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The Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle Can Now Be Seen On Amazon US

The Animal Crossing Wii U title, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, can now be seen on Although there’s no option to pre-order it just yet, it does show images of what the amiibo bundle version of the game will look like, along with the box art for the game separately. The amiibo bundle includes the game, one Digby amiibo, one Isabelle amiibo and three amiibo cards. The amiibo cards that will be included are special versions of Goldie, Rosie and Stitches.

Here the amiibo bundle:


And here’s the box art for the game:


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is due for release in North America, Europe, and Australia in December this year.

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69 thoughts on “The Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle Can Now Be Seen On Amazon US”

      1. Oohhh what was that? You think I’d get offended. I’m one person, I do what I want because it only affects me. Nintendo effects millions with their decisions, stupid or good. Many, MANY people wanted an actual mainseries Animal Crossing game for the Wii U. THIS ISN’T IT!

        It’s a game cheap to make, the focus is that you buy those Amiibo that belong with it. You’ll just end up with a REALLY expensive game. That’s NOT something someone should ever want. That’s not to say Amiibo are complete shit tho, as long as they have lots of multiuse AND ARE OPTIONAL. Like in Smash.

        1. Man if you’re not mad or offended, why waste time on a petty response like his. You liking or not liking the game and your reasons why aren’t really necessary for a lil barb at you. Plus, individuals just need one amiibo to play per player so really it’s like 48 bucks even with four players if you just download the game if the free download, but need amiibo to play thing is true. So we don’t get a console animal crossing soon, whatevs it’ll likely come later. Not like a game one doesn’t like will kill us all.

          1. Same, but I’m sure you can play it solo with CPUs. I would hope Nintendo isn’t that stupid where they wouldn’t add a single player option to a game. Sadly this is Nintendo we’re talking about and they’ve done it before.

        1. Super cool of nintendo to put this out physically and not fatal frame 5, really big and impressive release they have here

        2. Did anyone else notice on the Amiibo Bundle, it said in a corner, “Limited Time Digby”? Is he exclusive to this bundle?

        3. What happened to everyone complaining about Nintendo pulling shit like this and giving us a party game based on amiibo instead of a real AC game? As soon as they show us the game in a cute packaging, suddenly it all seems forgotten. I really don’t get it.
          It’s all thanks to people like you Nintendo is doing crap like this, and they will continue doing it because no matter how much everyone complains about it, in the end people will suck up even the shittiest game they put out, for the dumbest reasons.
          The same thing is going to happen with Federation Force. Everyone was/is so mad about it, but I’m absolutely sure, once the game is out, it will still perform well in terms of sales, and Nintendo will never learn from their mistakes.

            1. Right?! They complain and complain, and then when it comes out they say ohhh SHINY!! Unless they show off some kind of just absolutely AMAZING game mode or something, I ain’t buying this! I do think Fed Force looks fun, although I’m not a metroid fan. I’ve never played any of the games. But a co-op Nintendo shooter sounds fun, and from what I’ve seen it plays good too!

              1. I think the main problem with Federation Force is simply the fact that Nintendo is labelling it as a Metroid game. Doing that just seems like Nintendo’s trail of thought was something similar to “they won’t shut up about Metroid, so let’s just make up a quick game and put Metroid in the title, but don’t forget to make it take place in space, so people won’t get suspicious!”, because, seriously, the game has absolutely nothing to do with the Metroid franchise other than taking place in space.
                Of course the game itself might very well be good in terms of gameplay and mechanics, I definitely can’t criticize anything about that without having played it, but that doesn’t change anything about Nintendo’s cheap move of putting Metroid in the title, just to make it a guaranteed success – no matter how enormous the amount of people complaining about it right now seems, funnily enough, there will still be more than enough people who will buy it in the end.
                Things would have went down entirely different if Nintendo would have announced Federation Force along an actual, real Metroid game for the WiiU (or even 3DS), or something like that. But like this, it just seems like a really cheap thing to do, in my opinion.

              2. I don’t believe people hated the game, but were mad that this game was being used as a replacement to a proper Animal Crossing. The last thing we need are more party (casual) games, but if the game turns out fun it’s still fun.

