Zoink Games Announces Comical Story-Brawler Zombie Vikings For Wii U

Fans of zombies and vikings won’t have to choose one or the other in the latest indie game announced for Wii U. Zoink Games revealed their newest title, Zombie Vikings, which is a 1-to-4 player co-op story-brawler game set in Norse mythology, where a band of warriors must hack-and-slash their way through the humorous world to return Odin’s stolen eye. Having been on the radar earlier this month, given we saw a sneak peek of the game in a Nintendo of Europe indie reel, it seems the home console is officially on the cards.

The game is schedule to be released on PlayStation 4 on September 1, of which you can check out a trailer below, and developers hope the title will be in the hands of Wii U owners by the end of the year. Zoink Games, the Swedish-based development company, has a history of releasing titles on Wii and Wii U, including The Kore Gang, WeeWaa and Stick It to the Man! The founder of Zoink Games, Klaus Lyngeled, talked with Nintendo World Report about the recent announcement.

Every time we’re out on the social media, and we mention Nintendo, there’s a huge following and they’re so devoted. I feel like we have to do a Nintendo console too, they’re supporting the game community and care about gameplay. … We’d love to release it this year in December, and we want to focus on playing it on the normal Wii Remote so four people can play it simultaneously. I’m not sure we’re going to support the GamePad because it may not make sense, it’s more important to play it with four players.




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