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YouTube Gaming Will Launch Tomorrow

YouTube has today confirmed that the long-awaited YouTube Gaming will be launching tomorrow. It seems as though the service for streamers will be working in the United States tomorrow, but we are unsure about Europe. YouTube Gaming is extremely similar to Twitch and is a rival service that contains over 25,000 dedicated game pages. The live streaming service will be available tomorrow on the web and as a dedicated app on iOS and Android.


61 thoughts on “YouTube Gaming Will Launch Tomorrow”

    1. lol watch someone play a game




      1. is this PLAYING OF GAMES VIA YOUTUBE!!!!!






        1. Is this comment funny? Do you have nothing better to do then be a troll on an honestly mediocre Nintendo news site? You’re comments are not contributing anything to the article. Just because you think that streaming people play games is stupid doesn’t mean other people do.

          I personally love playing games as well as helping and watching others play. There’s just some kind of charm in watching people play and react to games I’ve enjoyed, plus if I’m curious about a game, I watch streams and ask questions in the chat to see and get an opinion on a game I’m thinking about buying. Game streaming has transcended beyond gaming and is it’s own thing all together and I’m glad services like this are growing.

          Honestly, it would be refreshing if you actually contributed a thoughtful comment to the site instead of your useless garbage.

          1. A Google service without Google+? What is this blasphemy you speak with lol

            Seriously, I highly doubt that they’ll keep G+ out of this. I mean, its Google. I love Google but they shoehorn that shit into everything. The only reason the install base is so big is because they force Android users to create an account just to use your fucking phone.

            1. That isn’t true, I mean it asks and it may ask for certain apps the first time you open them, but you have the choice to opt out. If I’m not mistaken it usually asks if you want to skip first, then the prompt has the option to cancel it.

              I’ve set up HTC, Samsung and LG phones, all the same. I was never once forced to make a Google+ account. I use Gmail and other Google services on my phone all the time, and I don’t have a Google+ account tied to the phone or my Gmail that it uses.

              Just saying.

              1. Well my phone is useless without it. I can’t even access the app store, gmail, internet, YouTube, ect. Yes i can opt to”disabled” it but if I try to delete it, I’m left with a phone that keeps asking me to sign in. My phone is a Nexus so maybe that’s why it’s so dependant on Google services since its a phone by Google themselves.

                  1. Ouch XD I like that it’s fast and fluid, no matter what I throw at it, but yeah, other than that, it does pretty much suck. I need to get myself that nex sexy Galaxy 6 edge.

                  1. There’s nothing wrong with streaming games. Once it becomes available on the NX your whole attitude towards it will change, because all you do is ride Nintendo’s dick.

                    1. And how are you aware that the NX is hands down, garuenteed to have streaming? Did you pull this fact out of your ass? I don’t know why I’m asking when I already know you’re full of shit. If it isn’t true or a fact, then shut the fuck up.

                    2. Nothing wrong with streaming games, true. But there are many things wrong with a console that can only stream games.

                      Not say the NX is that, but it would truly blow if it was.

                  2. I’m not a fan of Google having the entire internet on a monopoly, so hopefully this fails. Twitch is just fine. Youtubes quality has nosedived since Google bought them out. They put so many fucking ads everywhere, sometimes the goddamn videos won’t even play. Not to mention there is a mandatory commercial at the beginning of every fucking video you watch, even if it’s a ten second long video.

                    I hope Google understands that people hate what they have done to youtube. And I hope this gamers youtube shit fails miserably so Google might just see the error in thier ways.

                    1. If I’m not completely wrong, it’s the uploader’s choice whether or not there will be ads in their videos – it’s not Google deliberately putting ads before every video to make us angry, it’s people trying to make money off their videos, I believe. But yea, there’s always adblockers, in case it’s getting too much.

                      And as much as I like Twitch, Youtube Gaming has huge potential to be a success, simply because Youtube already has an enourmous number of users, and it’s just more convenient to have both videos and streams (+ both by the same people) you like watching on one website, instead of having to use two seperate platforms.
                      And not only for the viewers, but also for the content producers it’s way more convenient to have a streaming service directly implemented into Youtube, as the audience is already present and basically guaranteed to watch their streams.
                      But yea, that being said, it also seems hard to believe that people who “made it” on Twitch will leave for Youtube, just like their audience won’t leave for Youtube either. But then again, it’s probably going to negatively influence the general growth of Twitch, in relation to the number of users, even if the already-existing community is going to stay. Youtube is most likely going to take in the vast majority of people who are new to streaming, in terms of both broadcasting and watching, because of its already established and huge user base, as already mentioned above.
                      It seems like Twitch might end up having a hard time, unfortunately.

                      1. Yes, its the uploaders choice or better yet, the contents owner’s choice to add ads to the video. I believe it’s also their choice to add the skip function, how many ads, and were to place them in the video.

                        (The reason I said the content owner and not uploader is because a lot of people upload videos that don’t belong to them. Even though they uploaded the video, the original owner gets notified and they get to take action. They either chose to have it taken down, or monetize it from the uploaders account. At times they don’t even care though.)

                        1. Interesting! I had no idea about that, sounds pretty neat actually. There might be things Youtube is doing wrong, but there sure are things they’re doing quite right as well.

                            1. I don’t understand why people like watching others play games.

                              I would understand it if something like shareplay was utilized with this where people would pass around control to the next person. I also understand that it also scratches the ‘playing games with friends locally’ itch, but that’s the thing- why not just do that?

                              Maybe it has to do with the personality of the streamer. Sure some of them may be pretty funny but is it really more enjoyable (specifically Let’s Plays) than watching a good stand-up routine or even a good comedy? I understand that streaming is more interactive but don’t you know any people in real life with a sense of humor that you can hang with?

