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Famitsu: Monster Hunter Stories Is A Turn Based RPG And More Details

If you are curious about Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter spin-off Monster Hunter Stories then the latest edition of Famitsu has plenty of information for you. Monster Hunter Stories is set to be a turn-based RPG and sounds vaguely similar to Pokemon. The game has been in development for two years and the team is proud of what they have accomplished so far.

  • Battles are turn-based. You’ll fight using “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command options.
  • Monsters have habits so if you pay attention and read their movements, you can tell what will be advantageous in battle.
  • “Otomon,” friendly monsters that Riders can deepen their bonds with, have their own minds and will act at their own will. If the condition calls for it, the Rider and monster can perform a cooperation attack.
  • A Rider’s attack changes based on the equipped weapon. Large swords have the “Nagiharai” special skill, one-handed swords have the “Shield Bash” special skill, and so on.
  • Once riders build a good enough bond with their monsters, they use the “Ride On” technique to dramatically increase their ability. Using the Kizuna Stone, you’ll be able to use stronger “Bond Techniques,” which includes different techniques depending on the monster.

■ Otomon Eggs: You can find monster eggs on the field and bring them back to the village to raise them. What kind of monsters will hatch depends on the location you find them.

  • Since there are a lot of players that have an interest in the world of Monster Hunter, we were looking into a game in the the RPG genre that takes advantage of the setting for about five or six years. Actual development started two years ago.
  • There are a lot of people who love monsters, so for this game we put the spotlight on monsters.
  • I want players of all ages to play this game. We made the visuals and world setting as familiar as possible, and we’re aware the story is not too serious.
  • The “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command-based battles are not only games of luck. For example, the Velociprey likes to speed, etc. There are different habits for each monster. By continuously getting into battle, you’ll learn their habits.
  • The hero can have a party with multiple monsters. In a battle, he can fight together with one of them. It’s also possible to change which monster you are partnered with in battle.
  • The hero participates in battle but largely in a support role. The core attacks are dished out by the Otomon.
  • Otomon have their own particular abilities, and there are cases when you can go places you normally can’t by making use of them.
  • New areas previously not seen in the series will be depicted in this game.
  • Riders form bonds with monsters, while Hunters hunt monsters. From the perspective of these opposing groups, the game will depict a deep story about the world of Monster Hunter.

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19 thoughts on “Famitsu: Monster Hunter Stories Is A Turn Based RPG And More Details”

  1. Monster hunter stories wouldnt be good since its about storylines, i want to fight monsters, more than sit down and hear stories.

    1. Dude, the developers clearly state that its an RPG. Rpg ‘s are story heavy. You know, plots and character development? I personally love a game with a good story. It gives the characters personality and immerses you into the universe. I never understood people like you that’s anti-story. A perfect game is a game that can balance both gameplay AND story into an epic experience.

      1. No, rpg is good but, i feel monster hunter stories is a lot about storytelling, like there will be a place full of book, like telling of old monster hunter tales. From what the title suggests, sorry, but i prefer battle more than a library.

    2. I wonder if the first monster will be random or, just like Pokemon, gives you choices. I might go for this as I like the RPG aspect of it that’s more than just hunting.

    3. I actually want to play this just because I love the monsters they have in monster hunter but I’m not really a fan of the gameplay tbh

        1. You did? I would have kept the PS4 and gotten the Wii U, but I guess not everyone can afford that. And yes for all you people out there, I do in fact like the Playstation. I’m not strictly Nintendo (even though they are my favorite) I think every company and system is good at its own things. If you just go for one system you miss out on the what the other system offers, and vise a versa. Nintendo is very good for creative, and unique adventures, Sony is very good for shooters and RPGs, and Microsoft is very good at shooters and racers. (I’m not saying that’s the only thing each company offers but those are there strong points that stand out the most.) So every company is good at different things, it’s just your personal preference on which you get.

          1. Apparently my comment was SO AWESOME, that no one DARE QUESTIONS ME!!! Or it could be that nobody went back to this article. (Oh dang now I’m embarrassed.)

        2. This game looks amazing. I swear if it wasn’t for Japanese developers turn based RPGs would be a thing of then past.

        3. Omg this is freakin awesome!!!!!! as a avid player of JRPGs I’m literally losing my shit right now. I think this is what Monster hunter realy needs to make the franchise as popular as it is in japan over in other countries. Because from the sound of it their diving deeper not into just the story of monster hunter stories but giving us more of a insight into the actual world of monster hunter, just how the game devs made it clear to say a rider makes bonds with monsters and hunters hunt monsters. So HYPE

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