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Hyrule Warriors Legends Stereoscopic 3D Feature Is For New Nintendo 3DS Only

Yosuke Hayashi, Producer of Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, recently had the chance to speak to Japanese publication 4Gamer. Hayashi revealed that the Nintendo 3DS title will only feature stereoscopic 3D on the New Nintendo 3DS due to the system’s superior hardware. As you would expect this revised version of Hyrule Warriors will also feature amiibo support and more details regarding this will be coming in the not too distant future.

  • Amiibo support is in but no details yet
  • More new characters will be announced later
  • Tetra, Toon Link, King of Hyrule DLC codes for Wii U version will be inside the box (so you can give them to a friend)
  • Stereoscopic 3D is only available on New 3DS thanks to extra juice
  • Reconfirms all HW Wii U DLC will be included in HWL
  • Will consider DLC for HW Legends if there’s enough demand, nothing planned right now
  • Everything from Wii U version is in the 3DS version except Challenge Mode due to the smaller screen size (note: this is not Adventure Mode, with the big 8bit maps)

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103 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Legends Stereoscopic 3D Feature Is For New Nintendo 3DS Only”

      1. Flawless 3D graphics, no. Better than the previous model by miles, yes, but no where near flawless. The interface is not flawless to me, but I guess that’s subjective. It being a waste of money is subjective also.

        It’s barely more powerful than the last 3DS. I’d say it’s hit the minimal requirements for an improvement in that regard. And considering very few games even use its slight increase in power, that makes it all the much worse.

        Better exclusives? You mean one exclusive, Xenoblade… And since the New 3DS can play 3DS games obviously, I don’t think one ported exclusive is anything to brag about. It isn’t like the old 3DS was lacking in exclusives.

        I think with such an absurdly blind statement such as yours, I’d say your credibility is the one in question.

    1. And so you don’t new the circle pad pro or carry around a easy to lose nfc reader, as well as some mechanics like in smash that you can only do stuff with the new 3ds as well as better 3d

    2. By that same logic, video games and heck the entire entertainment industry in general is a waste of money. Playing a video or watching a movie doesn’t get you anywhere in life unless you can build a career out of it. It looks horrible on your credit score if you’re going into debt (Bought gas for your car or took out an investment on a home or career opportunity? Great! Bought a video game? NOPE.) Ooh, why would you want to buy a New 3DS or even a regular 3DS to play video games?

    3. The improved 3D was worth every penny to me, but yes, I knew very well Nintendo was not going to divide the user base like this. Let alone developers outside of Nintendo weren’t going to risk it. Then again it isn’t like I paid full price for it, I only paid very little since I sold my older 3DS towards it.

      I was one of the people constantly complaining about the New 3DS, and how no one will take advantage of it because of the older 3DS install base. And I don’t think Nintendo is selling enough New 3DS’s for them to want to make the switch, as to why we haven’t heard of anything specifically new for it since Xenoblade.

      I would not recommend buying one new, but if you can get one for really cheap like I did, it’s worth the crappy extra nub and the better 3D. But I guess if you don’t like the 3D or care about better controls, then it isn’t worth it.

      1. Mine also runs much smoother, loads faster, hell, it does everything faster. I thought Binding of Issac was New3DS only, It’s nice to fully use smash and not have the system reset everytime, and I love 3D, so 3D Hyrule Warriors will be fun.

        Only an incremental upgrade, but for an avid 3DS gamer who barely ever touches their WiiU, It’s a great upgrade for me.

  1. “Reconfirms all HW Wii U DLC will be included in HWL”
    That’s some serious fucking bullshit. I mean, good for anyone getting the game on 3DS, but it’s incredibly insulting for those of us who bought the game on Wii U.

    1. Ikr. They better have some apology gift for Wii U owners or else I may not even get Legends… But… TOON LINK! TETRA! KING OF RED LIONS! ADVCDUJNXRKPLKHFDSAWEFBK. Okay, I’ll get it still. Dammit, Tecmo Koei- Err, Koei Tecmo… Whatever the hell you are.

    2. My thoughts exactly. It’s nothing short of a punch in the gut to Wii U owners who bought the game. Way to take away one of the few killer exclusives the system has and then make the port to a lesser machine the definitive version…

        1. It’s not baffling, it’s actually completely logical. They have already sold a million copies on the Wii U. Now they are putting thier game on the 3ds to see of it will sell there as well. They want to make it as appealing as possible so they added all the dlc to the game… Do you feel like you got your monies worth on the Wii U? Did you enjoy your experience? Then why would you care what happens on the 3ds?

