Tri Force Heroes Sells 54K In Japan, Lowest Selling Week 1 Zelda Game

Reports from Japan (4Gamer) are showing that only 54K copies of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes in its first week. While the sales are by no means dismal, this is easily one of the lowest (if not the lowest) in terms of launch sales for a The Legend of Zelda franchise titles. As a comparison, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds managed 224K within its first week in Japan. This news breaks in the face of uplifting financial news regarding Nintendo’s second quarter. Do you think these disappointing sales will translate to other markets, or is it Nintendo specific?



  1. I’ve seen a lot of people disregarding multiplayer Zelda games as it’s less in the spirit of the series, which put many people off.
    There’s also the many liberties they took with restricting the multiplayer itself and the local-exclusive content, putting more people off.

    I’m sure this game is good, but so many bad news don’t build a high confidence in the product.

    1. “spin offs” The original Legend of Zelda was top down as opposed to the OOT 3D world style. Link Between Worlds is easily one of the best Zelda games out there and like this same article says sold 224k in it’s first week in Japan alone.

      Triforce Heroes just isn’t up to the standards the Zelda franchise has set.

      1. Link Between Worlds in my humble opinion is one of the worst in the franchise, it was so easy, I felt like a retard when I finished this kiddy game, sorry for foul language.

    1. *points to the millions of sales CoD makes*

  2. And later People start to complain that “all the Zelda games are the same”,” they never do something new”, etc. Wow, they get thrown something new and different and it doesn’t make good sales, well, now that this game is out I’m not gonna allow anyone saying ever again that Nintendo never does something interesting with Zelda, because when they do…

    1. No one asked for this dumb shit of a game. This game is not what the spirit of the Zelda series is supposed to be about. Zelda is supposed to be about Link going on adventures, solving puzzles, fighting Ganon or some other intimidating final boss. Not rescuing some lame princess’s wardrobe. I do not personally want major changes to the Zelda formula. A little change of course, but not something that changes everything. Plus, I never wanted Zelda multiplayer. Zelda is one of the great single player game series out there, and there is no reason to shoehorn multiplayer into it. I played a little bit of Four Swords, and it didn’t feel like a Zelda game to me. Oh, and you shouldn’t generalize. Or use this game as an example that fans want something new but then complain when they get it. When people ask for something new, they want that new factor to actually be good, interesting, etc. This game is a mockery of the Zelda franchise. Saving a wardrobe. Don’t be ridiculous.

      1. If you think this game is ridiculous then you haven’t seen the spin-off Zelda game that happens to be Japan Exclusive (Tingle).

        Look, I’ve seen this game, and there are dungeons, there are Puzzles, this game isn’t ridiculous, is just hated for ridiculous reasons.

        Who are you to say what is Zelda about? yes, the main games are one thing, but are you saying that Nintendo cannot experiment with their IP? are you saying that Nintendo cannot do Spin-Offs? love Zelda as much as you want, but should understand that Nintendo can do with their IP whatever they want, wether you like it or not (this also applies to Metroid), we’ll see in a few years if this game is remembered or not, like Wind Waker that was hated for dumb reasons and now is a beloved game.

        1. Yes, Nintendo can do whatever they want with their IP. But the fans will have their say as well. And the low sales of this game are the fans having their say. Who am I to say what Zelda is about? I’m a fan that has followed the series, and thus I know what Zelda is about. You have a series one way for over 2 decades, then when a new game comes out say those first 2 decades are not what Zelda is about. It doesn’t work that way. The fact that you don’t think saving a wardrobe is not ridiculous is quite odd to me. Zelda is not supposed to be about accessorizing and making fashion statements with cute and cuddly outfits. That shit has no place in a game like Zelda. Defend Nintendo’s right to do as they please with their IP all you want, but don’t judge others as dumb for hating the background of this game. Nintendo found out with the Wii U what happens when they don’t do what the fans want, though on a much larger and complicated scale (and not all of it is their fault). So yes, Nintendo will do whatever they want. But the fans will speak with their wallet. And then people such as yourself will stand there when the games don’t sell well and claim it’s because the fans don’t know what they want and are hating for dumb reasons.

          1. I’ve been following this franchise since OoT (I was like 6 years old at the time), so I understand the main games, but for what I can understand you’re saying that Zelda is about Puzzles and great stories (or something like that), but guess what: this game has the puzzles, this game IS an adventure (wether you like it or not) and the only Zelda games that has great stories (and I mean, stories good enough to be the reason to play the game) are TP, SS, MM, WW and (if you want to streacht it) ST, the rest of the games has base stories with emotional moment here and there, a story has NEVER been the main focus of the Zelda games, the story has always been the excuse to make the gameplay, never the opposite, so that complaint is dumb.

