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The North American Splatfest Results Are In

The results are in for the latest North American Splatfest! It was Art against Science, and Art came out on top with 255 points whilst Science scored 245. Although the results were extremely close, Art had a 2% edge on Science overall. Which side did you pick?

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21 thoughts on “The North American Splatfest Results Are In”

  1. I see there is this made-up leak about new Splatoon amiibo incoming, Callie, Marie, and an Octoling.

    However, Nintendo will see this fake news and will promptly decide to make more Splatoon amiibo afterall.

    Thus, new Splatoon amiibo are confirmed.

    1. I wish that Mario Sunshine amiibo thing was real.
      Where if you put Mario amiibo in Splatoon you’d get to “play as mario and his Fludd”
      I mean they did put Squidgirl in there.
      Mario Sunshine in there would be holy sh!t.
      Make a Mario and Fludd amiibo and they’d make bank.

  2. Yay! My team won! I almost made it to King rank, but then I had to do things, so I ended up as champion with 40/99 points for King. I did make it to King when I picked team marshmallows two Splatfests ago. It takes FOREVER!

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      Good thing I skipped it because of lack of integral features & because of the held back content. I’d have gotten bored real quick playing on short ass 2-3 minute matches while on the same exact stages for an hour or two with no real change in the rules on how to win the match.

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  4. That’s way too close for comfort. Humanity could live without science, but art is the only reason we humans even exist. I do realize there’s a huge correlation between boring, overly science-minded people and video games (no friends and all that junk) but DAMN.

    1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

      ||Humanity can live without science, that is if they live like the rest of the fauna of this planet, no tools, no nothing……

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        Something we can actually agree on. If you don’t want science, go leave in a cave in the woods with the rest of the animals.

  5. This was an INSANELY close Splatfest! I picked Art. At one point i thought more people had picked Art because I was teamed against another Art team, but it was a pretty slim margin.

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