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Toys R Us Hints Towards Mega Yarn Yoshi And Villager Restock Exclusives

After the recent news of the Mii Fighter amiibo being exclusive to Toys R Us in North America, the retailer has taken to Twitter to tease on another potential exclusive of theirs – the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo. Also in the picture included in the Tweet is the silhouette of the Villager amiibo, which hints towards a potential restock of this amiibo exclusively in their stores. At the moment, this is all the information the retailer has divulged, but we will keep you posted with any updates.

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8 thoughts on “Toys R Us Hints Towards Mega Yarn Yoshi And Villager Restock Exclusives”

    1. If it’s anything like Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario then I’m really not worried at all. There are still a good dozen plus at TRU and Target near me. There’s a lot more stock than there used to be.

  1. “Mii 3-pack is based on your mii.” Either you can make custom Mii amiibos and I missed that announcement, or that wording is very misleading.

    1. @DeJtheGamer ,
      Yeah, I didn’t notice that until you pointed that out. Nintendo said once (long before any amiibo was released) that there was a possibility that people could have a custom amiibo made of their Miifurther down the road. This would have been the perfect opportunity to do just that. But I doubt it, since these Mii amiibo are already available in other countries.

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