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Here’s 9 Minutes Of Cool Footage From Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Here’s some cool footage for you. A video of a snow-themed level has popped up in the upcoming multiplayer Zelda title. Polygon has uploaded a 9-minute video titled “Snowball Ravine”, showcasing a new area in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. The three intrepid heroes must work together to get through a number of suitably chilly areas, while avoiding tightly packed snowballs and various enemies. Previous footage has shown us how the colourfully costumed Links can stack together as a totem pole, but we also get a sneak peek at Link using the fire gloves to melt snow and ice. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS for the US and UK on October 23.


65 thoughts on “Here’s 9 Minutes Of Cool Footage From Zelda: Tri Force Heroes”

  1. While the Zelda series isn’t one of my favorite, Four Swords is one of my favorite games ever, and I’m really looking forward to this game.

  2. When I first saw the game at E3 I didn’t. But once more gameplay came out I started to like it and now I want it. I hope my friends get this game. And did anybody notice the noise the fire glove makes when it shoots a fireball is the same one as the one from Mario?

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      1. You can always spot a gay person who hasn’t come out of the closet because they always act real homophobic, especially in public… It’s ok buddy, we’re all accepting here. You can come out now.

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          Deep South=out the closet flamer

          1. If you’d like i have a Luna that could help you pronounce and spell correctly. It’s is “bitch” not beeotch….

          2. I ain’t all that angry but it does make me upset and disappointed and helol, yeah I guess even angry to see Link in a dress. I never thought that gay agenda shit would sneak into our beloved games. Or Zelda. Man. So messed up. What’s wrong with this world?! You’re going to confuse young boys and make them think it’s okay to be gay. I’m not against gays but it is a choice. Even they’re so called born that way, that’s fine believe whatever a doctor or researcher tells you blindly.
            Choose your life that’s fine but don’t influence kids minds and poison them and confuse them even more. It’s not right.
            It’s fucked up.
            This game is fucked up for that sole reason. Forget this game. I won’t buy it.

            1. Why not you Influence them with all your religion and biggotry. You tell that it’s ok to talk to a women like a peace meet. The world teaches the. To shoot guys and kill “for the right reasons” you tell your kids it’s not ok to be racist yet you yourself probably make stereotipical comments. Please don’t pull the good citizen or good person crap, all of you that thing that way are way more wrong than anything that if being put out by this games. Don’t want your kids to be influence “cripple them” I mean you already are going to by making them follow of your crappy believes.

          3. This game keeps looking better and better. I feel like that’s how most of Nintendo’s games are going these days. They show off a trailer, people’s initial reactions are anywhere from “uh, no thanks” to “meh” to “I guess it looks fun” then they show more off and people start realizing that the game actually looks balls-to-the-walls amazing. Remember Super Mario 3D World? Super Mario Maker? even Splatoon? It keeps happening and happening. Nintendo is an interesting company.

            1. Whoaaa. Everyone liked the idea of Mario Maker, splatoon is still split down the middle, and 3D world did not sell that well…

              I’m afraid you’re argument is based on how you feel about those games, not the general gaming populace.

              1. General reception to Mario Maker was meh at best and “Nintendo isn’t goint to even bother making this games anymore, now they’re charging you to do it” at worst. And many people hated 3D World’s aesthetics, calling a NSMB title “but in 3D”. Not too sure about Splatoon, but considering the initial reveal, I wouldn’t be too surprised if people dismissed it as shovelware.

                So, for what is worth, my memory and common sense agree with WowieZowie here.

                1. Splatoon is super! I think it was one of the most surprisingly fun games I decided to try recently.

                  This game on the otherhand…. Pass, looks like shovelware.

                  1. Hmm… It was way fucking lower a while ago… I guess when it’s one of the few big titles out, it’s bound to sell more… Didn’t know it was at 3 million tho!

                  2. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

                    Wait till (Metroid) Federation Force is out…that game is gonna be shit from reveal to release…mark my words…BEEOTCH!!!

                    It might not suck on release(cuz the devs are a talented bunch) but calling it Metroid “just cause”(so it will sell) automatically makes it shit…no rescuing until there is a tittle change!

                    1. Bitch please, this is a game about the Galactic Federation that takes place in the Prime universe, they have every right to call it Metroid Prime.

                        1. While every other company has a different effect, only fanboys and casuals that don’t know about other games stay hyped for those 2017 games that only get CGI trailers. And I don’t understand the hype behind Sony’s presentation. Final Fantasy 7, a remake. Shenmue 3, a kickstarter game that is not even exclusive. And The Last Guardian, the game that was hyped only because of the past games of the dev and a CGI trailer, now with a new dev making the game. And let’s not get even started on the downgrades of Ubisoft.

