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Nintendo Patents Handheld Featuring Outward-Facing Linear Image Sensors

We have recently seen a surge of Nintendo related patents and the latest one features outward-facing linear image sensors. It was initially filed back in February 2015, but has only come to light today. This specific patent was assigned to Fumihiko Inoue who are connected to Nintendo and could be NX related. Here’s an extract from the patent as well as a breakdown of what it all means.

“An example system includes a housing having at least one surface provided with a display, a linear image sensor located, facing outside the housing, at a side part or a corner part of the housing when the surface provided with the display is viewed as a front surface, and an information processing unit performing information processing based on an image obtained by the linear image sensor.”

  • Linear image sensors on all four sides of a handheld device
  • Space Pointer Function – For example if the device is positioned on a desk, these sensors can detect location/distance of finger (sliding on desk on side of device) and move cursor/character accordingly
  • Side Surface Touching Operation – When holding the device in hands, these sensors can detect touch (e.g slide finger up/down to zoom)
  • Figure Detection Function – Sensors can read barcodes (e.g on Amiibos) and detect rotation/distance
  • Use Mode Determining Function – Sensors can help with accuracy of acceleration sensor e.g when rotating device to/from landscape/portrait orientation while device is horizontal
  • Pulse Detecting Function – Detect user’s pulse rate (based on the reflection/intensity of skin)

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133 thoughts on “Nintendo Patents Handheld Featuring Outward-Facing Linear Image Sensors”

      1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

        You can unveil a patent without information on what that patent is for too. But ok when PS5 finds out how to get around the patent, theyll just trump the NX because of information already available.

        1. Nintendo has dual screen handhelds and multi screen console gaming. I’m pretty sure if Sony wanted to copy Nintendo they would have done it by now.






          THERE A JOKE

        3. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

          Thats why you have copyrights to prove tour technology was out first. They can just say “Nintendo filed for another patent.” No details no nothing. But Sony will have their PS5 ready based on all this. Its easy to get around a patent. Just reverse engineer the idea and sell it.

          1. Copyright does not do that, you have no idea what you are talking about in regards to patents, the different kinds of them, what a copyright is and protects, etc.

            Please explain how you can “unveil” a patent, but also not show what it is for?

            1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

              And yet Nintendo didnt sue sony for the Wiimotes did they? You can get around patents.

              How to unveil a patent without unveiling whats it for? Easy? “NINTENDO has gotten another patent for a controller.” Or they could have kept it hush hush. After all one patent is from February 2015 it is september. So why say something now?

              1. You dont understand how the patents work. The Sont “wiimotes” are not exactly the same… there are design patents and utility patents and once something is in the market place, there will always be some degree of “copying” another product. I don’t know the details of Sony’s motion controller, or the genesis of their designs, but they might not be infringing, or it doesn’t matter. It would have to be an exact replica to be an infringement, not to mention that it did nothing to hurt Wii sales.

                When you file for a patent, being first to file gives you the needed protection to stop other people from making the same thing. However, a competitor can come up with a different device that achieves the same, or similar, experience. It is not so simple as to say, “We will just reverse engineer their design and steal Nintendo’s business.” This stuff is much more complex than that and frankly, part of doing business is knowing people will be copying your successes.

                If you file a patent, it becomes public knowledge for anyone who cares to look… that is just how it is. If Sony or Microsoft wants to achieve the same thing, they will have to design something that doesn’t infringe on their patents. You can’t patent an idea, you patent an invention, a product… They can use the same idea but have to come up with their own device. Then it is up to the consumer to decide which one is better.

              2. You don’t even know what Sony plans to do with it, nor does anyone else. So I have no clue why you’re making such huge assumptions.

                And who honestly cares if they did, you people act like Nintendo has never done the same. Nintendo has used plenty of peoples ideas for their products, and games as well. Matter of fact Nintendo has not invented anything themselves yet, nor is anything they’ve done anymore original than Sony or Microsoft.

                I’ll give you plenty of examples, we’ll start with one that people automatically just assume Nintendo invented, is the light gun. Or people who probably think Duck Hunt was completely original and innovative, when it was a direct copy of older gaming machines called the Rayolite that first used the light gun, not Nintendo.