            And if you think that I have no point with “what fans want” then please explain why even though 3D Mario games are what People ask the most, are the 2D Mario games that sell best, or (in the case of Zelda) why People say that the best game is either ALttP, ALBW or OoT when the ones that should be considered the best ones are WW, TP or MM? Look, fans can speak with their wallets, but that doesn’t mean that they put their money where their mouth is.

            And let me remind you that in those 25 years of Zelda, the franchise has been remaking itself over the years (the differences between the first, second and third Zelda game are astounding with the last game (Zelda U)) so what “they’re about” has also been changing over the decades.

            1. The fact that you say WW, TP, or MM should be considered the best shows you to be a little arrogant. I would say OOT or ALttP are the two best, but I don’t feel others have to feel that way. But here is my opinion on WW. It is way overrated. Take away the cartoon look and the sea (which dragged on way too much) and there isn’t much new added to the gameplay. I felt like I was playing Ocarina. Same exact fighting system, with no improvements. MM was good, a nice example of changes to the formula, but I wouldn’t put it in my top 3. TP was good, but honestly don’t remember too much about it for some reason. Twilight world, wolf, Midna, bad guy that resurrects Ganon. I just remember that I liked it. But the fact that it left such a little impression on me certainly prevents me from putting as one of the best. Again, all my opinion. As for this game, I am sure it has puzzles and adventures, but when I know I’m trying to help Barbie get her Versace dress back, I do not feel inspired at all or feel like the adventure is even worth my time. It’s corny as shit and childish. Do I feel Zelda needs blood and guts flying all over like COD or Mortal Kombat? No. But I don’t want it being on the level of Viva Pinata either. And just because you don’t agree with an opinion, it doesn’t mean you get to say anyone who complains about this game for that reason is dumb. Have I said people who support this game because they feel the wardrobe is a nice breath of fresh air to Zelda? No, I haven’t. 2D Mario games sell the best because they are multiplayer family friendly games, so of course they are going to sell better. They are for literally everyone because everyone can beat them (maybe not 100 percent them, but beat them surely). 3D Marios give you a challenge and are not multiplayer (3D World aside). I am pretty sure if you take compare sales of 2D Mario and 3D Mario for core gamers (meaning not family gamers and little kids), the 3D would have higher numbers in that area. Obviously there isn’t really a way to do that, and most of the time this argument would be stupid to bring up, but since we are talking about what the fans want, it is certainly warranted. I know lots of core gamers are fed up with the NSMB line of games and much prefer SM 64, Sunshine, and the Galaxy games. Just because they are outnumbered in sales by casuals and family gamers does not mean they want 2D Mario more.

              1. In response to OoT being the best — I would say it is the most influential, but objectively one of the worst to play outside their rose-tinted glasses. This is a pretty funny, but great video on the matter:

                Now I will just sit here and await my lynching for being a writer on the site and admitting disdain for Ocarina.

              2. Well, you certainly told me just enough to know what kind of person you are, if you really think WW is overrated, OoT and ALttP are the best ones and that casuals and family members don’t count for sales, you have shown me just what kind of person you are, and I’m glad of not being like you.

                Have a good day sir.

                1. Oh yes. I showed you my opinion on which games I think are the best. That really shows you what kind of person I am. I’m an evil-doer and by golly I must be stopped. Arrogant again you are. And did I say family members and casuals don’t count towards sales? No. Don’t try to twist my words. I said that if you compare core gamers solely that you would most likely see 3D games sell better in that regard. You’ve shown yourse;f to be very arrogant and quite frankly an ass. So I’m glad I’m not like you. You start off with stating people are dumb just for not liking this game for a certain aspect of it, as if you are the authority on what people are allowed to complain about. You then basically insinuate I’m some horrible person because I don’t agree with your opinion on the best Zelda games. Yeah, definitely tells me you are immature. Grow up and accept that not everyone agrees with your opinion.

              1. how on earth is it a mockery of the franchise? i swear u sound like one of nerds that still live in their moms basement , dude it has puzzles and it feels like a zelda game , and the whole purpose of a spin off is try things that u couldn’t normally do in the main series u of all people should know that

                1. Using high school attacks I see. Using the ol’ nerd that lives in their mom’s basement attack. Real mature buddy. I could resort to high school level and say you’re a virgin. And what exactly would that accomplish? I don’t like what they did with this game. Am I saying everyone has to agree with me? No. I don’t like it. You can enjoy it all you want. But don’t insult people who disagree with you.

