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Wii U YouTube App Gets An Update

If you regularly use the Wii U YouTube app you might be pleased to learn that it has received an update today. Not a lot has changed visually and you still can’t use the Pro Controller – which is surely one of the most requested features. I know a lot of you prefer using the Wii U web browser for watching YouTube videos and this update probably won’t get you to change your mind. The update is live, right now.

Thanks, David F

37 thoughts on “Wii U YouTube App Gets An Update”

    1. Well, tbh the app itself is shit.
      Try it combined with the YouTube Android App and “Cast Screen” it works like a Chrome Cast, so you can use your Android devices to navigate YouTube while watching the vids on TV.

    2. I never understood why the Wii U even HAD a YouTube app/channel when you can just access YouTube through the Internet Browser. The actual Channel itself was always screwy/dodgey and never worked exactly right. Unless I’m thinking of the YouTube channel on the 3DS? But anyhow, I always go to YouTube through the Internet Browser. I never bothered with the actual Channel. I even deleted the Channel from my home menu.

          1. i did not know the WIi U youtube app gets a update but i guess they might do a little change for this time :/

          2. Wait, why do people want to use the pro controller over the gamepad? It’s a lot less hassle to use buttons to type a video (doing it with messages on my 360 is tedious) when you can literally type it in with the touch screen as well as select videos and move to locations in them.

          3. Watching Youtube videos – literally the only thing I’ve been using my WiiU for in the past weeks, lmao. Kinda sad.
            But yea, it really is convenient, no doubt.

            1. That is sad considering all the others things you could be doing on it, like playing Mario maker. Or buying games that you never got around to buying, and playing them.

              1. Actually, there are no games I “never got around buying”, I’m just not interested in any of the ones I haven’t played yet. Except for Mario Maker perhaps, still on the fence about it, but yea

                1. Damnit, accidently pressed “post comment” too early AGAIN, lmao. Can’t even tell how many times that has happened to me now, the mobile layout of this blog really isn’t for me, hah.
                  BUT YEA, what I was trying to say is, I find it sad indeed that I personally can’t find anything else to do with my WiiU other than watching videos. But that’s just my personal situation with it. If you use your WiiU for more than just videos, that’s really great.

                  1. The Wii U truly isn’t a console for hardcore gamers. People rant incessantly about the Wii U’s library, lack of third party support, piss poor graphics, family friendly image, party games, etc., but the truth is, people need to stop complaining about Nintendo not being something it isn’t. I’m happy with my Wii U. I guess you could say I’m hardcore about casual games. I’m a busy guy. I look at my collection, and I have a bunch of games that I can pop in the disc and play for 10-20 minutes at a time before moving on to something else. I’m not an immersive gamer, and I don’t want to think too hard about what I’m doing. I currently have 20 Wii U, and you might scoff if you saw what it was composed of. You might say I’m part of the problem and not the solution. Anyway.

                    I’m not trying to criticize you. You said yourself that it’s just your personal situation, so I’m not going to give you shit. You just got me thinking is all.

                    1. No worries, would be totally alright even if you criticized me – people are always welcome to disagree with me if I can still have a pleasant conversation with them.

                      But anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s interesting to read how people with a different “play style” feel about the situation.
                      It’s just that different people just have different expectations from a console, and I think that’s absolutely alright. It’s not like I can blame you or anyone else for enjoying the WiiU more than I personally do, just because they look for other things in a console than myself. If you’re happy with it and it gives you what you expect from it, that’s truly great for you.

                        1. I definitely know what you mean. If I’m not playing the only two games I play on my Wii U, my Wii U makes a good video player, especially when the gamepad is super useful too.

                          1. I used to plug my laptop into the TV each time I wanted to watch videos on a bigger screen, super troublesome in comparison to how convenient it is with the WiiU, thanks to the Gamepad. It’s especially comfortable at night when you just want to relax on the couch or in bed, really. Being able to watch it directly on the Gamepad while the TV is turned off can be really convenient too.
                            It’s just as you’ve said, the WiiU does make a great video player, hah.

                            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                              It’d be even more comfortable if we could use the wiimote for Netflix on nights we want to fall asleep while watching something. The gamepad isn’t ideal for that unless you don’t mind the possibility of messing it up because you rolled over on it or some other tragic incident while asleep in bed.

                              1. I just put the Gamepad on the nightstand beside my bed when I want to fall asleep while watching, so personally, I don’t need to worry about that, but I definitely see where you’re coming from. You won’t find a nightstand in every individual’s room to take care of the problem, after all.
                                Having the option to choose between Wiimote and Gamepad really wouldn’t be bad. Options are always good.

                                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                  Apparently not as far as some of the people here defending Nintendo are concerned. Apparently wanting options like voice chat is evil incarnate. lol

                                1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                                  not…. there a lot of lag and minor error on the the you tube website on the Wii u browser, but it’s better than the app.

                                2. Like someone pointed out, what does the update do?

                                  I agree that the Wii U app needs some serious work but it’s actually more convenient to me, especially when watching videos I save to watch later. Going through playlists is a breeze. Good when you’re multitasking too, the gamepad adds an extra display around the house.

                                3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                  Meh. When an update to the Netflix or Youtube app on the Wii U comes with the option to use the Wiimote on nights I want to watch stuff while going to sleep, I’m not interested in using these apps for the Wii U & will just use the internet browser or my smart tv for it. Sucks my old one is messed up & I had to replace it with a lesser tv, a Samsung to be exact, & need a roku stick, or whatever the fuck it is, for smart tv functions. I don’t know how but a small little crack on the fucking television’s screen caused a red, vertical line down part of the screen & can’t be fixed, so it had to be replaced altogether. A shame these big ass smart TVs cost so god damn much!

                                4. Just stick with the browser.
                                  There is literally no reason to use the Wii U app over the internet browser.
                                  Unless you somehow own neither a computer nor a laptop of any sort.

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