                The same with the Power Glove or the Wiimote, if you think Nintendo invented motion controls, even in just the gaming industry, you’re truly showing how little you actually know about gaming period.

                Sega had motion controls before them in their Arcade cabinets, Hang-On. Back in 1985, 4 years before the Power Glove, but even then Sega did not invent motion controls, but they did use them in gaming applications long before Nintendo did.


                Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello was the true inventor of motion controls, he created a motion controlled device in 1987. Which you can see in this very old video of him moving his hand in front of a camera to effect the image on the screen.


                Nintendo did not create the first dual screen gaming devices either, obviously multiple screens could be used on computers long before the DS was ever around, and even again arcade machines used this technology before Nintendo as well.

                Tecmo invented the first dual screen gaming device, with Tecmo Bowl arcade machines that used dual screens.


                1. And if the Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello part seems confusing, since Sega had the Hang-On in 1985 and he made his in 1987. The difference is that he created the first motion device that didn’t need a controller, unlike Sega’s Hang-On or Nintendo’s motion controls.

                  Just wanted to clarify that part. I don’t think I was clear enough in explaining that before.

                  1. “we’ll start with one that people automatically just assume Nintendo invented, is the light gun”
                    There’s no way people actually think that.

                    Besides that, innovation doesn’t always come from invention. Thinking of a way of implementing currently existing technology to gaming in functional ways is also innovative.

                    1. The new gen of ignorant Nintendo fans, that worship everything Nintendo does, right or wrong, absolutely believe that. Michelle’s got it pegged. Now, a few of us know better, but we’re an outnumbered, dying breed.

                    2. That’s not true about Tecmo inventing the first dual screen gaming device. Nintendo did indeed invent the FIRST dual screen gaming device when they released the Donkey Kong Game And Watch version in 1982. Nintendo borrowed the concept from that device and used it for the DS. Tecmo Bowl Arcade Version came out in 1987, 5 years after the Donkey Kong Game And Watch version was released.


                      Just thought I clarify that

                      1. Even if the duel screen thing isn’t true, the light gun is. I owned one of the original light gun games. It projected light-dots on a wall, and you used light-gun rifles to shoot them. Before the NES came out.

                        Nintendo is great about maximizing technology and making it fun, but that wasn’t her point.

                      2. Too bad the patent system wasn’t as good back in Edison’s day… I mean, there’s nothing stopping someone from ordering hitmen to steal someone else’s invention today, but there’d be a bigger chance the thieving bastard would be caught today.

                        1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                          Yeah and I know how R&D works. After all Kia Motors 2017 Kia GT sedan is scheduled to be unveiled at the 2016 NAIAS this January. Kia hasnt unveiled any info about this car. In fact most manufacturers dont unveil nothing in R&D. It makes it tough on competition. After all when the 2011 Kia Sorento was the first SUV in its class to have paanaramic sunroof, it took about 3 years for the Grand Cherokee, Pilot, Highlander and Murano to add it to their SUVs letting the Sorento have the exclusive feature all because they stayed silent in their R&D.

                        2. first off, now that Nintendo has patents on these things then other companies would have to pay Nintendo any way. second patents have to be public so if they didn’t patent it then someone else could and then they would make money. also this would really only focus on current gen systems. the NX platform would appear in the middle of the Xbox1 and PS4

                          1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                            If patents have to be public why did they way 7 months to announce it? Wouldnt it be wise to announce it the moment right away? How they know a compeitior didnt make this between the 7 months?

                            1. Because patents are registered, not announced. Then, common people dig through the archives and try to see what they find. There’s a whole scam business based on debunking registered patents.

                                1. Except the 3DS can be used as an optional touch screen controller instead of a home console default which we know all very well how that turned out with Wii U of its forced dependency BS.

                                    1. Don’t even mention that shit Kinect. It’s even worse than the Gamepad. At least the Gamepad functions and has some purpose. Kinect is a fucking waste and works like shit like..Vista.

