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Check Out The Top 20 Best-Selling Video Games Of 1st Half Of 2015 In Europe

Wondering which video games have sold the most during the 1st half of 2015? Well, we now know thanks to GamesMarkt magazine. There’s been a number of big releases this year for various formats, so it is good to see some Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D appear in the charts. You will also see that Nintendo is listed as the second biggest publisher in Europe during the very same time period.


Top 10 Publisher
Software Market Share – Value

01 (01) Electronic Arts – 15,05% (18,58%)
02 (03) Nintendo – 12,57% (12,32%)
03 (06) Take-Two Interactive – 10,79% (5,77%)
04 (10) Bandai Namco Entertainment – 9,52% (3,18%)
05 (07) Warner Bros. Interactive – 9,35% (5,26%)
06 (02) Ubisoft – 8,67% (15,07%)
07 (04) Activision Blizzard – 8,19% (9,76%)
08 (05) Sony Computer Entertainment – 7,62% (7,54%)
09 (09) Microsoft – 3,08% (3,59%)
10 (__) Bethesda Softworks – 2,50%


53 thoughts on “Check Out The Top 20 Best-Selling Video Games Of 1st Half Of 2015 In Europe”

        1. Jk, actually it is just sickr being stupid once again. This isn’t a quantity sales chart, it is a monetary sales chart. The games are ordered by sales value.

                1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

                  All who swear allegiance to the Great Nintendo Empire will be spared from his wrath. However, there is a higher penalty for those discovered to be investing large sums of money in mobile gaming.
                  Their energy will be sacrificed for our cause, until they have not the electricity left to power brain function.

                    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

                      You wouldn’t even know what to do with all that energy. We in ths Nintendo Empire come up with very creative ways of expending our energy. Your “Master Race” can only hope for a decent port within it’s own confines.

                      1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                        ||Your arrogance is typical, young prodigal, as well as your inability to comprehend the scheme of greater things……

                        1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

                          My directive does not require such from me. Those duties are fulfilled by the Tetrarch. I exist only for our Great Nintendo Empire. There is a Japanese saying that describes two sumo fighting for a very small amount of space. I doubt you’d have time for such, as I’m certain you’ve got your hands full with great schemes and all. But if it’s a competition you want, I’m programmed to oblige.

                          1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                            ||Whether it’s you, your Commander or even the very leaders you so follow, in the end it’s all futile and will require endless of effort to even begin challenging our limitless power……

                            ||There are no limits to what we can do and the sooner you realise it, the better you shall embrace your fate……

                            1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

                              I’ve climbed over many of my dead comrades to get here. I wear their armor in memory as my own skin. So good. Bigger challenges offer the invention of higher technologies to meet the requirements of said challenges. The sacrafices made in war give priceless fruits to all survivors.

                              1. Fuck, and we thought you were gone for good. Please get the fuck out, or do we have to shame you and your fanboyism into oblivion again? I’d much rather have you pretend to be Captain PC Master Race.

                                In before Astro Boy makes a lame “primitive lifeform” insult. Lol

                              2. Not really a surprise. Europe is a Football Mad Continent. I don’t see the appeal of Football myself. I’ve always been more Cricket guy.

                                  1. jep, it feels for me like Fifa and CoD are the only 2 games played here :/
                                    Oh and League of Legends + GTA V. But thats pretty much it.

                                  2. cricket really, the most boring game ever, 5 test match to know who win and on the top of that I don’t understand the score or even the blimming game. Most people I know go to cricket to get drunk cause it’s so boring. Football anytime mate, I would even watch a Chelsea game than watching cricket…..

                                    1. Cricket isn’t all about Test matches, there is the shorter form as well. A One Day match and a 20 Over Match, which are more fast paced. Cricket is great, when you understand it. The thing is, the rules are easier than many think.

                                    1. what did you expect? Microsoft don’t make games, they just make a console and spend lot of money on 3rd party studio to make game for their console. Microsoft did not understand they have to get a studio which produce at least 5 good IPs to make they consoles attractive and be profitable in the gaming business.

                                        1. But they also have Kinect Sports! Jk

                                          Metroid Prime Trilogy>Master Chief Collection
                                          Metroid Prime Federation Force>Halo 5 (Next Level will do a better game)

                                        2. Imo the only games that are worth playing on that list is GTAV and the two Nintendo games Super Smash Bros and Majoras Mask 3D – like seriously. The rest is pure time-wasting garbage of meaningless fuckup!

                                            1. For me it’s only Majora’s Mask 3D and Smash, but it is only because I don’t like GTA, and 5 did not change what I disliked. Lack of a good A.I., no personality and gameplay being some of them (I just find it boring, like it being an overrated 3rd person open world Call of Duty, it’s just kill the guys and don’t get killed by others with some missions where you drive vehicles). And there are lots of people I know who consider games better than others based on the graphics… sigh… Europa is like one of those places with lots of close-minded people. And that comes from an European. (I don’t say that everyone is like this; it’s just that majority that buys FIFA every year and says Super Mario sucks compared to Godzilla PS4 because the graphics are not realistic.

                                          1. I’m disappointed a Nintendo title didn’t make it higher up on this list but at the same time I’m impressed that a twenty something year old game made it on this list. So that shows you how many Zelda fans there are.

                                          2. Lord, Procurer, Abomination

                                            Europeans should be playing games. There’s so much to do there. So it’s understandable that most games bought are the same high profile title each time

                                          3. to be honest the list is decent (while there are games I am not interested in) and I am pretty sure this list and likes are way better than America (please note America continent no just north America).

                                          4. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why sports games like FIFA or MADDEN are so popular or why people get every year’s installment when all that really changes are the player names.

                                            1. Because they add new things that are very small and charge for a game made in a year with no effort twice as much as others ask for a game developed for 2-3 years with a lot of love, work and personality put in it. And lots people are stupid and only buy mainstream things or buy a game based on their favourite sport.

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