                          I hope that the same happens to the most hated games of E3, so I can laugh at the others. Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. The devs promised new modes for Amiibo Festival at the Treehouse live, so I have some hope for it. And they said that they made the game so that there would be Animal Crossing amiibos. And Federation Force looks like Metroid Prime’s four swords. It has an intersting concept. People who are hating amiibo festival did most likely not watch the treehouse, and Metroid Prime “fans” have some lame excuses: no Samus (you can’t get her playable in a game that should expand the story of the Federation so it can have a bigger role in Prime 4, you know?), chibi graphics (the style only aplies on the soldiers, and they don’t look that different from how they looked in Prime 2 and 3), exploration (I remember seeing a mission where you had to capture four beasts, but you still had to find them and another mission with 4 ships you had to destroy, but you still had to find them. And if it is too easy for you, don’t look to the damn map!), Blast Ball (bitch, please! that is a fun tutorial. You can play it more IF YOU WANT. “Space Soccer does not belong to the universe of Metroid (Prime)”. Can’t some people have some fun rounds of “space soccer” only because they live in the universe of a bounty hunter whose arch nemessis is a giant dragon?) and having the Metroid Prime title “slapped on it” (It is a game with the story that is based off the Federation soldiers from the Metroid series, why should it not be in the Metroid universe? And the Metroid universe is split in two: the Metroid series and the Metroid Prime series. The Prime series has a different storyline, so the two series are basically not canon to each other. So this takes place in the Prime timeline after Prime 3 and before Prime 4, based on mr. Tanabe’s recent statements.). So they basically have no actual excuse to hate Federation Force, it’s like Ground Zeroes, but with a different protagonist. Next Level would likely not be able to do a Prime 4, so it is not a “waste of resources” that made Prime 4 to not be made. Mr. Tanabe first has to get a team to start developing a game with the scale of the main Prime games, and he would not want that game to launch before Federation Force. So he should be most likely be waiting untill a big team will be free. In that moment, Prime 4 development should start.

                          1. Thanks bruh for having common sense and looking up the info that occurred later and not blindly hating for retarded reasons in line xenoridley and strangablog and watching the treehouse

                            1. “And the Metroid universe is split in two: the Metroid series and the Metroid Prime series. The Prime series has a different storyline, so the two series are basically not canon to each other.”
                              You’re so wrong about everything it hurts.

                              1. He is right. Canonically (said by Nintendo, the company that owns Metroid), every Metroid game does not affect the Prime storyline and vice versa. You’re so wrong about this it hurts.

                                1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

                                  I’m gonna guess this essay was directed towards me…I mean, I did bring up Metroid and your post is about how you wish to justify the existence of Poop Force…hahaha

                                  Listen, it’s been a minute since ANY NEW Metroid has been developed…I can name about half a dozen of efforts which should have NOT been developed and instead in place of those efforts(which failed) ANY Metroid could have been developed…

                                  There is ZERO excuse for Nintendo to not have released a NEW Metroid for the 3DS or WII U…ZERO DAMN EXCUSE…this Doodoo called Federaion Force is NOT Metroid…it only “FITS” into the Metroid universe because they already created this monstrosity and force fit it in…creating stories is the easiest way to justify some shitty game which was originally some other uninspired generic garbage that was fitted with skins of an IP they’ve kept dormant for some unknown reason…

                                  Resident Evil 6 is TRASH…YET…it fits into the RE universe/timeline…but is it really a RE game? Fuck NO! That’s some cod hybrid for stupid morons who never played a REAL RE game…

                                  STOP trying to justify Nintendo’s fuck ups….BEEN should have had a new Metroid out…not just barely getting a team together to work on one…and STOP trying to say it “ties” into the universe…when you create SHIT, you already created it, so you HAVE to find a way to fit it into the story…and for the record…even if it’s part of the Metroid Universe, well, like many, it’s a part I could do without…this chibi doodoo has got to go!

                                  1. Hey, this is a spin-off that should make you prepared for Prime 4. It is meant to introduce what the job of Federation Soldiers might be. Tanabe is responsible for Prime and he does not have many studios. Retro and Next Level Games are the only ones I know that are supervised by him. He can’t tell what he is doing in interviews, I hope it is understandable. The Donkey Kong Country series needed a revival. And you can’t blame them for doing a sequel after the first one sold so good. And Tropical Freeze was an improvement over Returns. And maybe the people at Retro still want to stick with DK a while. Because Metroid is not the only franchise that exists and is fairly big. And Prime 4 will likely be announced 1-2 years after Federation Force at latest. And RE 6 was considered main series, while Federation Force was not named Prime 4. I mean it is not the same if this is a spin-off. And I already said that only the soldiers look a little chibi, and in single player you will not even see any soldier.

                                  2. Dude, you kind of had it going until you said the timeline between Metroid and Metroid Prime split, not that it would matter in your argument if it was anyway. But don’t get me wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing what else MPFF has to offer.