          1. We care because now people have one less reason to buy a Wii U, which is already struggling. Nintendo itself acknowledges this. But porting the game is not going to help sales of Wii U systems and especially not copies of the Wii U version of the game. The 3DS does not need this game- it’s library is already amazing. On top of that, many of us have already sunk $80 into this game and its DLC which will be part of the 3DS version FOR FREE, and it might get even more content the Wii U version will never get, all for half the price. Tell me how those of us who bought the original version a year ago aren’t supposed to feel betrayed.

            1. Stop whining, you had fun on the Wii U did you not?? Im pretty sure Nintendo isnt worried about moving Wii U systems anymore. Stop crying about a 3ds version (Which doesnt include challenge modes) to the Wii U version. No matter what anyone says the wii u version will be superior. So you spent money on DLC? Ok. Thats great. Enjoy the game. I swear its like watching children complain that they deserve every little thing. Im getting the 3ds version. Time for some fun.

            2. Yeah, but noone was buying a WiiU anyway. Mayaswell sell it on the 3DS and make some money. WiiU won’t sell for many reasons, this can’t hurt a system that’s already down for the count. After a couple more game releases, the WiiU will continue to lose momentum. It barely even sees a sales spike with new games anymore. Mario Maker didn’t even move many consoles, it just sold well to people who already own it.

              This move to put the game is not going to hirt the WiiU, we’re past that point now.

          2. “They have already sold a million copies on the Wii U”
            And that’s exactly the problem. They waited until everyone interested in the game bought it for the Wii U, and then released the updated version of the game, the one that has more content on it vanilla version, for another console. It effectively forces you to buy all the DLC if you want to have what’s now considered the regular version of the game. Suddenly, what was completely optional content and a nice bonus becomes part of the game, effectively making the Wii U version uncomplete, outdated and cheap by comparison.

            Grantedly, the Wii U version still has some major advantages, but if you can’t see how having to drop 100$ to get the same content (and that’s assuming you can get the Wind Waker characters by paying, without buying the 3DS version) that the 3ds gets for 40$, you need to reconsider the situation. Not even Capcom and their ‘revisions’ of games were this blatantly insulting.

      1. If you have a smart tv with 3D then you can force it in to 3D anyway so you can pretty much play any console game in 3D that way.

        It doesn’t always look the best though

      2. Except that Wii U owners paid at least 80 bucks for the game AND DLC and now 3DS owners can get all that and more for half the price. It doesn’t get more unfair and ridiculous as that.

        1. This is Nintendo. Nice to see some of you waking up to their flawed logic.

          Still, I rarely boot my WiiU anymore, so thanks to this release, I’ll probably play the game again.

          WiiU owners should remember, you still have Challenge mode- I think that’s being left out of the 3DS version, and that’s a lot of extra content there.

    3. I mean, it’s not uncommon for re-releases to include DLC these days. Most “Game of the Year” copies of games are like 20 bucks cheaper than the original MSRP price and include the DLC as well. I think Destiny: The Taken King, if you buy it now, you also get all of Destiny 1 and its two $20 bs expansions.

    4. It’s hard to not interpret that as also all paid DLC? Would they really includw the paid DLC? (hmm, was it all paid, so I guess so) – yeah, If I was primarily a WiiU gamer, I’d be pissed, as a N3DS gamer, sorry to say, it’s exciting.

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        I own both a Wii U & n3DS but even I’m pissed about this bullshit. In fact, this is the article that finally made me just snap. *points to my post at the bottom of this article’s comment section*

      2. It’s ambiguous in this piece of news, but I’ve seen other sites interpreting it as included DLC, so I just ran with it.

        “as a N3DS gamer, sorry to say, it’s exciting”
        No worries, I get it, but I’m glad you can see the other side of the equation here.

    1. Stereoscopic is “a process by which two photographs of the same object taken at slightly different angles are viewed together, creating an impression of depth and solidity.”

      Basically, we have two eyes, but since they’re not overlapping, each eye sees a different image. When the images overlap, we get the illusion of 3D. The 3DS (including the original 3DS, 3DSXL, New 3DS, etc) works in the same way in that it sends one image to one eye and another image to the other eye, creating the illusion of 3D. This 3D gimmick is why the console line is called the 3DS, successor to the DS.

      1. Those red-and-blue 3D glasses, if people still make those anymore, works the same way in that the red lense only lets your eye see the blue content and the blue lense only lets your eye see the red content. Two different images are seen, overlapped, and create the 3D effect.

