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Platinum Celebrates Bayonetta 2 1st Anniversary With Bayonetta Cake


It is Bayonetta 2’s first anniversary and what better way for Platinum Games to celebrate than with some delicious cake. It was also the game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto’s birthday so they threw him a little surprise. You can read his own personal message to the fans and a few interesting facts about the action packed title, below.


“Hello everyone, how are you? This is Yusuke Hashimoto, the game’s director.
It’s already been one year since Bayonetta 2 went on sale? Time sure does fly.
I’m grateful that I still receive messages from fans regularly, telling me their thoughts about the game. Thanks so much! I thought I’d take a minute to talk about some of the extras we provided in the game. After it was decided that the game would be developed for the Wii U, at some point there were talks about collaborating with Nintendo for some of the games extras (although, by the time this came up Kamiya had already claimed Peach, Link, and Samus for the Wii U remake of the original Bayonetta! Gotta be fast with that guy…)”

“Therefore, for Bayonetta 2, we decided to shift the focus to collaborations that would have a direct effect on gameplay, instead of them merely being alternate costumes. Bayonetta is somewhat unique in that you can equip weapons to your feet, which led to the idea of using that violent Chain Chomp from the Mario and Zelda series. I still remember being taken back by how quickly Nintendo approved our idea to have their Chain Chomp fly off and explode when it hits the enemy.”


“Since the Star Fox series was a personal favorite of mine, I requested to add a Star Fox costume and weapon as well. And then I remembered we had a shooting stage. I told the team “Guys, we have to make it so you can ride an Arwing (the high-tech all-terrain combat ship in Star Fox) in this stage.” I knew it was a bit of a tall order but the team didn’t let me down (by the way, did you know that three more Arwings will appear at the end of the stage after finishing it piloting your own?). And of course, it was because we put this in that someone from Nintendo noticed it and thought “maybe we should ask Platinum about that next Star Fox title…” Honestly, I’m still amazed at how much content the staff were able to fit into the game right up until the end, and I believe that their unwillingness to compromise quality led to the opportunity for us to make Star Fox Zero, so I have to express my gratitude to their hard work. We’re back at it again now, trying our best to figure out how to provide unique gameplay experiences that utilize two screens in Star Fox Zero—look forward to it.”

“I’ll mention one more little behind-the-scenes piece of info while we’re at it. There’s one extra that I wanted to include in the game, but we ultimately had to drop. It was a costume based on Famicom Tantei Club (A Japanese-only detective adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System), the first video game I ever finished. We were thinking that dialog could kind of fly out from Bayonetta’s weapon when she attacked, and this dialog could change the longer you held the attack button. We were also thinking that wearing the costume could cause “incidents” to occur in Noatun, but it just pushed us way over capacity so we eventually had to cut it. Alas J”

“One more thing before I go… We’ve seen a lot of Bayonetta merchandise up until now, but I just want you to know there are still things on the horizon that will blow your pants straight off, so be sure to keep an eye out! And as always, thank you for playing.”


60 thoughts on “Platinum Celebrates Bayonetta 2 1st Anniversary With Bayonetta Cake”

  1. The best game on the Wii U. Full of action, challenging, and well designed. It took the Wii U to the next level, but sadly Nintendo dropped the ball afterwards.

      1. I was not talking about Bayonetta 2. AFTERWARDS means all Nintendo has been doing to thw Wii U AFTER Bayo 2 release, such as writing off the console.

        1. I was talking about all the lack of support Nintendo offered to the Wii U this generation. We all wanted Nintendo to keep the high standards met by Bayonetta 2, rise the bar, and make the Wii U their best home console ever. But no, they are lazy and greed. Want most in profits using the least in resources. Nintendo doesn’t want to take risks, which is a huge risk itself. Nintendo showed their middle finger for us, and prematurely ditched a console which could be unfogettable.

          1. Yeah, besides the titles they advertised at launch to trick adult gamers into buying the game, that was it, except for a couple more here at the end. X and Bayonetta. They pushed those hardcore to get the adult gamers to believe we’d get those kind of games. Turns out those were pretty much it, and X still isn’t out.

            I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

            1. *trick into buying the console – I use “trick” lightly, as somehow, in their own world, they figured 3rd parties wouldn’t be driven away after Nintendo abandoned the console for so long after launch, after deliberately making sure Devs couldn’t port easily, and after giving it a name from the system known to be weak as hell, forcing Nintendo fans to play in low, jaggy standard definition while the rest of gamers got consoles that didn’t look like shit on an HD TV.

            1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

              Bayonetta 3 is never happening. Heck, this game almost never happened.

          2. Who cares? They can celebrate it as much as the want it sold poorly and it wont get much better.
            Platinum you have to chose your friends wisely ; )

              1. Wow, really?! That’s a lot more than I would have expected! Never picked the game up, didn’t have time when it was released, and haven’t had any time since…

              2. And it looks like they did too, since they actually got to make another bayonetta game, as well as create the next star fox game in existence.

