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Splatoon Hacker Has Apparently Been Spotted Online And Can Destroy Save File

This sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but a player has been spotted online who has the ability to completely ruin your Splatoon save file. What happens is your character won’t load up when entering the main plaza. Basically if you quit before they have left the online match, or get stuck in the match as the offending player won’t quit, then you can lose your save file.  Here’s the details which have appeared on Reddit and the Squidboards:

  1. They’re an octoling carrying the unreleased Hydra Splatling.  In other words, they’re clearly a hacker who’s method has somehow screwed up the game RAM or something similar when trying to access an unreleased weapon early.
  2. You shouldn’t leave the room until they’ve gone, because returning to Booyah Base is what messes up the save file.
  3. Their name apparently begins with a K and has numbers in it.  Unfortunately, no one recorded the full thing yet.

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Thanks, Cheat-master30 Anon and Beatz7

71 thoughts on “Splatoon Hacker Has Apparently Been Spotted Online And Can Destroy Save File”

    1. You can BET on it:

      if i EVER see a Hacker in Splatoon i will REPORT him ;) Then Nintendo will BAN him out of Miiverse. He won`t have a chance then coming back to Miiverse again!

      Hes getting a HARDWARE-ban. Meaning: YOu cannot use your Miiverse-Account any more: And no: Using a different one also doesn`T work ;) Trust me: The WiiU is VERY GOOD PROTECTED against hackers ;)

        1. Well if someone actually does come into contact with this guy and doesn’t want to risk their saves… then all they have to do is probably power down the console during a match then (if you noted it) look up his name in Miiverse and block him. After you block a person, the systems usually say you will become less likely to play a game with this person online.
          [Not sure how this would work for banned Miiverse users who want to block a person.]

        2. To be completely honest, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for something along these lines to happen. Hacking the game was kind of inevitable, but this is really not something that should be happening as a result.

              1. Oh my… I’m not going to be playing for awhile then. I often leave my matches out of instinct if it goes bad. No way will I stop and notice the IGN of that Hacker. I know myself well.

                I hope Splatoon’s staff works out the issue. This is serious after all.

                1. Not all hackers are bad. I for one don’t appose it at least WHEN and only when it doesn’t effect others. In this instant though, he’s a piece of shit if his hack was to intentionally currupt save files.

                    1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                      ||Hackers are savages that went berserk, they do not represent the Master Race anymore……

                      1. Wither you like it or not, they breeded hackers and spread across all technology medium including gaming consoles so yeah. They do represent yourself because it’s where they came from.

                        1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                          ||We bred all of you, and like you servants of the flawed, hackers are defective and must be purged to make room for our final solution……

                        2. it doesnt ruin a save file, it just locks the savefile… why? because they are using unreleased content and the player model is stored in inkopolis plaza, if you enconunter it and accidentally leave because of a connection error, you can either do two things:
                          -Wait for the next Splatfest (Splatfest overrides Plaza data)
                          -Wait for a patch (i think will come first than the Splatfest)

                          1. Also, to anyone else, go buy a $2 thumb drive, plug it in and format it, go into System Settings > Data Management, and copy a save to your USB. It’ll use the one on the USB if it’s plugged in.”

                        3. God damn it, I was so looking forward to playing Splatoon with my girlfriend this weekend. This hacker needs to be stopped soon and fast.

                        4. Hackers Suck and ruin every game they play for everyone they play against … please don’t hack … but hopefully this person is just a selfish, egotist showoff and and not actively MALICIOUS, so they will stop playing as soon as they learn what is happening (anyone dedicated enough to hack code is on forums about the game they are hacking) until a patch is released so they don’t lock any more players files, for no fault of their own.

                        5. I hate people who get a kick out of doing this. I always say it’s fine if you cheat in a single player game, but as soon as you cheat in a multiplayer game and it affects the experience of other players playing by the game’s standards and and are just trying to have a good time, you have crossed the line and deserve all the hate you get.

                          Hopefully a patch for this gets here soon and the offending party gets slapped with a ban.

                          1. Ive seen a few guys with continous golden mushrooms, but it could’ve just been luck. That game is so unbalance that it wouldn’t surprise me if they were just luck.

                            1. I’ve seen that before as well. Also, I’ve been seing people being hit and not skidding. That is very odd. All of them have exceptionally high ranking points and always win.