                1. Pretty sure people were hating on the game really hard around the time it was announced. The game being super casual-oriented, entirely based around amiibo which you have to spend extra money on, and especially still not having a main AC game (+ not getting it anytime soon, or at all, even) on the WiiU, were the main reasons for criticizing it, and gave people plenty of reason to not give it a chance. But by the looks of it, people still are going to get it, supporting Nintendo’s on-going plans of neglecting their loyal supporters for the sake of casuals, instead of actively showing them they won’t accept half-assed games like this. But it’s my own fault to expect a significant majority of Nintendo’s loyal fans to actually show some initiative, because from what I was able to observe in this fanbase in the past years, it’s mostly just talking big but never actually acting. Very unfortunate.

                  1. I agree with what you said, and so, I’m afraid the NX is going to be casual as well. If they struck gold with casual amiibo stuff on the Wii U, as a company, why wouldn’t Nintendo continue this casual stuff on the NX? You’ve already heard what Miyakoto said about Galaxy 3, right? More of that million and million seller NSMB series into it. The highlight if the NX might just be NSMB stuff and amiibo. He planning to change the Mario formula? The man still said he wants something like NSMB mixed with Galaxy (3D World??) on the NX! He contradicts himself. Sunshine is my most nostalgic, and first Nintendo game I owned, but come on, I feel bad for kids who played 3D World and may never understand what a true Mario game is with being challenging, exploration of huge wirlds and secrets. Mario Maker is good, but limited with items and hiw you can craft your world. For upcoming games, I have a bit of hope with Zelda U, but I do feel like it might be casual, and not very challenging. Personally, I think games were really fun , filling me with nostalgic memories, but now I think they hold me back. It’s also losing some appeal. Might have to let go of gaming. Its getting expensive, and its getting dull. That last part was a bit if a personal opinion, nothing to do with the rest.

                    1. Of course Nintendo is still a company, and companies seek to make money. It’s true that Nintendo has made a lot of money thanks to casuals, but placing their bets on loyal supporters is probably more profitable in the long run, I’d think. Casuals can leave as fast as they show up, whereas loyal supporters will stay and, obviously, support the company for much longer. I believe that a balance of content for both casuals and loyal supporters at the same time is very well possible, but right now, it seems like Nintendo is focusing on the casuals for the most part, unfortunately.

                      1. You might be right, but you think they would’ve learned right at the beginning of the Wii U lifespan, where the casuals already left…why are they still trying?

                      2. @Namie
                        The thing is, the Wii U doesn’t have a boatload of must-have games. And it’s been going through some droughts. So, do you think that Wii U owners who are starving for something new will pass on this game just because it might be casual? No way! And who knows, you never know if it might actually be fun. Like when Mario Party first came out, nobody really knew what to expect. But when they played it, they became addicted. My only wish/hope is that this Amiibo Festival game isn’t all luck based. Because that’s what ruined the last few Mario Parties.

                        1. I do understand that people are just craving for games with the droughts the WiiU is going through. But I’m not sure if this game is going to give you what you’re hoping for, because judging from the trailers I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to be like your classic Mario Party game with a bunch of minigames, it looks like it’s just a board game, without all the fancy minigames. But I could be wrong of course, as we haven’t heard all that much about it yet. But yea, that’s just the impression I personally have gotten from it.
                          But anyway, normally, I wouldn’t mind at all what others are spending their own money on, it’s absolutely none of my business after all, but in this case, I genuinely don’t want people to support this game. I just don’t think it deserves it.
                          But yea, in the end it’s still everyone’s own choice of course, and anyone who has already decided to buy the game isn’t going to change their mind because of what I, a random person on the internet, am saying. But that isn’t my intention anyway, all I’m doing is expressing my personal thoughts on the matter. People are absolutely welcome to both agree and disagree.

                        2. Are you certain everyone here, who has responded before you spoke up were the people who hated the game? Cause it’s just possible said people are ignoring it or maybe aren’t here yet, possibly moved on to a new site maybe? I mean I had no issue with any game that Nintendo spoke of for this E3, as I said months ago, so that’s a mighty broad brush you’re swinging there.

