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Here’s A Handy Nintendo Of America Holiday Lineup Timeline


Wondering when Star Fox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in the United States? Well, you shouldn’t forget with this handy timeline created by Nintendo of America. It details all the games coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U this holiday season as well as the next set of amiibo due to be released.


Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming

185 thoughts on “Here’s A Handy Nintendo Of America Holiday Lineup Timeline”

  1. Am getting almost all the wiiu games beside the animal crossing game I need to know more about it the tennis game looked amazing I just hope it be just like the n64 1

      1. Nah, the Gamecube one was The super powers were great. The 3DS was fun, but… it was so streamlined, it was like a rhythm game how you pressed buttons according to which color showed up on the field and it was like??? eh???? You could pick any character and be fine, they really all felt the same. So, while the games are similar, they are most CERTAINLY different. The new one looks crazy and fun, and I hope they go back to what made the original two so fun in the first place.

        1. I actually really enjoyed Mario Tennis Open for the short time that it took me to beat. Sure, it was streamlined and simple, but it gave me some enjoyment over a singular weekend.

          1. So maybe EA should stop making sports games since they all play the same. Maybe Call of Duty shouldn’t be made since all you do in each one is run around and shoot people. Maybe every video game series should have only one game each because any sequel will play the same.

            1. You are stupid. Everyone knows EA should stop making sports games because they suck and everyone says that they are the same. Same as CoD

              1. First of all, I don’t play sports EA sports games and I haven’t played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 3. But you’re stupid if you think everyone says those games suck. Those games sell every single year and there would be a huge outcry if production of them stopped. The point I was making was that video games within the same series are guaranteed to have similar gameplay mechanics. That doesn’t make them bad games.

                1. Hahahaha. You are such a loser. Modern Warfare 3? So that means you played the same shit from Modern Warfare 1 to 2, 3 and Black Ops? Haha. Then you defend that the games continue to be made because people would complain? What a idiot.

                  1. Oh I’m sorry. You’re right. I should be more like you and just say a game sucks without trying it for myself. Unlike you, I actually play the game before I past judgement on it. And personally I agree. MW3 was just a rehash of 1 and 2. But I took the time to look into it and decide for myself. I’m not some mindless idiot like you who just follows what everyone else says.

                    1. And yes. Games are continued to be made because people want them. Do you think those games would still be made if no one cared about them?

            2. When there’s just too much of the same shit, it’s time for something different. Or you still wanna defend a tiring game rinse and repeat every year instead of experimenting and changing formulas every few years?

              1. Same shit? Every year? Mario Tennis has only had 4 games over the past 15 years. And tiring game? The first two games were very well received. The third was kind of mediocre but one mediocre game doesn’t kill a series. I don’t see a tiring game here.

                1. Mario Tennis is on there 7th game coming for the WiiU. The series is crap, dead, burning repeat of the last game, and Nintendo banks on the 3 RRR’s. Reuse, Repeat, Recyle.

                  1. You’re right there are actually 7 games. But I didn’t count one because it was a remake, one of them was released on the Virtual Boy which was a joke of a system, and I didn’t count the early handheld versions because of how different the gameplay is between handheld and console. A Mario Tennis game on Gameboy is hardly worth it.

                    1. If the handhelds aren’t worth mentioning, why did you mention the 3ds game? N64, GameCube, 3ds, and this one is 4. So clearly you are bull shit and got caught up on being dumb.

                    2. Virtual Boy sold less than a million units. So even if you want to declare the wii u a failure, you can put it on the same level as Virtual Boy. I said “early handhelds”. Likening the 3DS to the Gameboy is like likening an iPad to a calculator

                    3. Mario tennis for the gameboy color and advance were actually two of the best in the serie… Gotta love the story rpg-ish mode of the advance version

                1. Mario Bros. to Super Mario Bros.? Not a repeated fomula. Super Mario Bros. to Mario Bros. 3? Not even a rehash of a formula since 3 introduced so much power ups, enemies and world designs. Mario 64 is a huge leap from 2D to 3D. Sunshine adds an aquatic pack for shooter and flight elements uncovering secrets and out of reach areas. Galaxy, damn what a beautiful game, adds new 3D platforming dimension in spherical plane and proved a so called “last gen” tech can produce amazing visuals on par to “powerful” console rivals. You can say Galaxy 2, World, 3D World and every “New” Mario Bros. after DS can be rinse/repeat games. But no, not every Mario game played it safe and make another entry without much change or evolution.

