Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition Now Available For Pre-Order Via Nintendo UK Store

As we suspected on our earlier post, the Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited Edition is now available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK store, and is no longer GAME exclusive. The limited edition includes the game, art book, map, SteelBook cover, and a double-sided poster. It’s listed at £59.99 whilst the game by itself is priced at £49.99 – there’s also the Wii U Premium Pack for pre-order which is £249.99. Xenoblade Chronicles X is due for release in Europe, North America and Australia on December 4th.

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  1. £49.99 for just the game!? JESUS, that’s extortionate! No way can I afford that, it’s 76 dollars for you US folk out there.

    1. Are you being serious? You can’t afford that for this amazing game? Did you like the original Xenoblade? Do you want the developers to make another sequel? Then support them. Buy the game. I get really annoyed at people who demand quality, who demand amazing games but are not willing to pay up for it.

        1. Wow, so I’m a cheap bastard then? Someone above said they spend 102 dollars on the game, which is £66 for us. Now I earn 3.79 an hour for work, and have 8 hour shifts. For me to afford that I need to work 18 hours, roughly 3 full days.

          I’m sorry, but no game’s worth 3 full days slaving away in a logging company for one game. So you can sod off jumping to the ‘cheap bastard’ conclusion, and that’s 3 days for just one game. Excluding other, possibly more important things, like food.

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