  2. I’ve been saying this entire game on the 3ds for the longest was bs. Wiki doesn’t have half the amount of exclusives 3ds has and this gets a port that punches every wii u owners in the face.

    3ds is the spoiled little brother if the wii u. And has to get almost every game wii u has.

    Mario maker will be next to hit 3ds I’m predicting

    1. what do you have against multi platform gaming? and the only real thing the WiiU version is missing is the 3d capability. I am sure a WiiU owner can find a 3DS owner who does not have a WiiU.

      1. I have no problem with it, the only problem I have with it is that I definitive version comes to a smaller console who clearly doesn’t need the game. Considering its great library.

        (Also I’m personally heated how things get announced on wii u and the 3ds owners come in begging for it now as if their entitled for the game because of its sales. And bash the wii u calling it a dumb decision.)

        That and the info and rumors of wii u doc being free in game. A duck you to wii u supporters

        1. I guess you said “DLC” and “fuck”, haha auto correct, well first i dont think 3ds version will be the definitive edition actually i see it as a downgrade, we wont get the resolution we have on wii u or challenge mode, i see it as a less beautiful port of a great game for 3ds even if you dont wanna buy the 3ds version and nintendo wont sell the DLC of tetra t. Link and king of the lions, you will probably be able to buy them on ebay for 5 bucks each, ive seen it before with other DLC

    2. That’s business for you. What sells more, will get more.

      Identical situation with the PS4 and PS Vita, just opposite in the sense that Sony’s console is the one selling more, and now it has been getting PS Vita games.

  3. too many average joe type of gamers on the comment section I love 3D and the 3d is flawless on the new 3Ds that is one of the reasons why I bought the new 3DS. Challenge Mode is a huge part of Hyrule Warriors so sad it is not on the 3DS. thank god I don’t really care for toon link.

    1. You’re clearly two things: New to this site, and a fangirl. New 3DS is for idiots. Next handheld will be out in a year or two and there’s still hardly gonna be any games that take full advantage of the system you wasted an extra $200 on. Just cause you feel stupid about your purchase, don’t try and sell it to the intelligent people who don’t buy the tide-me-over handhelds like that and the DSi.

    2. I bought the New 3DS for the 3D too, but to go around telling people the 3D is flawless would be misleading. Again, it is not perfect.

      When you can view the 3D from absolutely any angle, and there is no distortion or ghosting of the images of any kind, especially on black backgrounds, then it would be flawless. And even now there are rare times where the New 3DS doesn’t track your eyes properly and the 3D may act up for a split second.

  4. “Will consider DLC for HW Legends if there’s enough demand, nothing planned right now”
    Like they won’t!? They made this game possible because 3ds port beggers. They’d try to get as much money as they can with this cash grab. They could have made a sequel

  5. PC Master Race Agent Narud

    ||Nintendo focusing their machination on the powerless consoles instead of their somewhat more powerful ones……

    ||Sony focusing on power while losing capital which in the end is dwarved by our superior sovereignty……

    ||Xbots kowtows to Nintendo and Sony by praising their futile efforts precitipates their pending doom……

    ||The emotions you all exibit is truly magnificent……

  6. without having to bash the 3DS its just a hand held version quit bashing on the WiiU version which is superior that is a fact, having said that both rightfully have their strength and weaknesses just keep in mind one is a hand held version and it will be lacking and the home console version will always look better, that is a fact that goes across all platforms. do not kid your self into thinking other wise.

        1. I’m not a baby i’m talking about that there are almost zero game on the Wii u and then Nintendo put one of the reasons to buy a Wii u on the 3ds wicht is like a already Saïd is a punch in the face for Wii u owner

        2. ( i’m a N3DS owner )
          i was about to buy a wii u but to be honest i wont. since the wii u lack of games (good games). yes it have SOME good games but 3DS have a lot MORE good and even not so good games. and those good games for wii u, which some are being ported to the 3DS and those other maybe or not. its a punch in the face to those who bought a wii u instead of another console thinking on the exclusives.
          but lets be honest here. if good wii u games are being demanded for the 3DS its beacuse there are fan base, a huge fan base. what it means? more money.
          —-yes they do it for money. if not how to make games? (making games aren’t cheap)—
          the other thing its that wii u is selling poorly, and the 3DS/N3DS are selling a lot better. and yes im one of those wanting a wii u to 3DS/N3DS port since there seem no reason on buying a wii u. and if there is not a port? NX surely will have retro-compatibility…
          i understand the situation, wii u owners have all the right to be mad about this. but those who have a 3DS want games for the console they have aswell.
          You may say: “you should buy a wii u”, they will counter with “you should buy a N/3DS”

          — try to look this in this way:
          the wii u is the “Titanic” which is being crossed by an iceberg (poor Sales) and the game developers (which are inside the Titanic) are going to embark the lifeboats (N/3DS) to save their lifes, those who decided to stay or couldn’t leave the titanic (wii u) will drown.