                  1. You’re right. Compared to those games, the Tennis games haven’t changed too much. But there have been changes; powerups mechanics, characters. And like you said how much can a tennis game possibly be changed? I think Nintendo’s done the best they could to update the games.

                    1. The same mechanics you see in Tennis came directly from both Mario Kart and main Super Mario series and maybe Mario Party. Plus Tennis can get fucking boring after a short time.

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      3. When they was thinking about another Nario sports game in R&D they were too stupid to not to think of Super Super Strikers or Mario Baseball in development. Thats how stupid Nintendo is. When you want a game to be made by Nintendo, they give you something quite opposite. Thats just how stupid and dumb they are.

        1. Maybe they should ask you what you want because you are the only one that matters. They should not think for themselves and made the products they enjoy making. Just ask you, right?

    1. Uhh hello! Devel’s 3st looks like a lot of fun!! butt sadlee Mother doesnt let Mii play those kinds of games any more :/ she found out i ilegaly down loaded GTA5 on PeeCee and she smashed my compooter with her Randy Jackson signed base ball bat :( i love vilent games butt not Mother’s vilence. it is no good. the only games Mother sed i can get this holyday is just danse, anamal ckrosing bored games, and mario tenis. :| i want more games. im so bored of doin yoga free of meditation on wiifitU and splatune.

      1. Uh, do you have any evidence of this? “Because I said so” doesn’t really give me any merit to believe your claims. I don’t doubt that idea, but there’s no hard facts that that’s the case at all. It’s more of like a large idea the fans had amongst themselves.

          1. You must be stupid not to realize that they are not going to put the game just on the WiiU when the system isn’t selling. It’s far from being saved, and no game can save it. When Nintendo realized that the system wasn’t selling after the Zelda trailer, they held back and scrapped the ideas for WiiU only. The NX is going to have it as the better version and the WiiU as the shit one. Sadly, this will be the only home system of Nintendo to not have a Zelda game if it doesn’t even show on the WiiU. And Wind Waker doesn’t count. Wii sold crazy in the first half because Zelda and other third party were already out 3 months into the systems release. That’s the plan for NX

        1. It’s as you said, pure speculation. There’s nothing solid about the game’s release besides official declarations that it’s ‘still coming to Wii U’.

        2. The only thing known about Zelda wii u is that they were no longer targeting 2015. No other information has been given.

        3. I doubt it will be transformed into an NX exclusive, it would be a PR nightmare, but it will definiteyl not be Wii U exclusive.
          Either way, it won’t launch early on the year, no matter what yer it actually launches, new Zelda games always launch of November.

      2. We are getting Zelda U on the Wii U sometime in 2016 because 2016 is
        The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary. Period.

        There is no way Zelda U is releasing in 2017.

        1. Zelda is releasing in 2017. They aren’t going to show a Zelda trailer at E3 2016 and say “oh, Zelda is coming this holiday”. They only do that with handheld Zelda. 2017 is Zelda.

          1. You’re acting like it hasn’t even been announced yet. Development began in January 2013 and was announced in 2014. Of course a Zelda game would never be announced and released in the same year. But that isn’t the case here.

            1. 2013 and it’s still not out. It says how much Nintendo needs to spilt their teams to make games since their crappy WiiU can’t even get third party. Loll lol. Zelda isn’t coming out until NX. That’s why they wouldn’t even show that shit in fucking e3 this year.

              1. You’re right in that Nintendo should’ve started work on Zelda much earlier. That’s their mistake. They said ahead of time that Zelda wasn’t gonna be shown because they had a lot of work to and weren’t ready to show. That doesn’t mean it’s coming on the NX. That just means they had a lot of work to do to get it ready. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not absolutely certain that Zelda is coming solely to Wii U, but you can’t be certain it’s coming to NX either.