            1. At first I thought this was about Bayonetta’s 21st anniversary! I was like, “WHAT? Was there a Bayonetta on the Genesis that I never heard about? Was it a 32X launch title or something?”

              1. Bayonetta did well in sells. Not all games have to reach a million to be successful. They are pleased with it and so is Nintendo

                1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                  Maybe that’s Nintendo’s biggest problem these days, though. They are happy with how little something sells because it made them a tiny profit. Nope. That’s exactly Nintendo’s problem these days. Like WWE, they are happy with mediocre sales & don’t even strive to outdo themselves anymore.

              2. Yusuke Hashimoto deserves success, bayonetta 2 is amazing and I’m sure star fox will be too, platinumgames + Nintendo= the perfect combination

              3. Which reminds me, I’ve ought to check out Kamiya’s Twitter page to see if he’s still up to his usual blocking shenanigans again. I swear that most of his posts just make me laugh when I see them.

                “Fuck off Smash idiots!”

                “Is Star Fox your god?”

                “Is your mom upset about her inferior son?”

                “I block people to clean up my timeline. Be careful.”

                “I block shit posts immediately every day.”

                1. Rare Replay? So you mean, games from the GOOD days of Rare. Banjo, Conker, Battletoads, classics that first appeared on NINTENDO CONSOLES. The Microsoft buyout pretty much KILLED Rare and Kinect was the end of any small legitimacy, that Rare had.
                  Also, it’s CONKER, not COCKER…unless you’re implying something else…°_°

                  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                    Rare could still have been great but Microsoft nor Nintendo wanted to bother. Nintendo because they let Microsoft buy it & Microsoft because… well history speaks for itself as where Microsoft is concerned.

                2. Bayonetta 2! One of the best games I ever played! I really hope they make Bayonetta 3. Also, since it’s Bayonetta 2’s anniversary, can we have a Bayonetta amiibo now?

                3. I’m so glad I picked up both Bayonetta titles, as well as their soundtracks. Both games have quickly and easily placed themselves near the top of my favorites list.

                4. Hey guys. I’m wondering if this game is still worth picking up. I didn’t have chance to pick it up last year on launch and as time goes on, I kind of lost interest in picking it up due to other interests.

                  1. If you’re in US, absolutely. 2 games for one, and I’d guess it’s around 30$.
                    In Europe, you can still get both games on eShop. But my local retailers are out of the edition with both games.

                    1. Thanks! I’ll be sure to get it, preferably from Amazon. Amazon has older games a bit cheaper than other retailers. Beside, I have Prime and my lazy ass wouldn’t go to Gamestop or Best Buy so having game shipped home is nice.

                      1. No. Kamiya thinks that he’s an elite developer while in reality, he’s just an average 3rd string game developer with major leaguer cocky attitude. He isn’t A-Rod. He isn’t Barry Bond. He isn’t Clayton Kershaw. He’s just some 20th year rookie league minor league game developer.

                      2. By the way, Clayton Kershaw treats everyone with respect, even his financially poor fans. His charity activity is the proof. While Kamiya, he is looking down on everyone in the world, even on his fans and followers.

                      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                        Am glad no one will want to sleep with you & spread your filth into other human beings as they give birth to your child. Oh wait. I forgot that there are female losers out there & that being a loser isn’t just a male’s trait. Now go back to jerking off to your so called superior Xbone.

                    1. This game is the main reason I bought a Wii U. Its an absolutely outstanding game and its a real shame it didn’t do well.
                      If Nintendo made half the amount of effort into marketing this game like splat or maker it would’ve done much better.
                      To all you so called supporters out there, If you like 3rd person actioners…. look no further.

                        1. the main reason was the “smash embargo”, games that could potentially hurt smash bros received poor marketing effort.

                        2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                          Nope. It’s just bad marketing. Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts III have been taking too long to release but I guarantee they’ll sell way better than Bayonetta 2 did because, unlike Nintendo with 3rd party games coming to their consoles & handhelds, Square Enix will actually get help from Sony AND Microsoft in the marketing department.

                      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                        This game was fucking awesome! Too bad Nintendo funded the game but immediately let it fucking swim for itself in shark infested waters WITH blood around it without any fucking help whatsoever. Typical of Nintendo to shit on the few 3rd parties that actually offer to help Nintendo. Oh well. They repaid the favor by kicking Nintendo in the nuts after their games failed on the Titanic. I mean, the Wii U!

                        1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                          Of course since that’s the profession I think Bayonetta would be happy with if she wasn’t busy fighting evil, psychotic angels and demons.

                          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                            *looks for heroponluigi* Good. If he saw this, he’d go on a religious tirade about how Bayonetta is evil, blah blah blah. It’s fictional, religious nuts! Get over it!

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