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This Bootleg Amiibo Device Backs Up And Spoofs Amiibo Functionality

amiiqoThere’s a new device coming out for Android that backs up and spoofs amiibo functionality. Basically this means that you can get the in-game benefits of certain amiibo without actually owning any of the hard to find figures. The device manufacturer says it is a “super effective cheat system” that allows users to use any amiibo image, download images from the internet, or share images with friends. The folks at Nintendo won’t be too pleased about this.

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74 thoughts on “This Bootleg Amiibo Device Backs Up And Spoofs Amiibo Functionality”

    1. Nintendo has no right to be upset. If they don’t want other people to bootleg their products than they should manufacture more amiibos.

      Problem solved. Half of the money I spent on amiibos have gone to scalpers, not Nintendo.

      1. Then do be an idiot and stop paying scalpers! Just because some is ruining your life doesn’t mean you will turn a criminal!

          1. Though illiterate, he has a point; amiibos won’t be hard to find forever, so I advise you not to purchase from Scalpers. I made the mistake of caving and spending more money in the aftermarket after a while, but now (in Australia) there is an abundance of rare amiibos, and I really regret that decision. They’ve brought everyone back, and for good this time; there have been 6 captain falcons at my local EB Games for like 2 months now, for example.

          2. Honestly, Nintendo has their system all fucked up. I should be able to go to toys r us and see a giant wall of amiibo just like I do with skylabders.

            1. But action Replay/gameshark only modded the game. It didn’t nessarily clone what was already out there. It’s like if AR/GS were used to get DLC, I don’t think this is legal at all. I’m by no means a lawyer though, so I’m nearly speaking out of my ass. (Great party trick by the way.)

              1. I’ve seen plenty of things like this (Kid Icarus: Uprising card generator app) And there weren’t any legal actions taken.

                It’s probably not “technically” illegal, but Nintendo could fight it.

                1. Yes of course they will. Just like the flash cart, every update they’ll try to patch it out. And shortly after the creators will release an update for their device and it’s usable again.

                2. Probably not, astounding though cause these could be use to replicate what amiibos do and essentially replace all the amiibos, that’s I feel like its illegal. Oh well, if it was illegal Ninty would’ve done something by now. I haven’t heard about that Kid Icarus card generator, interesting.

                3. Cheat devices does exactly what this does. The data is already in the game, or comes with a new patch. You’re buying the ability to unlock them ala Capcom DLC. lol This wouldn’t work any other way. It doesn’t download stuff magically through a fake eShop. It only replicates the Amiibo NFC codes if you’ve loaded them on. Nintendo can’t really do anything about it. It’s not like they’ve copied the figurines and characters themselves.

                  1. Hm, now I didn’t know about that, for some reason I though that we actually downloaded the characters when we bought them. Seems a little fucked up that we’re essentially buying keys to unlock what we already have but since it’s not on the actual disc, I don’t know how wrong this is if it is indeed wrong at all.

                  1. I bought one, just because there are a lot of amiibos the you’re never gonna get because it’s like they doesn’t exist lol so yeah for stuff like that I got one

                  2. I thought Action Replay already released one of these devices…..but still, it’s not likely to be taken down or removed from sale either way. The availability of cheating systems within big name stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Gamestop says that even if Nintendo doesn’t like it, it’ll still be easily accessible to anyone. I mean look at the R4. It almost seemed more common than the Action replay at my school as a kid

                    1. It’s a video game news site. I don’t think there a minimum or a maximum age required. You just need to be ale to read.

                        1. Once again, mynintendonews is thé last one with the news! See engadget site, Nintendo already tried to shut down that thing and will sue their asses….

                            1. or you could, you know, own a smartphone with NFC capabilities, which would enable the use and copy of the nfc files to have an amiibo without the need of buying a weird looking device

                            2. sounds cool. I can just buy this and have all costumes unlocked for mario maker, instead of buying those stupid plastic figures

                              1. If they copied the amiibo figures then yes that would be piracy. But Nintendo don’t own NFC codes. So anybody is free to use them as they please. And Nintendo can do diddly squat about it. I think it’s good. I don’t want to own endless amiibo and clogging up my space.

                                1. dont get me wrong. im all about stealing shit but, if i can listen to a record without having purchased it, or watch a movie without purchasing it and it be considered piracy… how is it any different than having the benefits of an amiibo with out paying for it. i guess what im not clear on is how nfc codes work in general, and how they are considered different then mp3s mp4 avi mkv and such files. i suppose some education on my part is due. interesting to say the least.

                                2. ok sooo let me see if i got this right. If Nintendo doesnt own the NFC codes then what we’re buying in an Amiibo is just the figure itself. The data its carrying is just a free bonus. So its like i said when i first heard about the Amiibo functionality. Nintendo is just selling us something thats free and should be in the fucking games to begin with. Ive never been a fan of dlc. the majority of this shit should be in-game unlockables anyway.

                                  1. I’m against having Amiibo that unlock something already in the game, so it makes a pay-wall for stuff that’s been put on the disc, but that’s not always the case. Regardless, Nintendo is the owner of the data on the actual figures, regardless of the fact that they don’t own the actual NFC code implementation. It’s merely the platform to deliver what they DO own.

                                3. I think this device is in the same legal gray area as ROMs. You technically own a copy of the licensed software and therefore are allowed to back it up but you aren’t allowed to distribute (making a ‘copy’ of it). This is the same with movies music ect.

                                  So if you wanted to, you could migrate data from your amiibo to this device and preserve you amiibo but handling them less. If I remember correctly, you are only allowed to own a digital back up of the exact item you own. But since there is no way to fully prove this, you technically could download the data from the amiibo you own off the web and never have to open their boxes.

                                  As with ROMs, Nintendo can’t really do anything to this unless it’s specifically advertised to duplicate/pirate licenses (like what R4 carts did).

                                  1. accept this isnt just an external storage device that you can boot amiibo images from. It states… ” that you can get the in-game benefits of certain amiibo without actually owning any of the hard to find figures.” by “download images from the internet”.

                                4. Finally. Now I won’t have to pay ridiculous prices for Fire Emblem Amiibo.
                                  I’m so glad someone figured this out! :D

                                5. the news don’t state the price, where the item will be available and when it will be available. On the top of that I would like to know how many amiiboo you can have in that device. As for the legality I am sure Nintendo wil look at it now and see what they can do about it.

                                  Addiotnally a lot of people buy amiibo for the figure and for the data after. Personally I don’t have any interest in amiibo but if there is in-game feature I have to unlock with an amiibo well depend on the price of the device I may have a go but I will need more details before that.

                                6. FINALLY. Now I only have to pay once and a have a whole collection in my hand. Nintendo was just too slow with amiibo. Also like this website with news.

                                7. To be honest, I don’t really care for amiibo. But it would be good to go back retrospectively and look at the Wii U with its novelty amiibo unlockables without having to buy all the toys.

                                8. The thing is… if they had enough Amiibo available this may not have been thought of. It’s good for those that may just want to unlock the costumes in MK8 or whatnot, but for those that want the actual figures it won’t matter. I think the figures are cool enough that people want those and not just the functionality. I’m sure this won’t put too much strain on Amiibo sales.

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