                1. Dude, are you that blind? Nintendo starting development earlier had nothing to do with it. They saw it to be pointless to release just on the WiiU because there’s no systems sold. The Zelda game would sell nothing, so they canceled plans to focus on just a WiiU version and now making an NX. It’s the same thing for the GameCube when they were cutting ties and saw it wasn’t selling as much. They were planning for the Wii at this time. Look at which game is better on twilight – it’s the Wii. Better controllers and more focus on the game.

                  1. Starting development late had everything to do with it. Do you think they’d be having this problem if Zelda was planned as a launch title or maybe in the first 2 years? The only reason they have this problem is because wii u hasn’t sold enough so far and a Zelda game this late in the game probably won’t change anything. If Zelda came out in the first couple years it would have sold systems, just like Smash Bros did.

                  2. Your information is incorrect. All Nintendo has said is that they are no longer targeting release in 2015. I don’t know where this misinformation people are spreading is coming from.

                2. They actually started development after the last Zelda console game. They develop concepts and ideas about how they want it and what they want to do with it. Teams are split to do other things until what they specialize in is needed.

                  1. Well yeah. Every big series sees the development team start working on future concepts and ideas immediately after a game is completed. Sometimes even before. And Zelda typically only sees a new console release every 4 to 6 years. But the point I was trying to make was that something more should have been planned closer to the U’s launch. They knew Wii U was coming when Skyward Sword was completed. Wind Waker was a good game and all and looked great on U but I just don’t think a remake is enough to hold people over for this long. Perhaps Nintendo should’ve considered dual releasing SS.

                    1. How many of the named games do people expect to show up in 2 years 9 months of a console in the market by the same developer. Games take time to develop. Remember it takes team of people. Also, there is different stages people are used the development. People are moved around as needed.

      3. Yeah. The Zelda game trailer was probably NX prototype anyway. The wii u is barely a cm more powerful than PS3. No way can a slow, stupid weak console handle that.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Knowing Nintendo, we won’t get Zelda Wii U til the very end of 2016 in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, Nintendo will make us suffer through yet another game drought throughout the year so when they finally do release a game, people will be so hungry to play something new they’ll buy any crap that comes out during the game drought… like Metroid Prime: Federation ChibiShitForce.

      1. And after Zelda U is done in R&D Nintendo wont start on a new zelda tittle or no other game right away. Knowing how long games take to be finished and starting a game immediately after another is complete to avoid a drought makes sense but Nintendo is stupid so. Hell they were too stupid not to make Pikmin 4 immediately after Pikmin 3.

        1. They start with concept and ideas once a project is finished. Look up information on how developing games work. Why make Pikmin 4 now when other games to revive? If they have enough concept and ideas then they will make Pikmin 4. I’m glad you work for Nintendo. Please inform us of how things work with Nintendo.

        1. I won’t hold my breathe as Nintendo has been letting us down a lot this gen.

          Sadly, this isn’t relegated to just Nintendo… :/ The others are just widely more successful with the games they let us down with.

    1. Xenoblade has plenty of punch of you like those type of games. Most people don’t have the patience for a long Jrpg. I think Xenoblade X will be my game of the year, easily.

      1. Xenoblade, yeah, should have made myself clearer. But the rest (except maybe StaFox) lack the wide appeal in my opinion.

  2. J. Jonah Jameson: …They’re crap..crap, crap, mega crap. I’ll pay you none for all of them.
    Nintendo: That seems a little low.
    J. Jonah Jameson: Take your Wii U crap somewhere else then. (Spider-Man 1 reference)

    1. Now Nintendo knows how I feel to treat people like Mega Crap.

      The line-up sucks. I’m only getting StarFox, and that’s if they fix those horrible, crappy textures that make the game look like a fucking Wii disaster.

  3. Wow…such an amazing lineup of games/sarcasm. Fanboys, see the light, the truth, reality itsself!!!

    1. U have no games, then the chart would be empty wouldn’t it, yes they aren’t big hitters, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be enjoyable games

      1. Fagboyism comment was seen by you. Those games suck. None will be fun and all of them but Mario maker is a new game, although it’s taken from the communities ideas of making levels for others. No one is going to buy a WiiU for Mario maker.

        1. None are new? Are you looking at the same list as me? And how do you know they suck? You must have played them all I guess.

