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Freedom Planet Delayed On Wii U

Some of you may have noticed Freedom Planet‘s absence on Wii U. The game was supposed to launch on August 13 in the Nintendo eShop, but it has since been delayed due to a number of issues with the Wii U version. Through the official Freedom Planet forums, indie developer GalaxyTrail doesn’t want to announce a new release date until everything is sorted with the game.

“We received some sad news today: Our patch for the Wii U version of Freedom Planet didn’t fix all of the freezing issues,” the developer said. “In light of this, we are cancelling our launch for the time being. We’re only going to announce a release date after the game is fixed and free of all issues not present in the PC version.

“I understand that some fans out there were already upset at the last delay and that further delays would be the last straw, and to them I can only say that I’m sorry. I do not intend to deliver anything less than a 100% faithful and clean port, regardless of how long it takes.

“If any of our new Wii U fans are interested in playing the PC/Mac/Linux version to tide them over, we’ll keep you updated on any sales or bundles we may be involved with in the future. We also have several extra announcements coming later this month including for our planned character DLC, so stay tuned.

“We’re sorry again and thank you for your patience!”


36 thoughts on “Freedom Planet Delayed On Wii U”

  1. Delays Wii U version for bug
    >Claims it won’t run on Wii U
    >Cancels Wii U port in favor of a potential NX port.
    Sounds Familiar…. jK

    1. I know you’re joking….but I think in the near future we’ll be seeing that sort of think a lot more often then we have so far, not with this game, but definitely with numerous others in the future. People want a piece of Nintendo, but not necessarily the Wii U lol

    2. UGH. I really want to play this game on my Wii U, take advance of my 15% discount. I had money put in there and everything.

      Freakin bugs and glitches. At least they’re not pulling a Ubisoft and releasing a broken-ass game and forcing us to deal with it, though.

        1. cant even get and OLD looking game to run on the Wii sad. So its not coming to Wii U after all, another developer stating they are having trouble just to drop the Nintendo version, nothing new.

        2. Those freezing issues…those happen to A LOT of WiiU games. Does anyone know if PS4 or xBoxOne have games with Freezing issues?

          At launch, my WiiU froze all the time. It was so fucking annoying…I almost quite playing after a while because of the initial drought and game freezes…fortunately it’s much more stable now.

          1. My wiiu did the same but with ubisoft games e.e (ac3 and zombiu) i didnt experience any freezing glitch when i started to buy nintendo games (two weeks before the wiiu bought) so i feel that its not fair to blame the system but the games. It is a weird system to program to (this is what i have read) but it has not any problem of architecture so if you program good a game the game.wont freeze. Easy peasy.

            1. Oh…mine froze with most games. Ubi, EA, Indies…
              Not fair for Nintendo to build a machine noone can make reliable software on but them. ;)

              In any case, NINTENDO, fixed the freezing issues. I had to redownload my games, reinstall patches. It was the OS, not jist the games, I remember vividly the frustration.

              Just so we’re honest here.

                  1. Oh yeah, my WiiU freezes still with BlackOpsII, i have updated the system and games, everything should be fine, but BlackOpsII keeps freezing at times when i play it on online modes, a shame really because its fun game but not gonna force my WiiU to shut down anymore because Activision/Treyarch just dont give a shit.

                    1. It’s been rumored to have something to do with online. That’s why ZombiU froze so much as it was always reaching out to ping it’s servers to look for survivors.

                      Part is in the hands of the devs, but a majority of the launch issues were fixed with WiiU firmware updates.

                      1. On the wii u madden will freeze up from time to time if you mess with rosters and other things. I’ve noticed it won’t do that is you not connected online.

                      2. My games freeze on wiiu but only when they are connected to the internet even if they are just sp games. Games on xbone don’t freeze…They crash the console and you have to turn it off of the cable and leave it off for few minuts.

                      1. Yea lets cancel a game that is from a genre that do better sales wise on wiiu even with the low install base. You are not very bright or you think they are idiots.

                        1. He’s just making an observation. You’re the kind of fool that repeats the mistakes fools before you did. If you don’t consider what happened historically, you won’t learn much!

                      2. Eh..I can wait a while longer for Sonic Fan Character Planet. Sides if they wanna be taken seriously, they don’t need bugs screwing things up.

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