                                    2. FORCED DEPENDANCY


                                      PROVE OU A TOTAL LYING PILE OF BS




                                      A SYSTEM WITH ONE OUT DATED CONTROLLER FORCES YOU TO USE IT

                                      THINK BEFORE YOUPOST YOU STUPID CASUAL

                                    3. how about buy a PS4 then. Nintendo dues have a classic controller and it has lots of games that support it. that said this looks like a QOL product more then anything. I could see this as a sort of tablet device that possibly runs custom android and might pair with a PC or the different NX systems (handheld/ settop-box) possibly even just the fit board by its self. I’m guessing the last patent with scrolling shoulder buttons are part of the games device.

                                      1. It’s not QOL because it has a “game program. And one of the example options in the picture is “game selection.” It’s some sort of handheld gaming device.

                                        1. that’s just a menue screen, and also Nintendo has said several times that QOL well have gaming elements and in some cases be part of a game …like wii fit, art academy, brain age.

                                        2. Having “classic” controller support is something different than having it as your main controls option though.
                                          In relation to the WiiU, a lot of people don’t even own a Pro Controller, simply because it’s optional, costs extra money and just doesn’t support every game. And I believe the Gamepad actually contributed a lot to the WiiU not doing very well, because it was forced onto people, and many developers, including Nintendo themselves, rarely ever made good use of it.
                                          So I actually agree with Eric Krouss, I’d also want the main controller to be a bit more “classic” in terms of design and way of functioning, rather than it being a overly gimmicky controller that barely anyone makes use of in the end. That doesn’t mean it has to be very similar to Sony’s or Microsoft’s controllers, I mean, the GC controller looked very different than the PS2 and Xbox controller and it was still a great one. And they could always make controllers like the Gamepad available as an additional peripheral, so any developer that wants to use its potential can do so without Nintendo having to force it on people while it has no useful function in many other games.

                                          1. If a company wants a feature to take off, they will typically make it mandatory. Certainly it’s a risk, but if a platform is to really set itself apart, & gaming is to progress, it must be done. Otherwise, consumers would hold innovation hostage, shunning the ‘new’ & allowing for stagnation. It’s certainly a tricky decision, especially weighing the short-term against the long-term, & innovating Nintendo’s against innovating the entire industry, all against their legacy (Nintendo’s past successes & failures).

                                            @ least the Gamepad was about $60 considering what a normal controller costs, bundles included a game/games worth up to $60 (or more), & the Wii U’s overall cost would be less than the competition, even before the price cut. There was also the Digital Promo for the Deluxe. *shrugs* Guess it depends on what your looking for.

                                            But the problems w/ the Gamepad started w/ Nintendo’s almost hyper-focus on Off-TV Play (& the needs of the Japanese market), & Nintendo’s lack of feature utilization (unlike ZombiU’s control scheme, or DS/3DS sensibilities). Essentially, the Gamepad was used as a “traditional” controller & yes, treated as optional even though it was mandatory. A catch-22? Step aside & let 3rd parties shine? Or do more than NintendoLand? Whatever the case, it was lackluster.

                                            But most devs seemed to ignore the Gamepad’s potential; there was no surge of innovation like DS had, which seemed to showcase a lot of nifty things right @ launch. Maybe Gamepad features wouldn’t be so new (G&W dual-screens/DC’s VMU/GBA-GCN link/DS & 3DS), but @ the very least, Wii U could’ve hosted games like Trauma Center (new or enhanced port) where the Gamepad would’ve been utilized more, & an established audience (the franchise, the publisher, & the subculture) would be more inclined to gravitate toward Wii U. Dual-screen gaming has a legacy, but its potential felt/feels squandered w/ Wii U. Yes, Nintendo dropped the ball. But sadly, the industry is more skewed into a more singular path (e.g. multiplatting & architechture w/ little to no customization), rather than allowing for distinct personalities (exclusives, genres, aesthetical choices, etc.), leaving Nintendo ever more isolated (no SEGA hardware, no pre-7th gen Sony atmosphere). Most 3rd parties treated Wii U like a PS360, even down to 7th-gen games, but poorly @ that. Was Rayman Legends to be the only 8th gen & 3rd-party Wii U exclusive @ launch before that too deteriorated? They already abandoned different architectures, PowerPC, & differences in controllers (imagine if N64’s thumbstick went ignored by devs & the hardware competition). Maybe the Gamepad was too much like a “traditional” controller. Maybe it was too tempting to use the same-old same-old & put the touchscreen (as ubiquitous as it is) on the back burner?