          1. Mario Maker = old
            Yoshi World = redone in yarn
            Xenoblade = different story (old)
            new Mario bros U = again released?
            StarFox = old
            Mario Tennis = old
            Fatal Frame = different story (old)
            Just Dance = boring and old
            Guitar Hero = rehash and old
            Animal Crossing = redone (old)

            Devils Third is the only new thing

            1. In your last post you said mario maker is the only new game. Now it’s Devil’s Third? And what makes Xenoblade and Fatal Frame old? It’s not like they’re remakes. They’re the next games in their respective series’. Are you saying that any sequel is an old game? It certainly seems that way since you’re saying DT is the only new game.

          2. Your fanboyism shows on this crappy system and how crappy Nintendo is at feeding you the same games over and over again.

            1. List the new games that you play. Let’s start with that. Since you enjoy complaining, it must be new not a sequel nor a game that was long forgotten and making a return nor a spinoff.

    2. We are getting mainline installments in the Super Mario series, the Yoshi’s series, and the Star Fox series by this year’s end plus unique gems like Fatal Frame and Xenoblade Chronicles X. This all just adds to a sublime lineup of titles such as the critically acclaimed Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Splatoon. To think that we are getting Pokkén Tournment AND The Legend of Zelda next year too. Those are a lot of games for a supposedly dead console, and they are all fun. We don’t have any games?#WiiHaveAlltheCoolGames

      1. I agree with the 101, but I would add even more games to that list of stellar titles like Nintendo Land, Lego City Undercover, Windwaker HD, and many more.

    1. Because Nintendo was stupid thinking of another NSMBU in R&D when they should have been thinking of Galaxy 3. But Nintendo is stupid so…

  4. There’s 8 games out of that list that I want, and 5 of them I REALLY CANT WAIT TO PLAY!! That’s a pretty dang good amount of games for me to play this holiday!

  5. Bhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They put NSMBU and luigiU on there to fill up some space! I my gosh. Hahahahaha stop!!! STOP!!!!
    Hahahahaa. 😂
    Wow that’s sad and funny. So embarrassing.

    1. They’re being re-released as a 2-pack. Granted they’re not new games, but I guess it’s technically a new release.

    2. It’s meant to show everything they are releasing, they are releasing a disk with both in it and that’s why its there

    3. Lol! Exactly. They were like “boys, we don’t have any games this year like that, so let’s give the fans something new and old so they think it’s new. Like… new Super Mario Bros U but with 1 disc and two games” only you Nintendo fags will jump with gitty by this shit stain list.

  6. Im enjoying my self with my PS4. Man garden warfare plants vs zombies is so fun. lol. Ill enjoy my self with even more in 2016-2017 with Wii U POKKEN TOURNAMENT YA BABY! and maybe just maybe new zelda…. And im a get devils third + Xenoblade in Jan. Dont have the money resource right now :(. I saw a Wii U for $229 white. Im a get that 1. And get Smash bros. Wii U

    1. God, I’m so happy they announced Pokken Tournament for the Wii U. We were all waiting for it and they finally announced it. AAAAH.

      1. If they were smart when Pokke. FIGHTERS was in R&D and had already thought a out the Wii U bersion, that game could be out this year. But they are stupid and rather make a game as late as possible so….

  7. Why is this lineup getting so much hate? It’s not that bad. Super Mario Maker is gonna be awesome. Star Fox Zero looks like it’ll be, at the very least, as good as 64. The predecessor to Xenoblade X was a great game and X is already getting positive reception. Mario Tennis, with the exception of the 3DS title, has been a good series. Fatal Frame always gets good reviews. Wooly World has received generally positive reviews. I could go on but this comment is long enough as it is.

    1. The people hating it put hate comments on everyone of the posts, it’s something people do when they are unhappy in life, they either hate on everything, or just to make excuses on what they are doing is ok even though its part of the reason they are unhappy, then hate on everything

    2. And then we have both both Mighty No. 9 &
      Rodea the Sky Soldier slated for q1 of next year,
      as well as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem &
      Pokken Tournament! There’s also Fast Racing Neo
      which is not on that timeline and will likely be
      an early 2016 release, as well as free to play eShop
      exclusive Project Treasure from Bandai Namco.
      Then of course, Zelda.

