Video: Here’s Pretty Much Every Amiibo Costume (So Far) In Super Mario Maker

You have probably seen screenshots of the wide variety of amiibo costumes that can be found in the forthcoming Super Mario Maker, but now we finally have a video of the amiibo costumes in action. Whether or not these were meant to be showcased on video before the game’s release remains to be seen, but it has certainly been entertaining. Our review of Super Mario Maker will be up shortly.

Thanks, Fred S


  1. What are you talking about almost all of them?
    There are like 3 times as much than shown off here!

    1. Can’t wait to see what marth, Ike, Bowser Jr, ganondorf, zero Suit Samus, Dr. Mario, Greninja, Lucario, Lucina, villager, and the others look like in this game.

    1. Nintendo’s next game level creator for something that many people have been doing for a while now. It’s as simple as that.

                1. I quit. I’m not going to lose half of my brain cells by trying to explain something to you, that you will never understand. Good Day to you Sir and or Madam.

                    1. If I keep replying to you, then I won’t have any more Brain Cells. Plus, unlike yourself, I actually have a life outside of this website.

                    1. Lol whatever makes you sleep at night. I didn’t fall for anything you fool.

                    2. You know what, this is the first time being a part of an arguement with someone, both online and in real life, has left me actually smiling at the end of it.
                      Thank You.:D

    1. I’m sure that one day, you will grow up and leave this place………….Actually, not a chance. Not the leaving part, the growing up part…XD

            1. Ha. I think you finally looked into a mirror and examined yourself and firgred out what you really are…XD

  2. Mario Maker never needed amiibo support to be a great title. It would stand for itself. But… Now we have awkward images crossing the screen, like Sonic or Rosalina jumping in stages of Mario games.

    1. Only works in Super Mario Bros. Probably would be complicated and tine consuming to created separate models for all styles. Especially 3D

    2. Costumes are exclusive to SMB, raccoon leaf for SMB3, super feather for SMW, and propeller mushroom for NSMBU, the first two game have the shoe and the last two have yoshi

  3. Stop going on YouTube and steeling people’s videos that they uploaded a week ago. sickr you faggot

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