                                            There’s also Nintendo’s abyssmal marketing & perhaps the U @ the end of Wii was not prominent enough (NES6 would’ve been cool, or just N6). Ever since 6th gen, a large part of sales has come from the mainstream & those that rely on ads & store shelves to know enough to buy into gaming.

                                            Nintendo also focused far to much on 3DS.

                                            But it seems Nintendo themselves are no longer relevant, @ least in terms of popularity. Nintendo & Wii U have proven that quality home-console games are still possible w/ their 8th gen entry. Yet, in an industry dominated by conformity & weakened by mobile, plus the uptick in obsessions for raw specs, photorealism, shooters, AAA, in-game movies, non-gaming gimmicks, & owning 1 console to rule them all, actual games & the fundamentals themselves are no longer the point (except where indies are concerned). If the only real AAA (big budget & polished) in 2014 (Bayo 2) failed to top the charts & failed to significantly boost its platform’s sales (even w/ an enhanced port included @ no extra charge), something’s wrong. Yes, Nintendo’s partly to blame, but many 3rd parties & gamers are also to blame (granted most gamers nowadays understand little of what came before, what true power is, & even what a console gen is). While the Ganepad factors into that failure, its more of a reflection on Nintendo & the industry’s refusal to utilize its potential.

                                            Also, Wii U needed a bigger hard drive (w/ out raising the MSRP), & the option of voice chat in order to succeed. Then again, it did have better launch sales than 360’s launch sales. But if the competition had adopted a more streamlined 2nd screen, the Gamepad would’ve likely succeded (just as Sony adopted not 1 but 2 thumbsticks & rumble for the original PlayStation; had that not been the case, maybe N64 would’ve been the only console to feature any thumbstuck, but Nintendo believed in it & made it a mandatory addition; Sony made 2 & rumble mandatory, @ least w/ PS2).

                                            Anyway, I doubt Wii U’s failings are solely because of the Gamepad or even the lack of “power”. Otherwise, PlayStation, PS2, & Wii would’ve been sales disasters, & N64 & GCN would’ve been super successful. However, this era is myopic, fraught w/ elements counterintuitive to the real issues & concerned solely w/ readily apparent, short-term goals; in gaming, politics, the economy, corporatism…

                                            1. *it’s certainly a tricky decision, especially WHEN weighing the short-term against the long-term, & innovating Nintendo’s OWN against innovating the entire industry, all against their legacy (Nintendo’s past successes & failures IN MAKING FEATURES MAINSTAYS OF THE INDUSTRY).

                                            2. Great comment, a very good read. There really isn’t anything I can add to it.

                                              Though, in case there was a misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to say that the current situation of the WiiU is to entirel

                                              1. My bad, I accidentally pressed on “post comment” when I didn’t mean to. Sorry about that, hah.

                                                The last paragraph was supposed to say:
                                                Though, in case there was a misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to say that the current situation of the WiiU is to be entirely blamed on the Gamepad. But just as you’ve said, of course other factors, such as the lack of marketing and the generally poor choices made by Nintendo also played a big role.

                                              2. “Otherwise, consumers would hold innovation hostage, shunning the ‘new’ & allowing for stagnation”
                                                People really need to realize this. The gimmicks of today are the standard of tomorrow.

                                                “But sadly, the industry is more skewed into a more singular path (e.g. multiplatting & architechture w/ little to no customization), rather than allowing for distinct personalities”
                                                And that’s why the 4th generation will always be my favorite. Such a wide selection of completely different consoles, with their own unique catalogs of games.