      That’s already 7 or 8 games for Wii U for next year.
      Smaller games, but intriguing games nonetheless.

      1. Rode a is delayed to November but still right with the number of 2016 if fast racing don’t make it to december. The 2016 game you missed was Mario and sonic at the olympics.

    3. Well star fox zero looks like star fox assault and plays worse (i have actually tried it at the e3) the animal crossing is a cash maker because you need and extra in order to play (fuck you amiibos/skylanders/disney infinity) Disney infinity is a multiplatform and not even am awesome one. New super mario/luigi U shouldnt event be there, okay its a RE-release no a NEW release (though its new super mario *pun*) xenoblade, yoshi and devil’s third are fine. Fatal frame should have been release before but anyway still fine. Mario tennis is slow paced and doesnt seem too emtertaining. All wiiu games are not enough for a long year.

    1. Its delayed because since Wii U is barely more powerful than the PS3, the Neo racing is too powerful for its little Weak barely more powerful than 360, the game could blow up the console. They have to dumb it down since Nintendo thought it was wise to give it 1gb in 2008. Thats the reason for the delay. Its too weak.

  8. I can’t believe at one point 2015 was hyped to be the Wii U’s break out year. Now, not so much. As long as we get Xenoblade and Mario Maker I could honestly care less about all the other games. Star Fox is a huge let down. It looks like a game that could be on the GameCube. And that’s not a joke, it could seriously run on the GameCube just lower resolution. I just finished replaying Starfox 64. I don’t feel like playing a revamped version on my Wii U anytime soon.

    1. Any and all games can run on the atari 2600 if a developer wanted to. It will look different but the same game.

      1. Yeah too bad the wii u cant show games up to 2015 generation since its barely more powerful than the 360.

        1. Do people take your comments serious? I don’t think anyone would. I’m sorry Nintendo has done something to you. I hope with therapy you can overcome your angry or disappointment with Nintendo. They are just a company. You can either enjoy their products or not but in no way are they forcing you.

  9. Of all the awesome games they could put in this line-up that’s been out for awhile now & they go with New Super Mario Bros U+New Super Luigi U 2 pack which are games most people could care less about because most gamers were drained from playing the others? Fuck you, Nintendo. At least release special editions of Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors 4 Wii U, and other games that didn’t get many sales. Yeah, yeah. It’s Mario’s 30th Anniversary but still. This is just pathetic. Zelda & Metroid aren’t getting this treatment for their 30th Anniversaries. In fact, they are getting shit on right now; Zelda to a lesser degree as Metroid has it even worse with a fucking game that screams Streetpass Mii Plaza.

    1. I am happy for the two pack mario. I have not bought that game/expansion yet. My wife and I will have fun playing it. My nephews will enjoy it too.

      1. If you’ve played the other NSMB games, I suggest not bothering with NSMBU as it has the same music, same gameplay, etc.

        1. That is fine. That is kind of like saying since I played Super Mario Bros then their is no need to play any of the sequels. I enjoy video games not analyze them. I hope it has the same gameplay. That is why I enjoy playing the series. Music is just music. I’ve never really been too impressed with video game music.

    2. Also Bayonetta already had a special edition. You got two games in one. If people want the other games they are on shelves to buy.

        1. Most consumer buy what they see. If they see the game on the shelf and like that type of game then they will buy it. If people don’t want the game, a new boxart is not going to change that.

    3. Yeah I agree. Metroid and Zelda deserve better treatment than they’ve had this generation. They’re great series’. Just because Mario is the big moneymaker, it doesn’t mean the other series’ should take a back seat.

      1. Disney doesn’t treat all of their other characters like shit just because Mickey is their biggest character, so it pisses me off when Nintendo does the exact opposite.

    4. Dude you know nothing of Zelda and Metroid plans for their big anniversary so chill and wait until info man. You’re complaining on your own speculation. Also Mario is Nintendo’s mascot so, yeah, it’s really only right that he gets special treatment. He’s pretty much what started it all for them. Now I too would like something very special and awesome for Link and Samus, don’t get me wrong, but Super Mario Maker is kinda encapsulating all of Nintendo into a Mario game which is cute. I mean it’s Mario’s biggest game, yet one of the biggest features about it is using other characters in it. That’s pretty big. Like saying even though it’s my birthday party, everyone gets a slice of cake, noise makers, and plenty of time in the inflatable castle.