                                    1. I saw people who said that it should be named Metroid: Federation Force instead of Prime, but I was now argumenting about the Prime naming. You would be surprised what excuses people can make. Some of them are understandable, since they might be missinformed. But other excuses are just plain stupid.

                                    2. No actual excuse? Yeah. Whatever you say, Nintendo Dick Rider. I guess you like it when they spank your ass as hard as they can, ask “do you like that, bitch,” & you respond “oh god yes! more, daddy nintendo, more! fuck me like the little bitch that I am! I like being treated like a cum dumpster!” You don’t know a god damn thing about Metroid. Educate yourself before you go telling fans of the fucking franchise they have no actual excuse, you corporate bitch. You have every right to defend Nintendo’s bullshit but don’t talk like your fucking opinion is fucking fact. I would have gladly let your entire Nintendo defending rant slide but you just had to go into full retard fanboy defending mode. Now go back to using your hands for what they seem to be best at: holding your ass open for Nintendo to ram that bullshit further up it.

                                      1. IDK…I still think Nintendo was drooling at Monster Hunter’s sales figures and asked themselves how they can copy it’s success… Mmhmm. By taking Metroid and Zelda, adding multiplayer coop. Some number cruncher at Nintendo wants a bite of Capcom’s sales.

                                        This might be ok…just looks like ALBW(ish) If they built a legit story around it, I might be game…maybe. Afterall, it’s not like it’s the only Zelda we get…

                                        1. …You are aware that Four Swords predates the original Monster Hunter by two years, right? Besides, it’s not like any of those invented cooperative multiplayer.

                                        2. The Galactic Federation screamed for a game like Federation Force and it is nothing like Monster Hunter except for 4 player online co-op. And Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon X and Y also sold better than Monster Hunter3 and 4. Monster Hunter is… well… hunting monsters. This is missions based around a story. And Zelda is like normal Zelda, but only dungeons and has co-op.

                                          1. After 20 years, you’re telling me Nintendo randomly decided to turn it’s franchises into multiplayer coops at the same time? Just as MH3 and 4 were kicking ass? I don’t think so.

                                        3. Obinna warned the little bitches such as the one they call Stranga that Nintendo would do this.. That the Kyoto whore would open spread eagle after taking a hit of crack. Obinna warned Selena Ruiz that if she disobeyed that the Nigerian Meatgrinder wouldnt hold the pimp hand back on god himself because Obinna will test that ass. “Nintendo is my Blood’s” father died of cancer because it needed to happen. The mongolians of unnature decent still give a died fish eyed look from there downs face and Robin Williams decision to murder himself was the best thing to happen to us in 2014. Obinna Sasori Mii is sastified…..

                                        4. Not supporting anything that has Link dressed in leopard tights or a Zelda dress. Roll me over when Zelda U or Zelda Nx news breaks the scene.

                                          1. Completely agree. I hate what they have done to link here. Link is the Hero of Time for Christ sakes! Not a cross dressing Lilly! I have nothing against cross dressers, but Link is not one! Or he shouldn’t be anyways… 9 out of 10 Nintendo games are party/multiplayer games now…. They have given up on the single player adventure games…. Obviously Zelda being the exception…

                                            Nintendo has been focusing way too much on multiplayer games this generation. It’s really driving me mad. I have to get all my single player experiences from 3rd parties this gen. That’s why I’m so hyped for Zelda U. That why I’m hyped for Xenoblade. Because those are literally the only two hardcore single player games Nintendo has made all generation (with the exception of Pikmin 3, an amazing game)….. And neither one is out yet.

                                            1. Tropical Freeze is another exception, but that game was developed by Platinum Games if you wanna get technical… Either way, my point still stands.

                                                1. Considering it doesn’t seem like you even know what his point was, how about stfu? His point is firmly standing.

                                                  1. Considering he’s mixing a Texan Nintendo studio with a Japanese third-party one, I don’t think it’s worth it to even read the rest of what he has typed.

                                                  2. Holy crow this was not the reply I thought id get….

                                                    But yeah, I feel it sends the wrong message to children who don’t understand any better than it being just part of some silly game.

                                                    And you’re right, why was that even necessary? They could have easily just made outfits that were different enough to NOT look feminine in nature.

                                                    Good reply DeepSouth.

                                                    1. That’s what the children’s parents are for, right? Right? To tell their children that males don’t wear dresses? Right? RIGHT!?!

                                                      Time for parents & people like you to quit expecting other people to raise other people’s children. I know they can’t be there 24/7 but this new trend with expecting everything to be kid friendly, or in this case, idiot friendly because what boy that’s over 5 would actually think wearing a dress is normal unless their own parent dresses them up in said outfits, is getting ridiculous.

                                                      Contrary to popular belief, kids are not idiots & actually have more sense than some, or most, adults.

                                                    2. Funny you mention the Hero of Time version of Link since his tunic looked oddly like a t-shirt & skirt in the original N64 title when he became an adult. lol

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