                                                “the uptick in obsessions for raw specs, photorealism, shooters, AAA, in-game movies, non-gaming gimmicks, & owning 1 console to rule them all”
                                                I feel like, if the industry is going to crash anytime soon, this will be (is?) the primary reason. The sheer quantity of original games diminishes with each generation: the developing costs are too high and the profits are way too low, effectively making every AAA game from a non-established franchise a very risky gamble, especially for mid-sized publishers. We can easily see that in the low amount of original titles the current generation of consoles is receiving and in the abundance of ‘HD remasters’ of games that aren’t even 5 years old. This really feels like a transitional generation in which publishers are trying to catch up with developing costs by maximizing profits with less-than-optimal ways (paid online, microtransactions, early access, etc.) instead of taking the logical (but, sadly, non-profitable) route of selling new games that don’t require to push current specs to the max.

                                                1. these are not cameras they are inferred lasers and the sensor can read the distance those lasers go. it can use this information to detect objects in that field. its more like a 2D version of the original Kinect, but on 4 sides of a device. this could allow 4 people to sit around the device and interact within their own space moving amiibo around a board game mat. the display would then show interactions as you move your amiibo around. think if this device as a way to play an amiibo style Mario party but on your coffee table. of course that’s just one idea I’m sure they have lots of ideas for something like this.

                                                  1. no that in its self was a rumor. at this time due to Zelda and star fox being delayed and the NX platform being announced next year, as well as a new president being needed and just now set in place. its not on back burner so much as slowed down till they get things back on track. even the new president went out of his way to mention that the company needs change and new business ideas besides just gaming. this is a strong indication that the company well not just be working on QOL, but also toys (probably amiibo related) movies/shows , the already in work theme park, and maybe even clothing, a QOL games/app dedicated studio, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t enter into a business were they were used clients not just customers.

                                                    1. I’m all for Nintendo expanding into other markets. I just thought that, with Iwata being the main pusher behind the idea and precisely becsuse they’re preparing for a new console launch, other things would be above the QOL stuff in the list of priorities.

                                                      Then again, I’m all for Nintendo movies.

                                                    1. It’s good. It’s added sensors for more types of input.

                                                      It allows use of the peripheral without even touching it, on all sides. Much better than a simple proximity sensor.

                                                      Scanning of barcodes (QR codes possible) for possibly connectivity to other items.

                                                      Automatic horizontal/vertical view on the screen. Similar to smartphones rotating.

                                                    2. it looks like an amiibo device or QOL. the way it talks about the sensors and the way the diagram is set up it looks as if they may be working on a game(s) that let you move around your amiibo on a board and perhaps play on your coffee table. the device most likely well communicate with NX devices (handheld and TV) the device could also work with QOL as this could have to do with the sleep tracker. QOL could be a lot of things. such as education, fitness, health, sleep, home automation, work flow, cooking, diet, exe)
                                                      I have a feeling down the line Wii fit (or Nintendo fit) brain age, art academy and similar games well be more like apps, they well have phone counterparts to be their on your phone or handheld. these app versions of the games well probably see regularly added content, update more often and probably be free to start or DLC based. like most things Nintendo makes this look to be a device that has several purposes. so it could very well be a device that works with your PC, QOL devices/apps, amiibo, handheld, and TV gaming system.

                                                    3. It’s interesting tech but it’s been around for a while, the pulse detection has been around longer than these patents and it’s really using a similar tech to a barcode scanner.

                                                      1. they cant steal a patented idea…that’s why its a patent……..really? that’s literally the whole point. if they did copy then Nintendo would be getting paid or could stop sales.

                                                      2. For those of you who think Sony and Microsoft will steal Nintendo’s ideas, I think that part of the reason Nintendo wants to release their next gen console much earlier is so that they can release the NX much earlier than them so they don’t steal Nintendo’s ideas. I think this explains why Nintendo is so confident on releasing all this NX news.

                                                            1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                              Wii u didnt copy PS4. Nintendo was too busy trying to make it slighty more powerful than PS3 in 2008. Lets stop pretending it isnt.

                                                              1. wii U was out before PS4, also they did use ideas like blue ray disks, using the xbox design for the pro controller, allowing USB storage, similar online principles, and other this and that things. but its not a big deal. so what, its good to use others ideas. its impossible to have a original thought. every thing humans do is inspired by things we have experienced. sharing ideas brings innovation, the more you learn the more you experience the more you can do.

