2. Troll your mum goes to GAME to get you GTA5 and you think your mature ??? haha…

            Splatoon is at esports so it’s clearly for Adults mate oh and 1 million dollars in prize money wow,games don’t make it to esports unless there competitive end of and kids games are not competitive.

          1. Stupidity shows it self again just because this game is up beat an have color doesn’t make it a kids game it’s people who said stuff like that is why gaming is being looked un bad ways now a days

          2. I want in on this tournament! I think I’m good enough but..I’m scared of those Japanese players, they’re too good at this game! :o

              1. Rly? I apologise for that Commander. I know you’re a robot so you may not understand fear. Fear is natural for soldiers like me. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t beat those Japanese soldiers ;)

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