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Splatoon Is Getting Another New Map In Less Than 24 Hours

Splatoon is keeping it fresh with yet another new map that will soon be available in the Wii U shooter. Flounder Heights will be part of the game’s map rotation starting later today, August 20, at 7 p.m. PT. An apartment building is situated in the middle of the map, where it stands like a gigantic wall. In order to get into enemy turf, players will need to get past the building. You’ll be able to strategize in several new ways, such as standing on the rooftop or trying to sneak your way through the middle of the building.


45 thoughts on “Splatoon Is Getting Another New Map In Less Than 24 Hours”

  1. Wow! That stage looks perfect for the sniper, and heavy splatling! I love this game, I was actually just playing rainmaker and it’s so hectic!

          1. I wanted to add the fact that I was playing the game itself and not the map but my match was about to start. I was to stupid to wait.

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                      2. and stilll a tiny file size THAT U THST NINTENDO GODS OF COMPRESSION



                      3. There’s gonna be so much camping on this map but it looks awesome and more FREE content is always a huge welcome. Way to go Ninty 😉

                      4. Another new map, and I’ll still get stuck playing Kelp Dome over and over….Every time I play it’s Kelp Dome. Seriously. I get hyped for new maps, but I know I’ll be stuck in Kelp Dome hell. 4 hour map rotation needs to be reduced to 2 or 1 hour map rotation. It’s funny I’m about to play right now and I already now Kelp Dome is waiting…

                      5. The map rotation is the stupidest thing ever. They should allow every map to be picked randomly. Just got this game and that is by far the most annoying part of the game playing the same dam map over and over again

                        1. It is so that more competitive players can choose the weapon they think that fits more the map. But we can agree that it is too long. One hour would be enough.

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                      7. A new map!? Man so much overload. I been on this game sick status ever since the update. When im not working i am playing and when i do i am thinking about splatoon. I even started doing art.

                        Please add a bullet bill thats shot out of a gun. Or a drone that drops bombs on people. Shhhh u think too much.

                      8. Its good to see them getting a little more creative with the maps. Most of the other maps are really just platforms and ramps. I’ve been wanting something more real to life in the maps. Like a football stadium, or exterior map, like a jungle. They really should throw a few nature maps in there.. All the maps don’t have to JUST be platforms and walls… It gets kind of samey..

                      9. I was wondering when this map will become available ever since it was revealed.

                        I don’t mind the map rotation because I can access the Splatoon Site for Asia (Japan) and see what map is available.


                        I just wish they’d reduce time when waiting for other players before it gets cancelled, only to have the next round fill up so fast. Or a penalty when a player just hide and do nothing, I almost dropped my Ranking because I had teammates in 2-3 rounds that did nothing (map showed only 3 of us moving around).

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