                              Also even without the commentator, is watching gameplay more enjoyable than watching a good movie or TV show? Video games are primarily developed as a media that is entertaining to play through, not just watch. A good TV show like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones are developed completely different than interactive media with its consumption being strictly from a bystander point of view. When you’re watching a game, you’re not experiencing the full spectrum of the entertainment! Shouldn’t this alone make a good movie or TV show a better watch than a game?

                              Maybe I’m just too old (I’m 24 btw) but I really enjoyed playing games with my friends in the living room growing up. Why would you rather only watch a game with one of your internet ‘friends’ instead?

                              tldr: Watching games isn’t more entertaining than watching good TV/Movies. Also why wouldn’t you play through said game with one of your real friends instead of only watching it played by someone online?

                              1. It depends on the game. I watch pro players play DOTA 2 and LoL occasionally to know how they play the game in their perspective.

                                1. Good point! I momentarily forgot about that. Watching high level matches in competitive fighting games, mobas, shooters ect. will help increase skill.

                                  I understand this opens up a lot of room for excuses from people but I’d say watching story related games doesn’t fit into this category. Sure if you need to look up how to finish a certain part, that’s fine. Watching the whole thing through is completely different.

                                  1. I know a few people that couldn’t play the last of us (they were 360 owners) so they watched playthroughs to see what it was about. Crazy thing is, that a single game made them switch camps once the new gen started. I know they are in the minority but damn, if Nintendo embraced this, it could help them get a few people back that way. I find it ok for games that are exclusive like that, but I agree. Watching an entire playthroughs is a bit silly.

                                    1. I guess I understand if they didn’t own the system But for a game like The Last of Us, I don’t think the experience they would get from watching it would be the same at all.

                                      There’s something to be said about controlling the characters yourself and how it garners personal attachment. I don’t think I would have cared about Ellie nearly as much as I did if I had only watched the Winter section. I’m guessing that the people you knew really enjoyed the play through but they probably would have enjoyed the game 10x more if they had gone over to a friends house or borrowed someone’s PS3 for it.

                                      1. I don’t think that’s a reasonable excuse. Can’t you play games with one of your friends and see how they react?

                                        Watching how people react to things on video is usually considered one of the lowest forms of television. This is exactly what reality TV shows are!

                                        Also how often do you like to watch people react movies on youtube? And no, reviews don’t count (like nostalgia critic). Those were writen and edited. Not much I’m guessing.

                                        1. That is a reasonable excuse. I’ve watched YouTubers play games I’ve already beaten just so I can see how they react.

                                          1. Eh then why not just watch certain parts and see how they react. Let’s Plays are the reality TV show of games. Let’s just throw people into situations and watch them react, it’s kinda senseless. And then there’s the other category of Let’s Players but I’ve already talked about and compared them to other entertainment.

                                            1. It’s different for everyone. Personally, I don’t want to spoil games for myself, so I don’t really watch “Let’s Plays”. I usually watch something that has nothing to do with the main story. And I have watched people play horror games because it can be funny to see their reactions. But anyways, if I had to answer your question of why people watch others play games, I’d say it’s because:
                                              -they want to know more about the game
                                              -they like the YouTuber that plays the game
                                              -they just like the game and like watching videos about it
                                              -they want to know how people play
                                              -and because it’s just entertaining. (To them)

                                              1. Precisely. There are many reasons why a person may watch videos of a certain game, or someone playing a game.

                                                What I don’t get, is why it’s so hard for people to understand that not everyone thinks exactly the same way, or likes the same things. Not everyone has to like watching people play games in a video, but there is no need to undermine those who do.

                                                1. If you’re alive and breathing, you have a life.

                                                  I’ve always hated this notion that what you do defines your worth in life, by societies standards, by a humans idealistic standards, sure.

                                                  But it doesn’t really apply to reality itself, since people get so tied up in these made up standards we’ve created, when the basis of our reality is life and death, nothing more. You as a living being, have the right to do as you please to a degree (I would say, but that’s speaking from my own morality), and as much as some might hate me saying this, I’ll even go as far as saying technically a person can do whatever they want in life. That is the right you were given the day you were born, as horrible as it may sound, because yes, some people do some awful things.

                                                  Do I agree with it all? Of course not, but I’ve always realized this is my perception. So what you choose to do with your life is completely up to you, no matter how much someone may disagree with it.

                                                  What is wrong and what is right, are nothing but ideas that we’ve made up for ourselves, outside of this, right and wrong does not actually exist.

                                                  That is the reality we live in, it isn’t all sunshine and unicorns.

                                              2. I wish there was a way I could get laid by paying video games. It would be awesome to not have to work and just rack up cash by doing something I love doing anyways!

                                                  1. Best way to get laid is to not talk or make it apparent that you play/like video games. Sorry to say but gamers are kinda like losers (im talking about those who sit 24/7 in front of screen literally wasting time gazing into nothingness, while sweating over online matches)

                                                  2. Who cares if people do walkthroughs of games for people to watch what dose it matter what people do on there on free time mind your own fucking business you twat

                                                  3. Fuck youtube.
                                                    I kept trying to use the streaming service, and i kept being hit with copyright claims.
                                                    Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

                                                      1. Horse?
                                                        What the HELL does a horse have to do with anything?
                                                        I was playing Super Turrican and got hit by copyright strikes from the fucking creator of the music in the game.
                                                        So fuck them.

                                                    1. Why the fuck stream games? Kinda boring imo to watch others playing games.

                                                      Heck i would rather watch guitarist like this guy through stream than someone playing lame games. Atleast this is real skill and sounds good:

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