Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi Creates His Own Super Mario Maker Level

As part of Polygon’s ‘Devs Make Mario’ feature, former Castlevania series producer, Koji Iragashi, is tasked with creating his very own Super Mario Maker level.

As expected, the stage he creates is a little bit dark, and Iragashi places Bowser right at the beginning of the stage along with an army of Koopa to try to seal Mario’s fate. Once Mario gets past that, he’s then greeted by a couple of Hammer Bros and a drop down to the unknown. You can check out the full clip of his level here.




  1. Compared to other levels made by games designers (specifically the levels made by Platonic) this was a little bit rubbish and seemingly had very little thought put into it beside ‘lol bowser at the start’ and ‘I want the player to die’. I expected better from someone who makes games for a living.

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  2. That’s it??? Quite the less than 1 minute man am i right folks? 😆
    Even the creator of rayman put more thought into this. Regardless of him working on the next stage or not.


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