                            1. Well you said everyone so I could only assume that is what you meant. Besides, you do’t know if either game is shitty or not, they’re not out yet and MP:FF looks solid from game play perspective and at the very least I’ll try this game out to see if it’s any good or not since everyone’s knee jerk hate makes me oh so curious~

                              1. As I’ve said in a previous comment, the reason why people dislike Federation Force so much isn’t necessarily because the game itself looks bad, but more like because the name Metroid was plastered on it for no reason. And considering people have been asking for a real Metroid game for such a long time now, and Other M doesn’t seem like it gave people what they were hoping for, it’s like Nintendo just rubbed a ton of salt into the wound with a spin-off game like Federation Force. Whether or not the game is good from a gameplay standpoint is yet to be seen, of course. But as I’ve said, it’s not the gameplay that’s being criticized.
                                The same things could be said about Animal Crossing and amiibo Festival, with the only exceptions that we’ve actually had a really good AC a couple years ago on the 3DS, and the gameplay mechanics are indeed being criticized, as the game can only be played at the extra cost of an amiibo. But yea, it just seems absolutely inexplicable to me why Nintendo is refusing to develop a real Animal Crossing game for the WiiU, considering it would work extremely well with the gamepad, plus, it’s so high in demand, it would be a guaranteed success. I just really don’t get it.

                                1. Well to say Metroid is plastered on Federation Forces is like saying Metal Gear is plastered on Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, and the Phantom Pain because Solid Snake isn’t the main protagonists in those games. Heck even the mechanics of the games have a change and shift in focus yet people are already saying MGS V will be the last TRUE MGS game because of “who” developed it, not because of who it stars, which is the major excuse I’ve read as to why MP:FF isn’t a “real” Metroid game. The very fact that people aren’t taking into account that the game could actually have more to it in common to the Metroid series than what we’ve seen grants even greater shame to their complaints.

                                  And Nintendo isn’t making a console Animal Crossing because they don’t really wanna focus on a console ANimal Crossing right now. Theres a hand held one, it works, and everyone has been crying for more and new things, why give them a repeat of what they already have? Giving fans what they want is always nice and fun, but any decent business person will tell you, giving fans what they want too frequently is a great way to loose your business. Fans can be quite happy without being given everything and we had AC on Gamecube, DS, Wii and 3DS. A little wait won’t kill anyone.

                                  I don’t get why everyone is so bitter about their beloved franchises expanding. We have so many complaints about how Mario gets al teh spot light and how Link, Samus and others don’t get enough, and when they try to expand, give other franchises spotlight, people get mad. This is why they don’t respond to fans, they’re nuts.

                                  1. Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Phantom Pain are the same to MGS as Federation Force is to Metroid? Sorry, but are you being serious right now? I really won’t bother going into explaining how that’s utter nonsense, in the hopes that you will realize it yourself one day. The fact that you think different protagonists make those games different enough from each other to be seen as similar entries to the main franchise as Federation Force is to Metroid pretty much proves you’ve entirely missed the point.
                                    I’m guessing you either haven’t played previous Metroid games before, or you’re just unable to grasp what’s the actual issue with Federation Force.

                                    And, you’re saying a real Animal Crossing game for the WiiU isn’t justified because we already have an AC game on the 3DS. Alright. How was AC for the Gamecube justified then, when there already was a working AC on the N64? How was AC for the DS justified, when there already was a working AC on the Gamecube? How was AC for the Wii justified, when there already was a working AC on the DS? How was AC for the 3DS justified, when there already was a working AC on the Wii? Hell, forget about AC, how was Mario Kart 8 needed, when Mario Kart 7 is already there? How was Mario 3D World needed when we already had a Mario 3D Land working perfectly fine on the 3DS? Why did we need DK Tropucal Freeze when we already had DKC Returns on the 3DS, which we got while we already had DKC Returns on the Wii?
                                    Weirdly enough, pretty much all of those games were relatively successful in terms of sales. Your logic seems flawed to me, I’m afraid.
                                    Giving loyal fans what they’ve been wanting for years is the least Nintendo can do, as those people are the same ones who contribute a lot to keeping Nintendo alive.
                                    Saying fans can be happy without being given the things they want kinda contradicts the situation Nintendo is in right now, so that can’t be too true. There is a reason why there was such a huge uproar after this year’s E3.

