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GameXplain Posts One Whole Hour Of Super Mario Maker Footage

Have you got an hour to spare? Then you could check out one hour of Super Mario Maker gameplay over on GameXplain’s YouTube channel! The clip shows off the 100 Mario mode which gives you 100 lives to clear eight courses selected from ‘Makers’ worldwide. It’s a good chance to have a look at levels other users have created – and you’ll soon realise that they don’t make them easy to play through either. The footage also features the creation mode along with how the online notifications work when people have played, commented on, or starred one of your levels. You can view the full clip here.

Thanks, Andre

10 thoughts on “GameXplain Posts One Whole Hour Of Super Mario Maker Footage”

  1. So did Andre from GameXplain send that to you or did someone who was ironically named Andre send in something about this vid? lol

  2. I like GX and all, but honestly, they tend to generally spoil a bunch of stuff about games, even if they’re not out yet. In the case of Super Mario Maker, there’s not really stuff you can spoil per say, but I would lersonally prefer to keep voewing it to a minimum in order to maintain the freshness once it’s out.

  3. I honestly can’t find myself buying this game. Not only do I not see the fun in making a level, I don’t see the fun in playing them. I don’t mind watching people play it though. Maybe I’m just over Mario in general.

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