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Nintendo of America Selling New 3DS Cover Plates Through Its Online Store

If you picked up the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle in North America and you’re not too keen on the Animal Crossing-themed plates, Nintendo of America’s online store has you covered. Currently, there are ten different cover plates for sale, including Pikachu, Kirby, and The Legend of Zelda designs. Prices for these plates range from $9.99 to $16.99.

Nintendo fans in North America felt shorted when it was first announced that the standard New 3DS system would be skipping the region. One of the key features of the pocket-sized model is the ability to swap between cover plates to customize the system to the owner’s liking. With the recent launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in North America, the smaller version has finally made its way to the region, albeit only as part of a bundle.

Nintendo of America has yet to specify if the New Nintendo 3DS will reach the region as a stand-alone model, rather than as part of a bundle, but we can hope. You can check out which plates are currently available on the online store, here.

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo of America Selling New 3DS Cover Plates Through Its Online Store”

  1. If they’re making the effort to sell faceplates online then it’s likely we’ll be seeing individual systems or more bundles, especially over the holiday season. Why would they make a bunch and distribute them here if they only released one limited edition bundle? They wouldn’t, they’d tell you to suck it up and import if they weren’t releasing it again.

    1. Game Boy micro had a bunch in Japan. They showed off a bunch for the U.S. Then they released two colors, and the Famicom version and they discontinued the micro. I have a feeling we will see more this time around, but probably not for too long. Plus those prices are ridiculous. $18 after tax for a faceplate? And they’re being greedy charging different amounts for different designs. The new 3DS is like the DSi. It’s a transitional system. It’ll be replaced soon with the new handheld. It’ll probably last longer than the DSi, but still. I bought an XL and the AC one, but I don’t see them giving them much attention for too long. That’s just how Nintendo does things. They had faceplates for micro on their website, too, and like I said, that ended quickly.

      1. They’re available everywhere though, so they’re easily found online via eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Micro didn’t sell well and the faceplates are pricy and a bit rare on eBay. These have been popular enough. I definitely agree that the pricing is a bit much, but buying a lot would be a bit pointless anyways. Either way it’s cheaper than buying a whole new console when a limited edition comes out that you want.

    2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      “The faceplate won’t go onto my New 3DS XL! I want my money back!” I bet there is at least a few owners of the n3DS XL that are poor, ignorant suckers falling for Nintendo’s horrible idea of a name… AGAIN!

      Nice plan, though. What better way to sell Happy Home Designer to people that don’t want the casual game but will end up with it anyway in order to get the smaller n3DS. BRILLIANT!!! Shady, but brilliant! Great job, Nintendo! You’re so awesome! *sarcasm* Well least if they don’t want the game, they can give it to their little nephew or niece that’s obsessed with casual crap.

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