        3. You’re a fat ugly dumb bitch of a fan girl. An embarrassment to female gamers everywhere. I expect better from women than to get on their knees for nintendo and choke on that dick like the fanboys do. Oh you missed a cum spot on your cheek.

      1. Someone says it!!!
        Going back on what Nintendo said.. about the nx and satisfiying wii u owners. This makes things worse they better announce major things next year wii u exclusives.. I hear pretty much everyday news about 3ds getting games. 5 Zelda games… Compared to wii u. Who can barely get one.. (which may come to nx, I hope not.) It sucks as one of the few that stood by supporting the wii u.

  7. nx will be about all games

    wiiu and 3ds is just that,its all heading towards a all inclusive nintendo

    either hybrid or nx handheld and nx tv console either way 90% of games will be both mobile and tv play


  8. As someone who bought Hyrule Warriors day one on Wii U with the season pass i’m one of those people who helped make it a success and are now getting the short end of the stick here. Sure I got to play it earlier, but it came out around plenty of other games, so if I knew they were doing this I would’ve just waited. Cool extra characters though. I like them, but not sure I want to buy this version just to get them on Wii U.

      1. Fixing other peoples comments is one of the fucking stupidest things to do in a comment section. You’re a fucking loser. Go ahead and fix it you uncreative predictable piece of shit.

  9. For a while now, it is the 3DS getting little attention and the Wii U getting all the games. This Zelda game is complete filler. There are no other big Nintendo 3DS games on the horizon…
    At least Wii U has Zelda U & Star Fox Zero… what does 3DS have?

    1. AC: Happy Home Designer, Chibi Robo: Ziplash, Triforce Heros, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Yo-Kai Watch, Mario&Luigi Paper Jam, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Fire Emblem: Fates

  10. The first time Nintendo players have to deal with a company releasing a new verison of the game where’s the DLC is free, this is why I didn’t buy little big planet 3 or borderlands the pre sequel, anyways non of these things are exclusive to the 3ds, its already been confirmed you v an get the stuff for the wiiu version as well

  11. Been a while since I posted. How’s everyone? Well, I’m still getting the game. Loved it on the Wii U, and know I’ll love it on N3DS.

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  14. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Still nothing on whether the 3DS content will be available for the Wii U by way of DLC on the Wii U eShop. I’d rather pay 5-20 bucks for that 3DS content then to pay full price for Legends. If Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper/Ultimate is any indication, I’m fucking screwed out of the 3DS content as I refuse to buy the 3DS version to get the extra shit on my Wii U version. I refuse to repeat the Smash bullshit of buying two of roughly the same fucking game. I did this with Ocarina of Time 3D & Majora’s Mask 3D because the originals came out many years ago and I didn’t have the originals in my possession anymore. I did this with Star Fox 64 3D because it was pretty much free for being a loyal Nintendo consumer since I got it through Club Nintendo. That & I only rented the original game, anyway. Good thing I did get it for free since Star Fox Zero is pretty much just Star Fox 64 HD Remake, anyway. As for Smash 3DS & Wii U, I was just being an impatient idiot that didn’t want to wait for the Wii U version.

    Thanks a lot, either way, Ninten

    Yes I know Koei Tecmo is developing the game but it’s still Nintendo’s IP so they are going to take the brunt of my wrath because they are standing by & letting this fucking bullshit happen. Reason: I expect this from Koei Tecmo but not from Nintendo, so I felt Nintendo would be protective of Zelda, and it’s Zelda fans, to not stand by & let this Game of the Year edition bullshit to happen. Boy was I fucking wrong. I guess being loyal to Nintendo, or any company for that matter, is something only idiots do. Not anymore. Fuck loyalty to all these greedy, selfish corporate fucks. I’m loyal to myself & myself alone. I’ve only been treading rogue waters these past 2 (or is it 3 now as my math might be off) months but now I’m all in. Once I get my replacement Wii U (refurbished) from the Nintendo online American shop, I’m going after the PS4 & the many glorious games on the system already or going to the system in the next foreseeable future. And when the Xbox One is fucking cheap as hell, I’m going after it so I can play the Rare games I loved from the N64 that are in Rare Replay.

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