                                    The kind of expansion these franchises are experiencing right now is something nobody really asked for, and it just wasn’t needed at this point. When there is an obvious demand for other kinds of expansions (in this case, real AC and Metroid games), then of course they can expect people to get mad when the games coming up in the next months aren’t of interest.
                                    And calling fans “nuts” for expecting a game they love and have been getting every generation since the first entry seems truly odd to me.
                                    But then again, I don’t know what I was expecting from someone who had no issues with Nintendo’s E3 2015.

                                      1. I liken FF to the MGS series because there is the character we all know and love and call the face of the series, then there’s what the series actually is that’s important. If FF focuses on what makes the classic or Prime series Metroid so beloved, then to call it “not real” is farcical and another sign of fans jumping the gun. One of the devs working on the game says there is more to it, that it has a story, that it has exploration and what not, yet everyone it going off the two modes they’ve seen as if that’s all there is to the game. First impressions may be the most powerful, but they’re also the ones that are the most incorrect and that people should be wise enough by now to contextualize these impressions after more information is given. Not many have just yet, so I’d argue my analogy is correct until it is proven otherwise via actual game play and story.

                                        And I’m not saying classic AC isn’t needed or isn’t justified, I’m saying terms gamers can friggin wait on the next console installment in the franchise. I know people like and love it and I’m sure Nintendo knows this as well far better than I, but if they’re attentions are else where, I don’t see any harm in respecting that and just expecting what they put out to be worth the wait for something new.

                                        If people were such loyal fans, they’d recognize that they commissioned nothing from Nintendo from the beginning, they merely purchased what they put out. This isn’t kickstarter where they promised a new game or a more traditional version of this series every so often, they do what they do as they always have. Don’t like it, don’t buy it, but 9 out of 10 times people ignore something that Nintendo does differently, not 5 years after we move on to the next thing there are lamentations on how everyone ignored the best of the series because of stupid first impressions and snobbery. Which is really all this is, being a bit of a snob. Fans didn’t ask for these changes in the franchise forget they didn’t ask for the first one, it just appeared cause they wanted to make it and not people feel as if they are allotted to dictate how the franchise goes hence forth? People need to chill out and unwind a bit. At least until the games prove themselves unfun first.

                                        I lack the ability to see how myself enjoying E3 2015 and giving things I didn’t quite get the benefit of the doubt until I get more info or hands on with the games has anything to do with our conversation or your expectations of me, but whatever bro, keep truckin.

                                        1. Actually, there was some info revealed about the story mode, so it’s not entirely a mystery like you’re trying to make it be. People do have an idea about how it’s going to turn out, and by the sounds of it, it definitely doesn’t seem to be a classic Metroid game people had been waiting for.
                                          And no, Federation Force still is not even remotely close to being to Metroid what all those MGS games are to their own franchise.
                                          What Nintendo did with Federation Force could be compared to what it would be like if they suddenly gave the main Zelda games a break for 8 years, and suddenly came back with a spin-off based on horse riding, in a super happy atmosphere with chibi-styled characters, starring Epona.

                                          How did you not say a new AC isn’t needed though? Your very own words literally were “Theres a hand held one, it works, and everyone has been crying for more and new things, why give them a repeat of what they already have?”
                                          That, to me, means nothing other than “we already have one, so we don’t need it again”. And I think people wouldn’t have minded being patient for a bit longer as much if Nintendo hadn’t wasted their resources on a spin-off while people were hoping for the real deal.

                                          You’re right, people didn’t commission Nintendo to do anything, and Nintendo isn’t forced to do any of the things their supporters are wishing for. But you would think a company like Nintendo actually might care about what the people who have been supporting them for so many years would like to see, that they would feel like they should give people something back for their support. I guess not.
                                          But the way you say it, it sounds like you would even be okay with them bringing out a new console, let’s say the NX (it’s just an example, of course I’m not saying it’s actually going to be that way), just to drop support for immediately after the launch. I mean, they didn’t make any promises after all, so according to you, it would be totally alright if they did that, right? Just like it’s alright for them to make people buy the WiiU, only to end up not giving it the support and games they created the expectations for, right? Obviously, the former situation is exaggerated, but it’s a matter of principle.