                                                              2. Explains why they copied Nintendo’s Wii U gamepad…. oh wait, no they didn’t because they seen how much of a flop it was.

                                                                1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                  Yet Sony inforced the Vita to be the controller for the home console did it for PS3 the moment the patent for Project Cafe came preparing for PS4.

                                                                      1. yes because using the vita as a second screen, or using smartglass was not a way to copy? just like move and Kinect? these are good things mind you, and I’m glad they were made, but I’m just being honest

                                                                      2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                        You can realse it early and still keep it secret that makes it even tougher for Sony. All Sony is going to do is get around the patent is make it 4x more powerful than the NX because the PS5 comes out after the NX. Coming out first and releasing info is risky for Nintendo. Everyone knows Sony will easily copy and make it more powerful. After all when you working on a new console, horsepower has to start somewhere. And it is easier to base your horsepower after the competition comes out first.

                                                                    1. It looks like a tablet actually. I wonder if this concept will be a part of the NX ecosystem (handheld, home console, tablet, maybe a smartphone like device in the works?). This could be the plan and knowing Nintendo they’ll find an awesome way on how to bring it all together. If this is indeed what’s happening, I just hope the power of the home console version (if the rumors are true about the NX being separate platforms) won’t be sacrificed. We don’t another Wii U situation

                                                                        1. They aren’t Wiimotes for fucks sake they are MOVE controllers and they aren’t quite the same first of all Sony’s version looks dumb with that gross gag robber ball. And Nintendo put as least somewhat real buttons on theirs to have multi use.

                                                                          1. Don’t forget Move’s reliance on EyeToy. Sony’s take seemed like a combo of Wii’s sensor bar & Kinnect, like they decided not to really integrate Move (constrained by time, patents, &/or costs).

                                                                            & considering EyeToy, MS was inspired by Sony for their Kinnect.

                                                                            Atari’s joystick became Nintendo’s thumbstick, which became Sony’s dual-thumbsticks & an industry stndard, similar to Nintendo’s D-pad. & Nintendo’s Rumble Pak became Sony’s integrated Shock & an industry standard (though Sony tried nixing it w/ PS3).
                                                                            Bonus points if you post out which company & what peripheral preceeded Nintendo & the Wiimote.

                                                                            In order for features to become standards, 1 company implements it & others mimick it (& hopefully improve it). Then again, Kinnect was an improvement of EyeToy, but never caught on. Wiimotes were integrated & solid @ release, but Move failed to reach that level of integration & were not as solid an experience, while MS tried a different approach.

                                                                          2. Okay … now I’m starting to think that Nintendo is starting to file every crazy patent they think they MIGHT use some variation of sometime in the next 10+ years all at the same time to make sure no one actually knows what they are REALLY doing with the NX platfirm(s).

                                                                            Clearly, Nintendo knows fans and competitors alike are watching these patents. While a little odd, it would not be impossible to believe, since Nintendo has a lot to gain from doing something unique first and/or best.

                                                                            1. ” Nintendo is starting to file every crazy patent they think they MIGHT use some variation of sometime in the next 10+ years”
                                                                              …That’s usually why patents are filed, yes.

                                                                              1. I knew someone would miss my point and make this comment. You cut off my quote before the key phrase that was my point. “… all at the same time”.

                                                                                As in, Nintendo encouraged their R&D teams to prioritize getting any in-progress ideas to the patent stage in 2014 and 2015 specifically, with a secondary objective of confusing their competitors by piling on more Red Herrings on top of the decades of unused patents they already have … while still securing their ability to actually USE any or all of them later if they find a way to make a compelling product from it.

                                                                                … The POINT being that they are specifically rushing and strategically timing the filing of patents within a pre-NX window to both hedge their options and confuse the media and competitors.

                                                                                … not that they are simply filing patents At All.

                                                                                I’m sure Nintendo has filed THOUSANDS of intriguing technology patents in the past 40 years relating to interactive electronic devices, many (if not Most) of which were never actually used.

                                                                                1. “The POINT being that they are specifically rushing and strategically timing the filing of patents within a pre-NX window”
                                                                                  Like this is the first time they do this. You’re imagining what you want to imagine.

