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Waluigi Costume Discovered In Super Mario Maker


We have seen various costumes in Super Mario Maker thanks to the Miiverse page for those who are reviewing the game. The latest one to be revealed is the Waluigi costume. Waluigi can be used with the Super Mario Bros levels in his glorious eight bit form. Super Mario Maker launches on Wii U on September 11th.

Thanks, takamaru64

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39 thoughts on “Waluigi Costume Discovered In Super Mario Maker”

    1. yea, and in 50 years it will be almost as good as the mario maker for pc which is like 20 years old and a million times better than this garbage… woooow so many models… like…ten of em! the pc version can only handle about 140.000… BUY NAO!!!

      if you wanna check out the FREE game, that is a billion times better then MM will ever be, it has “luna” in the name and a kudos moon as symbol… you will find it. try it and you will LAUGH at nintendos pathetic attempt to remake this…. luna editor thing…

      1. Hah!! You call that Luna GARBAGE good?! It had no where near the polish, or potential that Mario maker has! It lacks SO many features! Mario maker is 100X better. The only thing that Luna has over SMM is that it’s free, but I’d GLADY pay 60$ to get Mario maker instead!

    2. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

      Seriously nintendo. Why the fuck did you not do the 3d models? Like stop being fucking lazy. This game is not worth $60.00. The price should be about $39.99.

              1. Oh okay. Where will you go from here? You seemed more funny when you interact with other people. Will I ever see you again space cowboy? :/

                1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                  I’ll still be around. The news has been fucking boring me. I’ll eventually come back put all those irrelevant unoriginal filthy bitches in their fucking places

                  1. It’s fine to be so incredibly wrong. We need to accept all sorts of people, no matter how ridiculous they are.

                      1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                        Casual? Oh bitch please. Don’t drag me down to the level you are.
                        Yes join the bandwagon like the rest of these broke bitches. My roasting skills has gone fucking sour.

                      2. because money. thats the only thing nintendo cares about. might change with a new boss, but until a new guy brings change, we still have to suffer through the retarded garbage that scumbag iwata left behind… crap games for 6 year old idiots that dont know that a better version of this exact same game is on the internet for free, for like 20 years…

                        check it out, name has luna in it, easy to find on google, just search mario luna editor. look at that for 5 min, and tell me it doesnt look WAY WAY WAY better then the garbage that nintendo is crapping out…

                        1. NO FUCK YOU. I don’t give an damn if this comment is old you can’t just disrespect another human being’s death you heartless scum.

                        2. Agreed, Mario Maker only has 60 items and you can’t even make slopes. It’s sad when games on the PSP have better level creators then a 2015 console game

                        1. kids dont care. throw a mario amiibo and a bucket of paint in a bucket and those retards will gladly pay 60 bucks for the new Romia amiibo… its sad how stupid kids have become… even freaking powerrangers, who all look the same with different colors, have WAY more personality then ANYTHING that nintendo created in the last 10 years. amazed that nintendo isnt selling the same yoshi doll in diferent colors, so kids have to buy all of them to ease their “gotta catch tem all” fever…

                        1. more dolls? fucking hell, i thought now that this retard iwata is dead, nintendo stops doing retarded things… but no… yet more dolls for the 8 year old girls… seriously, i hope everyone who owns one of those shitty memorycards in a doll, chokes on it. you are part of the reason that nintendo stopped making good games!

                        2. Or it could be telling the player what game said character debuted in. In Waluigi’s case, it’s Mario Tennis on the N64.

                      3. Honestly, the $60 dollar price tag is a bit high but at the same time we are getting access to a modified version of the tool they use to make mario games?

                      4. You know what will be really ironic. If Waluigi gets to be a costume in this game and Daisy would be completely left out all together. XD

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                      7. Am I the only one who hates Waluigi? I always thought he was the dumbest character EVER!
                        Even worse than Wario (who I also never liked).

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