                                          And you not having any problems with Nintendo’s most recent E3 presentation gives me the impression that you’re pretty much blind to their wrongs, and that you’ll seemingly accept anything they do, which, to me, explains your overly-defensive stance and arguments for Nintendo in our conversation.

                                          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                            If he defends Nintendo in his next comment, just ignore him from that point forward, Namie. He’s obviously a you know what at that point.

                                          2. lmao, a “you know what”. :p
                                            But yea, it doesn’t seem like his mind will change anytime soon, but he’s free to believe whatever he wants, after all. It’s just kinda unfortunate, because there probably are more than enough people with a similar mindset, and they are part of the reason why Nintendo never will realize their mistakes. Can’t be helped, I suppose. Well, at least I know I can’t help it in this cass, but that’s alright, because writing those super long comments on the phone really is bothersome, haha.

                                          3. Well I would respond directly to your last last statement, but the reply button is gone, so~ yeah.

                                            Anyways, I never alluded to the idea that MP:FF’s story was a mystery, I said we don’t have much info on it. All we know is we’re Federation soldiers doing something (I dunno what) and we’ll be traveling to a few planets. Almost like a certain bounty hunter who went traveling throughout some planets looking for pirate scum to blam blam in the face… Hm… Regardless, the dev I mentioned earlier did say there was exploration and some of that good ol Metroid feel in the game so I see little reason to doubt that until we get a demo (which I think it fair to ask for just for the fans’ assurance in quality) to see if he’s really trying to blow smoke up people’s rear or not. Also your analogy is quite poor as MP:FF does not have a happy atmosphere, LoZ regularly goes from simi-realism to cartoony, and you are not playing as Samus’ ship. A better analogy would be to say it’s like going for an eight year stretch with no LoZ game after MM, then come back to Wind Waker, which did not look a thing like what we expected the next console Zelda to be, only to have it be even less so (for the analogy’s sake that is since some people love WW).

                                            And you have impressively missed the point with what it means went it comes to what you are promised. When you buy a console, you do so under the promise that it will be supported for a respectable time frame. That is the promise that a company makes. Now supported with what exactly is rarely done so save game announcements, but that promise is something that Nintendo has kept if not necessarily releasing games in the volume or regularity that many of us would have preferred. If Nintendo failed to support their next console, they would be violating that promise which is not what’s going on here at all.

                                            You’re also failing to interpret what I’m saying because you have made up your own mind of what I meant and don’t seem to be putting much effort in understanding what I mean. I mention we have all these other traditional AC games to illustrate that we’ve gotten them fairly regularly and that to sit here and act as if the world would simply end were we not to get one this home console generation would be silly. Just like people who I’ve heard complain about how the Wii U is dead because we don’t get a “real” 3D Super Mario game this gen after Nintendo announced such was the case. The series (Animal Crossing) itself is fun and I do not imply it is not necessary or needed, but that it is not so at this moment in the way everyone cries for it, because we do have it in a current form. Now would it be better for the fans that want it on home console to have it there? Sure, it’d make ’em happy now which would be nice, but it won’t kill anyone to wait a little. We can’t stand on soap boxes and claim at least Nintendo doesn’t serialize or send out the same games over and over again like CoD then immediately say we want another Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, Zelda U, how Wii U needed another 3D Mario game and such. We know they’re not the same games throughout their iterations, yet we are also not willing to let the franchises rest, breath, or just go out in left field and do something freaky deaky like SMB2 (US). Yes I know Doki Doki Panic, and I don’t care cause SMB2 is very fun, light hearted and gave attention to a game style that likely would not have garnered any Western attention were it not for familiar faces. It was not a familiar SMB game, but the platforming was solid, the additional mechanics in movement were very interesting, and it was a fun spin off. There’s no reason to hate something like that.

