Nintendo Is Profitable This Financial Quarter

For those worried about Nintendo this quarter, don’t be. Nintendo has released their financial results for the second quarter of 2015 (July 1 to September 30) showing they are once again financially profitable. After the quarter, Nintendo has ended off with 113.959 billion yen ($947 million US) in net sales, 7.28 billion yen ($65 million US) operating profit, and 3.182 billion yen ($26.4 million US) net profit. Accordingly, Nintendo is foreseeing a rosier future and have changed their 2015 projections to be slightly upward.

In terms of console sales, the Nintendo 3DS is up another 2.28 million units since last quarter and Wii U is up 1.19 million units — this makes the total number sold 54 million and 10.73 million, respectively. Amiibo sales figures are 21 million with “robust” success for the amiibo card line. Additionally, both Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Super Mario Maker have joined in the one-million club selling 2.02 million and 1.88 million, respectively.

Last but not least, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima assures that he will be talking about Nintendo and DeNA’s mobile game later today — no word on Nintendo’s loyalty system.



  1. These figures are quiet high meaning the company is doing well, both Wiiu and 3ds have sold more units this time around including amiibo so this very good news, we can expect more profits after this date till end of the year company will have made good profits on three of their Wiiu, 3ds, amiibo, keep up the good work, also mobile game announcement is more interesting but still no news on their next powerful home and portable consoles.

  2. All nintendo has to do now is allow the NX to be compatible with DS and 3ds games, and just sit back and watch that system fly off the shelves. I really want to play the 3ds MH games on a bigger screen.

    1. >>>That is not enough by a long shot, what imbecile would buy a new system just to play old games?>>>

  3. i wasnt worried they made 240 million net last year and can do so again this year…its 2016 onwards thats the bigger picture there doing huge things starting with moble then new hardware all the games there working on we havnt seen anything yet

    this is the lull before the storm as it was after gamecube they had a huge dry spell and internal change…there clearly passing time until the big guns start showing up next year….its a long wait but there phone games will keep the cash rolling in

    i want to see were they go with media tv movies and entertainment as well as gaming

    do i re invest hhhmmmmmm….

  4. Good job, Nintendo!

    Even making poor, questionable strategic decisions, they were able to earn some profit.

    Now, then, it’s time to they revamp themselves and treat their consumers with respect again. No one wants to keep facing droughts, delays, censorship, region-lock and only-casual releases. With that, in the mid-run they will be able to regain cosumer’s trust and reverse the bad reputation that is upon they nowadays.

  5. “Nintendo Made Money”
    I mean, really, Sega can make money even though their games are a bunch of heck. This means nothing. We have to wait and see…

  6. well its like nintendo is having issues with there hard time money on trying to make a bunch of profit to make better sells in there financial year but this is the case that how they make better money on making games.

  7. 10.73 million Wii U sold, eh? *bursts into uncontrollable laughter at how fucking pathetic that number is & at the strong possibility there will be idiots actually celebrating that number* “But they are still making a profit off the console! Hurr durr!”

    1. That number is made mainly from Nintendo games only, which is amazing without third party support, if that was included will be much higher so figure is from one developers and is very good.

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