                  1. Give him time. He’ll take it one step further & start laughing at you & your opinion. I know from experience. :/

                  2. I never really got that insult anyways. How is living in your mom’s basement a bad thing? At least you have your own space. I wish I did have a basement to myself. Lol

        2. “Nintendo can do with their IP whatever they want, wether you like it or not”
          And we can decide not to buy the game if it doesn’t catter to our tastes. I don’t get why people like you throw a hiss when others complain about a beloved series losing their target so hard. If fans don’t like it, who’s going to buy it?

          “like Wind Waker that was hated for dumb reasons and now is a beloved game”
          Generally liked, maybe. Many people still rate it as one of their least favorite Zelda games. Besides that, Wind Waker, as you said, was hated for dumb reasons, since the gameplay at its core was the same.

          Do you see the problem with both Triforce Heroes and Federation Force or do I need to point it out?

          1. You don’t have top point out anything, because people is complaining about those games FOR THE WRONG REASONS, People should complain about stuff like Gameplay, connectivity (since they have Online Multiplayer) how they manage the UI and how they tame the trolls, you know, THE IMPORTANT PART OF A GAME, not if A SPIN-OFF GAME should or shouldn’t exist or “it belongs or doesn’t belong to the franchise”, yeah, because people like to act like Zelda II never existed (and it isn’t bad is just hard, and it isn’t even the hardest NES game, that could go to Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden); is like complaining about a lacking story in Mario platformers, completely redundant.

            1. “because people is complaining about those games FOR THE WRONG REASONS”
              Lucciano Bartolini, Master and Commander of what people can complain about.

              “People should complain about stuff like Gameplay”
              “Triforce Heroes plays nothing like single-player Zelda games”
              “Metroid Prime Federation Force plays nothing like a Metroid game”

              “connectivity ”
              People have already done that about Triforce’s Heroes connection (and lack of voice chat, for that matter, since this game actually looks like it needs it)

              “how they manage the UI ”
              Federation Force’s UI looks worse than Hunters’

              “people like to act like Zelda II never existed”
              Because no matter what contrarians say, Zelda II has some pretty glaring design faults

              1. Thank you for rewarding me that title, I never asked for it, but I won’t complain about it.

                So a Multiplayer Zelda game plays nothing like a Single Player Zelda game, what a shock, what’s next? Paper Mario TTYD doesn’t play like Super Mario Bros.? Oh and complain about the gameplay of a game that haven’t come out (but from what we can see it looks like a FPS game but with Multiplayer).

                You do know that not everyone has good connection and if one has a problem, everyone else will, right? Oh and lets ask for Voice chat when we all know what will happen (seriously, that thing is NU for what it should be used, Splatoon is doing well without it, if you can design well the game, it wont need stuff like Voice Chat.

                A 3DS game looks (and apparently plays) worse than a DS game, you really know what you’re talking about.

                Yeah, like the first Zelda and many, MANY NES games, because no matter what nostalgic people says, 95% of the games of that era are flawed because that was the time when gaming was started to be defined.

                I could do this all day.

                1. The difference being, TTYD is actually a good game. People are open to spin-off titles as long as they’re good, not so much if they’re not. Besides that, it COULD play as a classic Zelda if it was a single-player game. The difference isn’t as big as the one that exists between your average Mario game and its spin-offs. It’s more akin to the difference between Mario 64 and Galaxy (sans the multiplayer, of course) and there’s a LOT of people bitching about that.

                  We’ve seen a lot of footage of MPFF at the Treehouse. It features zero exploration and worse shooting mechanics (even them were struggling with the game) than Hunters, which wasn’t a very well received title either. If it looks like shit and smells like shit, it’s probably shit.

                  “You do know that not everyone has good connection and if one has a problem, everyone else will, right?”
                  And how is this not a fundamental design flaw for an online multiplayer game? The 3DS’s online connectivity is weak as fuck, why would you design a game based entirely around that aspect?

                  And yes, if you design your game well, it won’t need voice chat. Keyword “if”. From people’s impressions about the game, it DOES need it.

                  I really shouldn’t point out the obvious, but I’ll do it this time only because you’re mentally challenged: just because a game runs on more powerful hardware it doesn’t mean it plays better. The gunplay we’ve seen so far looks weaker than Hunters. It’s slower and lacks any sense of punch.

                  Yes, many games were flawed, but some were more flawed than others. Zelda II just happened to be very flawed.

                  Just because you have the ability to type and the persistance to keep moving the goals of your posts doesn’t make you right.

                  1. So your saying that Triforce heroes is a bad game? under what aspect, critics say otherwise, who are you to say if this game is good or bad? and under what impressions, because you sound more like someone being bias instead of objective.

                    “The 3DS connectivity is weak”, you do know that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is 3DS exclusive and NOBODY complains about the connectivity, right? and that is one of the best games you can find in the 3DS and that is much better in Multiplayer (kinda like Triforce Heroes), right?

