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Pokken Tournament Trademark Has Been Filed In Europe

News has emerged today that the Pokemon Company has filed a trademark for the Pokemon beat-em-up, Pokken Tournament, in Europe. The trademark covers a number of things including the name, television programs, tournaments and board games. NFC functionality is also mentioned, which includes facilitating the transmission and recording and exchange of video game content. All in all the news doesn’t seem too surprising as it is no doubt going to be a popular title if it does indeed reach the west. Now we just need a release date! Hopefully we shall hear more about a western release for Pokken Tournament at the 2015 Pokemon World Championships which is happening this weekend in Boston.

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13 thoughts on “Pokken Tournament Trademark Has Been Filed In Europe”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>It’s pretty safe to say that it’s coming to either the Wii U or NX in the near future>>>

    1. ♕♕ I hope so, I’d love to see those darling little creatures again, and I would especially like to see this gardevior bring, I love it’s style.♕♕

    2. We likely see it here in the west at some point. Many people thought we wouldn’t see Mariokart DX hit western arcades, and it did, fully translated. I’m not 100% sure on how likely this will be a Wii U release, NX is much more likely, but there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll all get our hands on the joysticks of one of these consoles eventually.

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    5. Can someone please clear this up for me. Is the pokemon company in anyway owned by Nintendo ?
      I just cannot understand why this wouldn’t come on Wii u.

    6. Who ever made this game was atupid not to already had thought of trademarks in contracts when this game was in R&D. The reason for droughts is because when a game is finished for some dumb reason they dont work on another game right away.

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