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Reminder: The European Club Nintendo Closes Tomorrow

The European Club Nintendo closes its virtual doors tomorrow, September 30th, so today will be the last chance for you to redeem your stars before they disappear. If you haven’t already linked your Nintendo ID with your Club Nintendo account, if you do so now you will gain an extra 750 stars – which will help if you’re just a few stars short for a particular item. You can redeem your stars over on the Nintendo website under the Club Nintendo section here. Now all that’s left to do is to see what the new membership programme will entail!

25 thoughts on “Reminder: The European Club Nintendo Closes Tomorrow”

  1. yeah its too bad is closing this week but i hope they show a better membership once they announce it R.I.P club nintendo :-(.

  2. So sickr takes out the anonymous posting option and look what happens. There’s hardly anyone in the comment sections now, and it’s just a few fanboys. Good job. You killed your site even more trying to defend these stupid losers. This site gets worse all the time just like nintendo! Good job ruining your own site!

          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

            So that explains the lack of anon support. It might also be why certain people that are regulars here with names can’t get in here because they didn’t have an actual account like Deepsouth & The Collector.

            1. yea lol I noticed something was up when I couldn’t post stuff. was there even a warning that the change was coming lol. the comment section seems really dead now. glad you’re still here lol you are one of the ones I like chatting with.

              1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                This is my new place to talk all things Nintendo since Miiverse is run by tyrant assholes that get upset over silly things like too much cleavage. Must not get out to the beach or public swimming pool often.

                  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                    I’ve been evading Miiverse so much, unless it’s a Monday or WWE PPV night, that I don’t even remember the last time I actually checked my messages.

                  2. Honestly, I agree. The site’s been pretty dead these past days, at least it was somewhat entertaining to read through the comments before, even with the trolls and spammers.
                    What exactly was the reason to disable anonymous comments anyway?
                    Trolls? Maybe people just need to learn to not feed them, because as far as I could tell, some users here kept falling for the most obvious of trolls. Kinda difficult to blame the trolls when it’s the “victims” giving such unintelligent responses each time.
                    Spammers and offensive comments? Maybe getting some mods to take care of the comments section would be a better option than disabling anonymous comments entirely, it’s not like everyone who preferred not to log in was doing something wrong. As you’ve said, anonymous contributors would leave some real good comments too very often. Forcing them to create an account to speak their mind might not be the best way to deal with things, I believe. But that’s just me.

                    1. I’ve noticed that. I hardly get any replies anymore, and there’s hardly any comments now. I’m often the last person to comment, then nothing else. I keep going back to past posts to see if anyone replied to me, and still nothing. It’s SO depressing.

                      1. Sorry for the late response lol I just haven’t been on here much, there’s hardly any articles that even interest me anymore, that could be nintendo’s fault for lack of games to talk about though. Not sure lol. I was just scrolling through the last few days and it looks to be dead still, besides one article talking about the smash DLC, no other article has even 20 comments, and most are like 5. Sad they did this but oh well lol.

                    2. I still have 2000 stars left but I have no idea what to do with them. Can’t get anything decent for 2000. Was actually hoping for Nintendo to do some kind of “sale” on the last days to get rid of the left-over items, but I guess that won’t be happening.

                    3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                      About damn time this thing is finally closing in Europe. The fact Nintendo of Americunts shut ours down so damn early is mind boggling. Then again, they are ran by damn dirty apes!

                    4. *sigh* Of course the U.S didn’t get any physical rewards as a “goodbye” – only a messenger bag, which, wasn’t TOO great so I didn’t want it. 99% of it was games you could get as a download code – which, ranged from 500-800 coins, about.

                      Oh, well, though. I did get the limited Skyward Sword poster set, DS/3DS Zelda game case and Majora’s Mask soundtrack so I’m pretty happy.

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