                              1. I guess that pretty much gives it away then lol, I dont get the point of these type of hacks. I mean cool, yeah, they have a high ranking but when it comes too it, in an actual race they probably suck and probably really bad too. I just dont see the reasoning behind it.

                                1. Yeah, what’s the advantage of having such a high ranking? MK8 is all about fun. No point in flaunting something like “look at my ranking, newbie!”

                                  But the most intriguing thing is: How do they do that? :o

                                  1. Thats the crazy thing, as soon as CoD gets hacked a million videos go up on youtube on how to do it (of course im exaggerating) but some how the MK8 hackers have been very mum about the way to go about it. At least I havent come across it. Maybe one day will find out and make our way to the top of those leader-boards ourselfs lol

                                    1. Exactly. MK8 is the most luck-based Mario Kart yet so rating means nothing. I once had a race where all I got were coins. COINS. WTF can you do when that’s all the game gives you when you keep getting hit by red shells and starman players? Came in 12th that race and I 100% blame the game.

                                    2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                      I feel bad for the people really enjoying the game. But I won’t lie that a small part of me thinks this is just karma for supporting the initial release of an unfinished game. *shakes head to wipe the smirk off of face* lol

                                          1. lol maybe its because ive been offline for the last couple of days, but it feels like its calmed down since last month. Or maybe theyre finally getting used to you. lol hey! you say what you feel so youre good in my book, plus, I agree with a lot of the things you say. So here, have a like lol

                                          1. First stealing Zapfish, now corrupting data… The Octolings are truly despicable. ;~;
                                            In all seriousness though, this is pretty concerning. I’ll probably stay off online for awhile.

                                          2. Just reminding that it doesn’t destroy your data, it just soft locks. If you get your save soft-locked you can wait until the next Splatfest or the next update to acess the data again.

                                            1. This was proven false. The person who claimed K9 was the hacker was started on Tumblr, who are known to make witch hunts to attack innocent people. The guy who encountered the hacker confirmed it wasn’t K9 and their name was more of a Japanese name in english starting with a Ku, Ka, or Ko.

                                              Long story short, K9 got banned for no reason and was blamed because someone thought they were the hacker WITHOUT ANY PROOF TO PROVE THEY’RE THE HACKER.

                                              1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                K9 got banned from the game? lol If from the game, typical Nintendo. Just like in Miiverse when a person wrongly reports a drawing for being sexually explicit when it’s just a big breasted girl in a bikini, which is sexually suggestive at best. Nintendo needs to hire smarter mods/admins.

                                                1. Not only that, but they go after people explaining the situation and trying to steer people away from the hacker or what to do if they do encounter them and generally just trying to help them. I had two comments removed that explained what was going on and what steps to take if players ran into said hacker.

                                                  Normally I’d contest the violation because I looked at the CoC, looked back at my post, and found NOTHING that was in violation. Challenged it once, still said there was a violation.

                                                  So fuck you Miiverse admins. I’ve been doing more for Nintendo’s precious kids than you ever have. Used to check up on the Miiverse stage boards for Sm4sh and report any lewd drawings or posts that you somehow missed for DAYS, but not anymore- not for admins who attack players trying to make the greater good.

                                                  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                    A few years back, I was telling someone to “shoot up” so they could get out of this dead end in Super Metroid as they were showing a picture of the area. That post got reported AND blocked for being hateful/bullying. I can’t even recall if I had it reinstated or not. Probably not. Hell! You can even get in trouble on Miiverse for calling an obvious troll a troll. xD

                                                    1. Had that happen too- some dumb user just named Ike kept naming fake Mario games and stating why they sucked and got several other users combating him. I said don’t feed the troll, got slapped with a violation for hateful/bullying.

                                                      I’ve since blocked said moron.

                                                      Miiverse is like the very definition of a Dystopia, run by bureaucrats, and that is a type of people I have learned to and taught myself to hate without mercy.

                                                  2. The way this is worded makes it sound like the save data is completely corrupted, but you’ll be able to access everything again once the next Splatfest comes around and wipes everyone in the plaza (trying to load the hacker in the plaza is what locks the game). Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still back up your save file though, unless you really want to just wait until the next Splatfest.

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