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Nintendo Announces Current 2016 Lineup


Nintendo has listed the games that you can expect to play early next year and there’s few surprises, so far. Star Fox Zero is still listed as a Q1 title which means that we will be getting it sometime between January and March. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is listed with a spring 2016 release date, while those of us in Europe and Japan will get it this December. Lastly Pokken Tournament is listed with a spring release. You can check out all the release dates in the chart, above.


41 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Current 2016 Lineup”

  1. I still don’t get why the hell Mario and Luigi: Paper Jan is going to release in December for Japan and Europe but America has to wait all the way until Spring. What kind of crap is that?

      1. It does not confirm that. It is TBD because Nintendo hasn’t reveal anymore information on the game. It is rare you get any information from these sheets. It is for the investors not the gamers.

        1. It actually does. Nintendo said the new Zelda is delayed to 2016 but next to the title they don’t even put 2016 as the release year, they put TBD. Yet with Genei Ibun Roku #FE, even though they haven’t confirmed an exact release date/window they still put 2016 as the release year. Why do you think that is? Why dou you think Nintendo won’t even give a solid confirmation on print for Zelda WiiU’s release year.

                1. It wont be. NX Handheld launching next year, NX Home Console 2017. Every Home console has always had it’s exclusive Zelda game, Zelda U is the same. Was built from the ground up on the Wii U’s architecture, if the NX Home Console is so much more “Powerful” lol, then it wouldn’t get ported. Twilight Princess being on GC and Wii was cause they were similar architecture and Wii showcased Motion Controls, which was a great step in the Zelda franchise. Nintendo even said the Wii was basically 2 GC’s together. If the NX Home Console is similar in architecture to Wii U, then 3rd party stays gone, cause it wouldn’t be any different lol. Making the NX Home Console a re-skinned Wii U, which it isn’t. Even the low selling Gamecube had Windwaker as it’s excluisve. Wii U will have Zelda U as it’s excluisve.

              1. Games that are complete at least. Mario tennis has no story mode, same for Mario party (and the kart, I like it but it gets old fast). Animal crossing aniibo look boring, xenoblade looks great. Pokkens roster looks bare,(though I love gardevoir so I don’t mind) Zeldau looks great…from what I seen. (Hopefully remains exclusive. And firexshin looks fun. )wish they can add abit more to the animations. Yoshi does not interest me at all, same for any 2d playformer.

              2. I think Nintendo made a huge mistake pushing the release date of Star Fox into into next year. They hit two home runs with Splatoon and Mario Maker but now have no system seller for the holiday season. Mario Tennis and Xenoblade (as good as it probably is) aren’t going to push systems. I think Yoshi’s Woolly World deserves mention here; it’s a quality title, but it’s being marketed to young children. They’ve really got nothing for the teen or 18-35 crowd. I understand they said they needed more time to polish Star Fox, but they really needed a big name release for the holidays. I think instead they should have doubled their efforts, perhaps borrowed employees from other teams, and just got the job done no matter what. Because now they’re pretty much gauranteed to lose money.

                1. They should have a bigger title this fall, yes. But if the choice for them was between releasing an unfinished game now, or a complete game later, it’s pretty obvious why they did it.

                  1. Wrong, Miyamoto said the game could have made the Nov. 20th release and it would have been a finished game. They only delayed it cause they listened to the whinny little bitches saying it looks like shit, cause they expect Starfox to be fucking 4K. When it already looked perfect.

                  2. The holiday is not about selling systems but selling all forms of product. If the backlog of games is not enough for someone to purchase the system then few games will accomplish it this year. If Nintendo found a way to market the catalogue of games on the Wii U that has a better chance of selling systems than Star Fox Zero. Market the different taste of people instead of a certain taste of certain people.

                2. No listing of Pikmin 4 even though Miyamoto said it was nearly finished? That could only mean one thing…………’s most likely going to the NX and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s confirmed to be true. The NX needs to have a killer launch lineup so it’s definitely welcomed

                  1. Pikmin 4 has not been officially reveal that is why it is not on the list. These sheets are just to give investors ideas of the product they will be releasing.

                  2. I’m going to start using that assumption in my everyday life.
                    Couldn’t hand in my papers? They were moved to the NX.
                    Can’t find the keys? They’ve been moved to the NX.
                    “Hey, were did Kevin go?” “Oh, he moved to the NX last month”.

                  3. No, cause it hasn’t been revealed yet officially. E3 will reveal it. Also Retro’s current game isn’t there, these documents ARE PUBLIC DOCUMENTS, they have NEVER shown games on that lists that hasn’t been shown off yet to the public. And never will, otherwise there is no secrets.

                  1. TBH… Not a lot of people even cared for those when first showed. Let alone actually remembering it after they showed it.
                    They seemed eshop-y… They’re probably just on pause while Nin works on bigger things. Which is a good thing.

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