                                            Your assumptions of me tell me you are way too into jumping to conclusions about people as I’m not defensive about Nintendo at all, I am just generally against the common mindset that feels like needless complaining from gamers these days is an acceptable course of action for things we enjoy. I like remaining optimistic until the end results prove something is bad before I declare something a mess (even gave Mass Effect 2 a chance before being disappointed) and in general, I enjoy fun, light hearted pieces like Nintendo’s Directs, Digital Events, and Treehouses. The fact that Nintendo had all three this E3 and people say it was bad tells me people got some messed up priorities. I can dig games you’re not into were what was shone. I can understand and respect anyone being uncomfortable with how some franchises were brought back cause one of my facebook friends was LIVID about AC:AF until she learned more about teh game then she was just a lil huffy, but willing to give the game a try and not be mad only if it’s fun. I was personally happy it wasn’t a traditional AC game because the first two AC games leached so much out of my existence I doubt I would have a life once I had teh lil animals all in HD. What little life I have would be ended as I would have to buy the game. All the devs this E3 were pretty positive over all, though I feel Sony was more being a snake in the grass with them hyping up games that aren’t exclusives like you’d only play them on the PS4, but I guess that’s how they like to advertise, so what can ya do? I enjoyed more hearing about what will likely be on my to buy list for the year (won’t be getting some games at launch, but will get them) rather than what I can expect to see next E3 for maybe next fall from Nintendo. Whatever flaws they had didn’t offend me much and I think failing to enjoy what was good about that E3 doesn’t make one more “aware” or less “blind” than I.

                                            1. I think at this point it would be best to agree to disagree. I feel like this conversation could go on for a really long time, as both us have a clear opinion on the matter, and we’ll keep bringing up new arguments to counter each other’s previous ones. I obviously can’t change your mind about the situation, just like you can’t change mine, but I think that’s absolutely alright. People can’t always agree with each other, after all.
                                              Also, writing those long, elaborate comments on mobile is kinda time consuming, hah.

                                              1. Very well, I had no intention of writing so much except I was attempting to clarify my reasoning since you seemed to misinterpret me so heavily and frequently and because you seem to have internally painted my mindset as something that it is not.

                                                I have no problems disagreeing with anyone and I do not think less of you as a person for disagreeing with me, or having an opposing mindset to mine. But I do apologize if the conversation caused you discomfort or excessive inconvenience how you had to reply.

                                              2. Oh no, I’m not blaming you for the long replies I wrote. It was my own choice to explain my thoughts so elaborately, after all. I could have written shorter replies, or refused to write anything at all. It was more about having had to write it on the phone what made it inconvenient, so there’s really nothing you should feel like you need to apologize for.

                                              3. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                Thank you, Namie! Let’s get a chant going, everyone! … Sorry… I forgot this is a Nintendo website, not WWE. Oh wait! Both companies cater to casuals & ignore the hardcore fans these days so nevermind!

                                                  1. Dont forget the misalanious amiibo as well, including Retro 3 pack, MII 3 pack, mewtwo, Falco, Shovel Knight and Chibi Robo

                                                  2. Oh, and Mario Tennis.
                                                    While it may not have powers like Mario Power Tennis (the best one IMO), the Mario Tennis games are always pretty good.

                                                  3. EEEEEWWW This game is disgusting!! Gonna get Xenoblade instead. Disgusting news this is indeed. i like all other Nintendo news. but not this festival party Naatsy thingy… I wanted a real animal crossing game like the 3DS. [Animal Crossing HD Edition] or make a new one..

                                                  4. I’ll get Fed Farce. Amiibo Party isn’t my cup of tea. Have to admit, though, the amiibo do look nice. If this is $60 for the bundle and $30-$40 for the game, I can see a lot of people biting.

                                                    1. How can I preorder this, I don’t even know what it is? We’ve only seen a third of what it has to offer, and that third was a mini gameless Mario party. Someone please explain the appeal

                                                      1. If you’re planning to get the Animal Crossing amiibo like myself, the game comes free in the bundle apparently. The bundle includes 2 amiibo, 3 amiibo cards and the game. Should be around 40-50 euro I’m Guessing? I hope it’s lower!

                                                            1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

                                                              After reading up and doing some research, I can say this is not a game I would support. It’s basically Mario Party, and now they’ve got you buying cards to collect em all to get the goods for the game? Im asking because I want to be sure that’s what’s going on here. It would be ultra silly to abandon the main A.C. formula.

                                                              *ripps bong-o*

                                                            2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                              Enjoy Animal Crossing: Mario Party Edition & Metroid Prime: Chibi Halo Edition aka Cash Grabs, everyone that gets these games! I’m sure Nintendo will repay you for your blind loyalty at some point since it’s oh so easy to please you all!

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