      Heck Mario didn’t even start getting this kind of sweet treatment until this year so you, again, have no idea what’s in store for Link or Samus. And no one’s getting shat upon. You have your wants and needs wires crossed as well as your information and speculations wires, you might wanna uncross them and enjoy the lovely stream of games we have coming. Not all for everybody, but it’s not looking really all that bad if you like playing games.

      1. Nintendo is doing a lot for metro, I mean metriod. They are making a fucking 3ds game that Seamus (that’s her new name at Nintendo) is dead in the water and hiding. They even had a petition to get that shit canceled. Only Nintendo man.

      2. Are you a moron? Mario always gets sucked off by Nintendo. They make so many fucking Mario games that they made the same fucking game called New Super Mario Bros 4 times in 3 years. You are an idiot. Mario always gets his nuts sucked by Nintendo and he isn’t even Nintendos best, it’s Link and Zelda. Nintendo is a fucking shell of themselves like rare. Best get my checkbook out, I see a PS4 I’m getting and hope I can get 3 cents for my WiiU.

        1. No, I am not a moron. I am also not so rude as to begin conversing with someone by insulting their intelligence Bru- uh Batman.

          But yeah Mario makes the money and, as I said, Mario kinda started Nintendo in the gaming industry. Do you ignore your first child just because they’re a plumber and not as cool as your adventurer son or marine daughter? That’s kinda a silly way to look at things.

          And Mario games have been released with a higher frequency that most of Nintendo’s offerings always. This isn’t all that new if you check the wiki of the released dates when literally the same game and not just a very similar game with different mechanics was released. I find it very odd that people complain about that with the NSMB series while also being the very same people to say Super Mario Bros 2 isn’t a real Mario Bros game because of the skin swap even though Miyamoto worked on THAT game and not the one we call The Lost Levels, which is basically SMB 1.5, but I digress.

          Point is Mario gets the green light cause he sells the most and it’s his anniversary so why complain so hard when at least Nintendo is treating their mascot with some level of respect and love. Love it or hate it thems the numbers. Link and Samus may be the best for the older crowd, but we aren’t all there is in gaming and I see Nintendo at least releasing things for other games so they haven’t lost interest.

          “Gamers” need to chill the hell out.

                1. Hm so the word “kinda” I had in that statement does actually apply, since while Game&Watch certainly did sell well, Mario’s success (in Donkey Kong) is what really stood out and what pushed them to go into the home console business. They would not be where they are today without him. I do not see how what I said was ignorant at all.

                  1. You could literally say the same abour R.O.B. Were it not for him and Gyromite, the NES would have failed here in the West. To consider Super Mario Bros. the main force pushing the NES into the market is an oversimplification of enormous proportions, especially when the rest of the launch titles (like Excitebike or Duck Hunt) were every bit as popular.

                    Sure, Mario Bros. was already a hit title during the Famicom day, before the NES hit the shelves of the western world, but let’s not oversimplify things. Even if you disregard the G&W portables, the rest of their arcade games and the initial NES titles played a huge rol in establishing Nintendo as a gaming company here in the West.

                    And to clarify things, I’m just typing this because I’ve seen people share the general idea that the G&W consoles were just a minor event in the history of the company, which is a ridiculous idea. Same with overstating the role of Super Mario Bros. while disregarding the rest of the launch titles available for the NES.

                    1. I respect your position man, but you have grossly misunderstood what I mean.

                      Firstly, you are correct, there were many things that helped and pushed Nintendo along the way. However, Mario has always been the flag they’ve flown the most and the hardest. He is what people think of when they think of Nintendo. Yeah sure there are more well liked games over all, but Mario is the one who’s the most remembered.

                      Secondly, I’ve not said Game & Watch was not important, nor did I intend to down play it. I said Mario is what stood out, which is the truth. Likely due to the arcade game’s popularity or maybe cause Nintendo liked the guy and promoted him the most, but whatever the reason, he did.