                                                                                  “I’m sure Nintendo has filed THOUSANDS of intriguing technology patents in the past 40 years relating to interactive electronic devices”
                                                                                  You’re even saying it yourself.

                                                                                  ” many (if not Most) of which were never actually used.”
                                                                                  Aggressive patenting is also used to limit the competition’s options, not just to secure the ideas you’re 100% positive you’re going to develop, and certainly not to create ‘red herrings’.

                                                                                2. its not so much a “crazy” patent so much as a device that COULD be used to do the things the patent describes. its more like filing a patent that talks about using a phones microphone to record. the phone already happens to have a microphone for calls. but the patent is just an idea of what else the phone COULD do. these ideas are most likely part of a new gamepad and the patent are just small parts of the whole device.

                                                                                1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                  To the people who thinks Patents need to unveil future features. Ignoring PS3 Wiimotes came out after the 2006 Wii. Yet doesnt the Wii controller have a patent. I told you competitors can get around patents. Its called “reverse engineering.” So showing this off gives PS5 a reversed engineered feature.

                                                                                  1. But no one revealed the Wii Remote patents…. and Sony was in development of their own motion controller way before the Wii was even in development.

                                                                                    1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                      Sure. Sony bought Wiimotes from Nintendo and took it to their R&D and jail broke it. Reversed Engineered it and made wiimotes.

                                                                                      1. Explains why they showed off a feature known as the “Magic Wand” which was just a bright coloured ball on the end of a stick… I’m sorry but you don’t have much evidence to back up your theory

                                                                                        1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                          Yeah ignoring after the wii debuted Sony bought the wii and took it to their R&D for improving their magic wond.

                                                                                        2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                          Will of course you wont have evidence. Name me a company that actually admits they do reverse enginnering? Apple, Samsong, Toshiba, Sony, Honda, Ford, Lexus, Chevy, Roku?

                                                                                          1. ok I well, ……apple, Samsung, ford, sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nintendo, facebook, youtube, google, tesla, space x, nasa, verison, T-Mobile, whirlpool, LG, GE, HP, 3M, TI, ………all openly revers engineer.

                                                                                          2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                            Hell after the Wii Roku obviously must had purchased the Wiimote for their R&D too. Look at the Roku 3’Remote. Just happens to have a rope at the end of it? Look at the greenhouses of the 2016 Fusion, Avalon, Altima, Chrysler 200 and tell me none of them didnt do any reverse engineering in their designs.
                                                                                            2007 Mazda Tribute and 2008 Honda ridgeline: Headlights!

                                                                                            2014 Buick Regal and 2014 Volvoo S60 hint backends.

                                                                                            Who else wants to play dumb that companies dont reverse engineer? Thats why the NX needs to stay as secertive as possible otherwise you get this: 2009 Tundra, VW Iroc Concept, Mitubishu Lancer EVO and Chevy Spark hint front ends.

                                                                                              1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                Greenhouses: 2016 Altima, 2016 Fusion, 2017 Civic, 2016 Infinti M, 2004 Subura Legacy, 2016 Avalon,
                                                                                                Reversed engineered. Sony is just going to buy the NX, jail break it and do the same fucking thing.

                                                                                                  1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                    Toyota bought the Chevy Volt and took it to their R&D for a better Prius. Honda has some Corollas in R&D for the redesigned 2017 Civic.

                                                                                                    Kia has purchased some Audis for their 2017 upcoming Kia GT. Hyundai has bought some BMWs for the award wining Genesis. Lexus has had BMWs, Jaguars, Merceds in R&D.

                                                                                                  2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                    When the Apple Ipad got popular, Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony bought some Ipods, Ipads and Iphones and took them to their R&D. The 3Ds is sitting in many other organizations R&D as we speck. Gamepads are jail broken in labs. The Vita is in labs. And you want to tell me Sony don’t reverse engineer. Everyone does.

                                                                                                1. I’d say it was part of their quality of life project but so far that’s been put on the back-burner so this could be a patent for something in the next Nintendo console.

