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Analysts Talk About Nintendo’s Move Into The Mobile Market

The Wall Street Journal has gathered together a number of industry analysts to discuss Nintendo’s upcoming move to enter the crowded mobile market. Each of the analysts have a different opinion about the move but they remain cautiously optimistic. Here’s what they had to say to the publication about the decision.

“If he (Mario) fails, it could be game over. If he gets past the next stage, he unlocks a completely new market for Nintendo to conquer.” – Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based game industry consultant

“We believe this is now going to be the core of the new Nintendo.” – Analyst Atul Goyal at Jefferies & Co.

“This is a desperate move. It’s not a choice they wanted to make.” – Amir Anvarzadeh, head of Japan equity sales at the brokerage BGC Partner

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23 thoughts on “Analysts Talk About Nintendo’s Move Into The Mobile Market”

  1. I would never go as far as saying it will be their core market. It’s a side project to make them more money to use on what they really love, console/handheld gaming.

  2. look at it thru real eyes not industry smoke and mirrors IT DOESNT MATTER WITCHWAY THESE SO CALLED ANALists report it

    its implying DOOM there either OVER compleatly or there over on hardware and are becoming phone only THIS IS OBVIOUSLY AGAIN ANI NINTENDO BS

  3. “New Nintendo”? What “New Nintendo”? What, is Nintendo so bad that they have to completely redo themselves? Not that I’ve seen! I agree with the first two comments up there, that it’s a side market of easy money.

      1. You mean new president, same going nintendo. This was Iwata’s move after all, the new president is just keeping his last wishes…though I already like what I’m seeing out of nintendo since the change…like non game nintendo merchandise such as RC control cars commercials.

      2. Actually, yes they are bad now but only got worse because they think they can repeat the same Wii success fluke twice without even trying to be different in an awesome way anymore. Mobile is their desperate move to woo the fled casual fucks again but their hardcore essence is gone, meaning the real Nintendo we all knew and love is as dead as Rare now.

          1. It already has. Or have you been daydreaming another fucktard video game pleasing your lame ass casual pleasure because you and 90% of this fucked up world hates to be challenged even slightly? That’s where this new, fucking stupid Nintendo comes into play.

            1. I think you are not seeing it anymore really, why you think I haven’t been around? Are you that dam dense over what you hated of their turn? Are you really that dam stupid to not see the changes are already taking a better turn since the new guy got in? LOOK STUPID…These are Iwata’s last wishes but and IF I remember correctly, this to me is not a desperate attempt. This is somewhat of a smart move. Specially if built from the ground UP from mobile recent reports of WHAT nintendo is going to do on the mobile market. For it to be a desperate move for them is to copy and paste from old games they ALREADY have. THINK ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT IT FAULTY. I’m gonna stand my ground on this belief stranga. call me what you wish but I think you all need to see for yourselves on this matter if you can see the bigger picture like I am now.



            there in complete transition as we post here today thee expandingbthe brand into media and fun parks and toys and non nintendo hardware whilst re inventing the core hardware experience

            thete joining up all there handheld and console teams,they have built a 1600 strong employee development bulding uniting all the talent-teams

            thee putting togethr thee new OS and accounts CLEARLY CHANGING INTO SOMETHING BIGGER-BETTER TO ANY SANE PERSON

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              I agree with Amir Anvarzadeh’s comment. This is just a desperate attempt to try to win back the casuals that fled the Wii after only 3 years; 4 years if I’m being generous.

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