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Splatoon Tops Smash Bros. Wii U In The First 14 Weeks Of Sales In Japan

As you may well know, Splatoon has been doing really well since its release at the end of the May. So well in fact, that it has sold more copies in Japan in its first 14 weeks than Super Smash Bros. Wii U did in the same time-frame.

Here’s the figures:


However, it’s yet to outdo the lifetime sales of Super Smash Bros. Wii U in Japan – Splatoon has currently sold 610,000 units against Smash Bros. Wii U selling around 670,000 units. There’s plenty of time for Splatoon to catch up though, as it was released almost six months after Smash Bros. Watch this space!

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83 thoughts on “Splatoon Tops Smash Bros. Wii U In The First 14 Weeks Of Sales In Japan”

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                                      1. No, it’s called I like a game that delivers to its customers rather than the game that ignores the userbase that got it where it was today.

                                        It helps that Splatoon is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual Mario fare that lost its luster long ago. Even funnier that you called it a baby game when Smash For got neutered to the point where it fits that definition to a T.

                                        But stay mad, Smashtard.

                                    1. I’m shocked by the fact neither are million sellers yet in Japan. Seems the population is moving away from home consoles the last few years there.

                                      1. In fairness, Mario Kart 8 took over a year to surpass 1 Million in Japan. Splatoon is looking to become a Million Seller in Japan, FASTER than the established IP, Mario Kart 8.
                                        Nintendo, keep the New IPs coming. This is proof, that even on your Worst Selling Home Console to date, you can still sell loads of a new IP.

                                        1. And in Japan, the country that does not support home consoles… And yes, Splatoon looks very promising, and those sales that kept being in the charts should assure us that we will get some sequels… But I wonder how the sequel will be without squidjumps.

                                        2. And proof that titles like metered, f zero, etc.. CAN still sell well…even if previous instalments didn’t do so hot!

                                          1. metered? You mean Metroid? Yeah Metroid Hunters was kinda popular back in its day, its like the predecessor of Splatoon in a way being one of the few good online multiplayer shooters from Nintendo. Given the success of Splatoon, they should make Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for NX or Metroid Prime 4 with good online multiplayer and all, would be more appealing to older fans than Splatoon.

                                          1. Yes, but it’s not like the Japanese smash fans did not buy the Wii U version, since it was clear from the announcement that it was going to be better (but Sakurai did what he could, the 3ds version was pretty much leaving no additional space left on the cartridge). And I am sure that most of the people who only bought the 3DS version were just casuals that would not buy a Wii U for Smash…

                                        3. I’m so glad it’s doing good! I love this game, and I’m glad other people are enjoying as well! Playing games is all about fun, so I’m glad a lot of people are having fun with what is now one of my (if not my) favorite shooter ever!

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                                            1. Not to say that Splatoon isn’t awesome, it totally is, but the 3DS version of smash no doubt had a huge effect on the outcome of it’s Wii U sales in comparison to Splatoon’s Wii U exclusivity.

                                            2. Maybe Nintendo is thinking now… We should have followed the “shooter” bandwagon a little bit earlier? Or perhaps have more online component in their games? Just sayin’

                                              1. And also they’re thinking; if only they actually stop dicking around the online interaction scare and actually implement voice chat in a shooter (FRIENDS ONLY) to gain more ground for Splatoon.

                                                          1. Not even close wow you must be 12 and determined to prove how loyal you are to nintendo to suck up their new IP and say it’s the best when it’s not even close. Smash and Kart alone are far better, DK Tropical Freeze, 3d World, shit Wind Waker HD is better. Stop trying to be part of this splatoon crowd of casual fanboys and get out of here with that shit. Splatoon is decent at best but don’t DARE try and say it’s better than Kart or Smash or others but especially not those two. You just made the biggest ass out of yourself.

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                                                            3. I remember telling people Splatoon would sell 2 million in its first year. People thought I was delusional.

                                                              Not so crazy after all, eh?

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