                                                                                                  I think it should be interesting as well as a scroll wheel L/R triggers.

                                                                                                2. i must be on drugs because this time i agree with you >_<
                                                                                                  i know all they do is for innovation, but i think it keeps away third parties, they have to fight their way on the features.
                                                                                                  trippy 4/20

                                                                                                  1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                    Side profiles: 2005 Pontiac Vibe, 2005 Mazda 3 hatch, 2006 Kia cee’d, 2007 Toyota Rav4, 2015 Ford Escape hint sides.

                                                                                                  2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                    Hyundai is coming out with a Prius Rival. It is expected to have better mpg than the Toyota. How because Hyundai bought some Prius’s to take back to R&D and tested it so they can take that and make it better. Than Toyota will buy the Hyundai Prius and put it in their R&D to see if it isnt breaking patents. That is how Sony and Nintendo does too. Microsoft bought Wiis for their kinect.

                                                                                                    1. KINECT IS NOTHING LIKE WII STOP BEING A RETARDED CUNT

                                                                                                      WII IS A MM PRECISE MOUSE WITH 3D AND BUTTONS AND NUNCHUCK

                                                                                                      KINECT IS A POINTLESS LAGGY CHILDISH CAMERA AND NON FUCTIONING DONT WORK VOICE ACTIVATION

                                                                                                      THERE NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER

                                                                                                      NINTENDO IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE BECAUSE PEOPLE THINKING KINECT IS LIKE WII OR WIIU ARE FUCKING RETARDED

                                                                                                      WII WIIU OFFER THE MOST DYNAIC AND ADVANCED GAMING CONTROLS ON EARTH

                                                                                                      KINECT IS A GIMMICK

                                                                                                      1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                        Ignoring Kinect didnt come out until after the wii came out like 2 years later. Microsoft bought some wiis and took ot back to their R&D and jail broke the wiimotes. And because Microsoft dont want to be accused of copying, they made the kinect. Microsoft has Apple, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Smart phones and Wii and Wii Ua in their R&D. This patent makes it easier for Microsoft what Nintendo is up to and what features Xbox2 need to have.

                                                                                                    2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                      2007 Kia Kee concept and 2014 Chevy Impala Eco hint signature grille. Also all Lexus grilles are are Kia Motor’s grilles turned sideways.

                                                                                                    3. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                      Kia has UVO and Ford has Sync. Reversed engineered products. So Sony is going to use this information for building the PS5.

                                                                                                      1. Okay…

                                                                                                        Nothing new. People use each others ideas all the time. That’s how the human brain works and the world in general, nothing is technically 100% original. Everything comes from something.

                                                                                                        I don’t get why you’re harping on this so much. People are even capable of coming up with the same ideas without even knowing about the other persons. There are 7 billion people on this planet, so some people having similar ideas isn’t at all far fetched, either.

                                                                                                        1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                                                          The reason why Im harping all this is because secret R&D makes competition much harder when someone doesnt know what another one is doing. If the NX stayed scretive until the console debuted, it would take Sony and Microsoft years to adjust to the NX. But with information already out, Sony can make changes to PS5 while it is In R&D. So how will the NX be a success if that occurred? Sony will just do the same thing and make it more powerful.

                                                                                                          1. You realize this is all Nintendo’s fault right? No one is forcing them to announce or release their info or consoles before Sony and Microsoft.

                                                                                                            Sony and Microsoft won’t even need to copy their patents when the NX will no doubt be out on shelves before the PS5 and the next Xbox anyway. Do you see my point?

                                                                                                            It isn’t like Sony or Microsoft copied the Wii U, considering the Wii U released before both. The only time you’ll see companies really using each others ideas is when one is very successful, and they want to try and tap into that market. Just like with the Wii and how the PS3 and Xbox 360 tried their attempts at motion controls, but now Nintendo is trying to emulate the success of the PS4 and Xbox One since their console isn’t selling anymore.

                                                                                                            It’s a cycle, everyone does it, so there no point is acting like Nintendo are the gods of innovation, cause they aren’t. And if their new devices don’t take off, I can promise you Sony and Microsoft won’t be looking to use anything from them.

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