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Shovel Knight Plague Of Shadows Trailer Released

One of the break out hits of last year was the retro-themed 2D platformer Shovel Knight. The game was extremely well received at launch and subsequently received some impressive review scores. The developer, Yacht Club Games, have released a trailer for the forthcoming free downloadable content which is titled Plague of Shadows. They promise that the DLC is coming very, very soon.

30 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Plague Of Shadows Trailer Released”

  1. Iwata was handed everything he ever got in life. He didnt deserve the fame and fortune and profited at our expense. Yet he was removed from existance in the blink of an eye. Guess the universe seems to find a way to balance itself out lol…

  2. Reminds me of the gameplay elements of Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion. I think that is where the developers got their ideas. No, I’m pretty sure of it.

  3. Why would a small indie like this give away a pretty significant DLC for free? They are crazy. I would have ponied up $10 for this.

    1. Because what people don’t seem to get is that devs are not always money hogs. Devs make games for the fun of it, and for the fun of others, money’s just a bonus. Devs make games because they love to, because it’s their PASSION! That’s my Miyamoto made Mario, and Zelda, and all those other classic games BECAUSE HE HAD PASSION! That’s what makes Nintendo different from the rest (not saying Nintendo is the only one, but Nintendo is a BIG one) IS BECAUSE THEY LOVE DOING IT, ITS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO MAKE GAMES FUN AND ENJOYABLE FOR ALL NOT JUST MAKE MONEY!! This is what made, and makes gaming so incredible.

      1. That’s also why Iwata the PRESIDENT OF NINTENDO, would sooner see HALF of his salary gone before he laid off his fellow workers. BECAUSE ITS NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!

        1. On the contrary- why do you think first-party Nintendo games stay at peak retail prices even when they’re years upon years old? You’ll very rarely find Nintendo games on sale- and when they are, it’s the tiniest discount. They won’t drop their games below prices that they feel they deserve, which suggests that they’re actually one of the more money-driven companies out there. True, that wasn’t always the case when they were starting out with classic Mario and Zelda games, but now they’re very much a money-driven company. They’ve actually said it themselves; they won’t make games unless they see the opportunity for high profit, and as we’ve recently confirmed via Chris Pranger, they certainly won’t allow games to be localized in the US if the profit margins aren’t high enough. I don’t know how you came to such a conclusion.

          I’ve noticed that it’s the third-party Indie developers supporting Nintendo that are truly the passionate ones. Nintendo consoles aren’t the most third-party friendly pieces of hardware, so actually getting your game onto one of them is in itself a huge feat for indie devs, and then there’s the fact that they’re naturally very cheap, with regular discounts. Now, as you see here, the third-party game “Shovelknight” for example is releasing content-rich free DLC, which unlike Splatoon’s, doesn’t feel like it contains features intentionally left out for the sake of throwing in later as “free DLC”. Splatoon is awesome, yes, but you can’t deny that the game was very bare upon release, and is only now starting to feel like a complete, content-rich game after all the downloadable content.

          I love Nintendo, I truly do, but let’s not forget that they’re a company- I know full well that they’re after my money, but there’s nothing actually wrong with that. They need money to stay afloat, and I need games to have fun- it’s a win/win relationship :P

  4. Here an example of a game which is no realistic game at all and fun to play. Free DLC, those guys know what they doing and there is more to it than people think. This is a free marketing excercise as well as improving the studio reputation at low cost. How many will buy the game while the other will think they spend very good money on the game?

    Shovel Knight sold way better than expectations hence why the DLC is free and with the money they going to make another game with less crowd funding. For nintendo who want more indie studio to rival with big 3rd party studio (EA, Knoami, Capcom, Square-Enix, Ubisoft) it is a very good new. I much as I hate the indie frenzy on the Eshop, Nintendo work starts to show some good results.

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