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Australian Man Tries To Find Every Single Amiibo In 24 Hours

YouTuber UnlistedLeaf set himself a challenge to try to find every amiibo available in Australian stores within 24 hours after fan’s requests to show the ‘Australian supply’ of amiibo on Twitter. With there being 57 amiibo in total on the check-list, I’m sure amiibo collectors will share his pain in trying to hunt down particular characters that may seem like a never-ending conquest find! You can watch his journey on his YouTube channel here.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

24 thoughts on “Australian Man Tries To Find Every Single Amiibo In 24 Hours”

    1. Most stores have them in Japan, Europe and Australia. It’s only the US that’s fucked because you have so many scalpers.

      1. Its not really scalpers that much any more. When you only ship a max of 4 to a store of a popular character there are going to be shortages.

    2. None of these should be hard ro find anywhere- that just makes the company behind them look bad. …Oh, too late.

      Seriously, how is a multi-billion yen company not able to meet demand almost a year after launching the first wave?

      1. I think Nintendo Of America is doing it on purpose. They probably think that it will make people want to buy them more (and right away) if they think they’re rare.

    3. Wow… This is the first time I’ve seen someone say first-world problems and I’m like, “I’ve got it worse than you!!!” Lucky Australians…

    4. This practically confirms that we got overstocked on oversaturated base characters and other regions got even quantities of all the other figures.

      Fuck NOA.
      Nintendo rules everywhere else, it’s NOA that sucks… there is a big difference and distinction.

    5. Yep, it just makes you realize how awful NOA actually is. I don’t know if it’s Reggie, or whoever he has hired to do the books, but they do not have the ability to estimate demand of a product, and ship accordingly. Complete incompetence .

      The Amiibo situation in the U.S. Is a failure. The damage is already done. I walked into my local Walmart and there was literally just Mario and Link Amiibos only. GameStop has more, but no rare ones at all…

      Epic fail NOA, epic fail.

    6. Ever since wave 1, my local Wal-Mart only has a small amount on the rack, and most of that rack is empty. It NEVER gets restocked whatsoever. Unbelievable. The amiibo section in stores should be as big as the Skylanders section.

    7. As I said, that one guy from Nintendo of America shouldn’t be the only guy there to be fired. They all need to fucking go at this point.

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