                      Again I appreciate, understand, and respect your not wanting the history to be distilled down to just one character, cause you’re right, it shouldn’t be. But the context of my statement was not intending to do so. I merely wished to convey that Mario is a big important icon to Nintendo, being their mascot and all, and he’s who the masses think of when they think of Nintendo. So milestones for him are more important to the company. Most of the people complaining about that should be old enough and/or mature enough to accept that fact. I too (like those who are upset) want Link, Samus, Kirby and the others to all get extra sweet perks and appreciation, but I’m not gonna hold my breath on it or get pissed if it doesn’t happen. What’s most important is that they keep making the games I love to me, not that they make each character seem as if they are the most important thing ever. It makes those times when they do give special attention to others less special.

                      1. Sure, I completely agree with you there, it’s only normal to give the face of the company some privileges over the less popular characters. It was never my intent to deny that claim. I just think that the arguments you gave just now to justify that choice are much more valid than what you typed on that other post and, since I know that the idea of Mario being the first worthwhile thing Nintendo created in the videogame market is a very widespread and dangerous concept, I felt the need to clarify and expand on that ‘kinda’ of yours, nothing else.

                        All said and done, I hope someone actually reads our posts and sees the history of Nintendo in the early 80s with a different mindset.

      3. Well as long as I get Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, Devil’s Third, Zero Suit Samus amiibo, Dr. Mario amiibo, Ganondorf amiibo, Mewtwo amiibo, & possibly R.O.B. amiibo, I guess I’ll be okay. Wow… I’ve got more Nintendo figurines than I do Nintendo games on my list of things to get. That’s just pathetic.

        Good for those that like casual games like the party & sports games, though. They’ll get Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Just Dance 2016, Guitar Hero Live, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, & Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. I’m surprised they didn’t throw a special edition of Wii Fit U into the fucking line-up. If this is what Reggie meant by no game drought, you’re a fucking idiot. Please leave Nintendo of America via the ledge of a roof. Oh & do a swan dive, a couple of flips, and scream Directly to You on the way down. I want to be somewhat entertained as your face meets the pavement.

      4. AC amiibo fest and the AC amiibo come out on November 13th as well as the Mewtwo amiibo.
        Why this chart just listed everything AC as holiday… b/c Nintendo is crazy and picks dates hrs. after charts are made.

      5. Damn, now, let’s see….

        I want Super Mario Maker, that’s a must. I want Yoshi’s Wooly world….I need Fatal Frame (Good from Nintendo to release it near Halloween), I want Star Fox, Xenoblade X is a fucking must (because I was waiting all year for this game and you guys can said whatever crap you want about this game, I don’t care), Devil’s third, I do want it but I need confirmation on the Online and clans (just like Splatoon) and I am interested in Mario Tennis. Not to mention, I want some amiibos (specially that Chibi robot one and Mario Maker one) and that mega Yoshi amiibo but in honest truth I know I won’t get it because I know people will kill for these….well, my wallet won’t sit well this holiday season.

      6. That dumb ass above me saying Zelda will be on nx doesn’t know what he is talking about that Zelda game will be for wiiu I dont understand people saying this will be on the nx when did Nintendo say this would be on nx never

        1. When did Nintendo say Zelda Twilight Princess won’t be released on the GameCube? They didn’t, right? But guess what, they kept pushing Zelda back and they said the exact same thing they said about the WiiU “they noticed some changes they wanna to do with Zelda”. They say the same shit word for word each time. That shit is gonna be a subpar WiiU game with the NX looking like Batman on PS4.

          1. Facts are the real answer. If Nintendo have not said it then it has not or will not happen until they say so. The spread of misinformation is a big problem for gaming. People start believing things that people say as fact and ignore what the actual company say. There is still no information at all about what the NX is. Please don’t speak about the patent because the patent is not confirmation.

        1. Don’t other games get listed when there is a re-release? Examples, GOTY edition, definitive edition and in this case Pack in edition.

      7. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein for Smash

        Wow. Mario Maker I will get but I don’t think it’s worth the price of a full game that has a storymode and other modes added to it.
        Ganondorf Amiibo is a must.
        Xenoblade …. I lost interest since it’s been so long, but I will still pick it up later on
        And Devil’s Third I’ll pick up. Basically it….. Sad.

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