                    If this game had Voice chat, people would be using it to insult everybody, not help each other, the game already gives you ways to communicate, no, it doesn’t need Voice Chat.

                    Federation Force must play better than Hunters and I know, because I PLAYED HUNTERS and it was annoying to play, you could get used to it, but it basically had the control scheme of KI:U, you can get used to it, but it still annoying, how can you tell that it plays bad when you having played it? you cannot (and this is a fact) complain about the controls of a game (which are integral when talking about gameplay) without having played the game first, just knowing that Federation Force will have an analog (and more if played in a New 3DS) gives a lot more of gameplay capabilities that Hunters had, boy do you really know what you’re talking about.

                    Zelda II may be flawed, but at least is still playable, Metroid (NES) have aged horribly (You can get lost in that game, EVEN if you have a map) and Battletoads has horrible difficulty spikes just to name a few, very few games have aged well from that era, Zelda II (along with Zelda I) is one of the few franchises that even though it has flaws is still playable, which says a lot more about how good a game can be overtime, something that not many games can survive.

                    Oh, and how civilised from you by calling me mentally challenged, so dignifying and it really shows just what kind of person can you be in general, no matter how many insults and responses can you make, it doesn’t mean that your right.

                    1. Critics also praised TLOU, Fragile Dreams, Gone Home and Other M. Everyone knows they’re leftover students to journalism that couldn’t get into serious publications. They have no academic background in design and very flawed investigation methodologies (probably because of their own lack of interest). I’m not asking to read an academic paper each time I want a review, but the fact that many of them haven’t even heard about concepts as widespread as exit points or Bartle’s taxonomy is baffling. They are the authority over nothing.

                      “and under what impressions because you sound more like someone being bias instead of objective”
                      I’ve already given arguments about my thoughts. How about you?

                      “Monster Hunter 4”
                      I knew you would bring that up. First of all: Capcom. And we both know Nintendo isn’t worth a damn when it comes to networking.

                      “If this game had Voice chat, people would be using it to insuly everybody, not help each other”
                      Then implement a mute button and a black list, or make it so you can only use it with friends. It really is not that hard. Again, Prime Hunters had a better communication system than this title, and that was years ago.

                      “how can you tell that it plays bad when you having played it?”
                      Because I’ve already played other slow FPSs with bad gunplay and I know how to recognize a bad FPS when I see it. I’m not complaining about the controls, I’m complaining about the design of the game itself, whichbyou CAN feel and see without having it on your hands if you’re experienced enough with a particular genre. You are the one replying about controls when I was talking about game design, which means either you don’t understand what I’m telling you (as I said, mentally challenged) or you’re purposefully twisting my words into something I never said in a sad attempt to make me look bad. That’s a rhetorical strategy that might work with someone one your close circle of retards, but not on me. Either get on topic or stop twisting what I say.

                      The fact that there are games more flawed than Zelda II doesn’t mean it isn’t flawed. Jesus Christ, the way you disregard logic to defend that title borders on dementia.

                      No, what makes me right is that you’re unable to counter any argument that I’m giving you. Instead you prefer to go and try to change my message so it looks like I’m saying some extremely stupid shit. As I said before, it isn’t working and it only hinders your credibility.

  3. Wow, I actually REALLY enjoyed the demo I played. I didn’t buy the game, but that’s just because I had Wii U games to buy instead.

  4. The problem is obvious, it’s not that people are against a spin off Zelda with Co-op Multiplayer aspects, but when your playing with randoms and there is no VOICE CHAT how the fuck can you work together to get through a Dungeon? As a Zelda expert I can’t tell some noob “Hey come over here this is the door we need to go through.”

  5. it’s a spin-off so it’s to be expected. not many people want to see link wearing female clothes.

  6. Good. Hopefully this sends a message to Nintendo and they put their time and effort into more worthy projects in the future.

  7. Not buying it. Formulaic. Demo so far frustrates me as the players i’m stuck with all suck. Have new 3DS but load times are slow. Maybe it’ll be a My Nintendo reward in the future.

  8. Phew. I was worried this game would actually sell way too well in Japan. Hopefully this number dwindles over the next couple of weeks & stays at a low selling point. Now to just wait for hopefully Metroid Sham: Federation Farce to sell just as dismally… hopefully.

  9. I think Tri Force Heroes is going to be more of a “sleeper” game, slowly creeping up in sales as word-of-mouth convinces potential players of how much fun it is.
    Fans of the series will be the most difficult to convince, I think, this being a multiplayer game instead of the traditional single-player everyone expects from a Legend Of Zelda. But they will eventually come around too!

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